Down the rabbit hole and to the farm -no longer looking-

Started by Rayne, August 25, 2010, 10:21:39 PM

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So, looking to get one or two more rps started. The ideas are below.
On a side note, however, I've been doing a lot of rps lately with humiliation, degradation, blackmail, etc... and it's started to get a bit old. Right now I'm looking for stories with more romance and love than the master, slave sort or relationships I've been doing, or at least stories, if they include force, only include that. I still like dominant guys, and these stories I propose probably don’t have my character being cooperative at first –especially the second idea- but there’s a difference between being dominant and being cruel/sadistic.
Also, I do not do gore, vore, or watersports. For the rest of my on/offs, check my rabbit hole.
As for where, I'm happy with forum or rps over pms, but no IM rping. I will, however, talk over im to set up rps.

And, as for the ideas, here they are:
Yes, this one seems to be getting a bit of attention on this site, you might have seen it around. Basically Alice in Wonderland but gone perverted. Anything perverted imagined can be found in this world. There is a manga/doujinshi whatever that fueled this idea, but I'd like to avoid following it really. We can work out details, but looking for a guy to play the random creatures and characters my 'Alice' encounters. Or, I was also interested in playing an Alice x Mad hatter sort of relationship, so either is fine.

The Farm
In this alternative world, farms are not places where cows or chickens are raised. Instead, they are where anthro girls are kept, where they are milked and used for breeding, or sometimes used by outsiders who pay for the privilege.
Some farms are cheap places where girls are kept in shacks where they sleep on the floors. Others pride themselves in pampering the girls and keeping them happy, arguing that such treatment ensures better milk.
In this rp, I will play an anthro girl, newly caught in the wild and sold to one of the better farms in the region, where she will be assigned to a handler who will introduce her to the lifestyle and break her into it.

~~These rps can include whatever kinks we want. I am very open to all sorts of ideas. They pretty much can take similar elements from each other even. As I said before, though, no degradation, humiliation, etc. Not in the mood for it right now.
And, as could obviously be guessed, both of these ideas ere on the side of extreme. I'm particularly fond of tentacles, beastiality, and bondage as well as threesomes.