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Author Topic: Let Your Dreams become My Reality ((RPs Open: M/F, F/F, M/M; Seeking RPs))  (Read 1233 times)

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Offline LadySheikahTopic starter

Lady Sheikah
~Let Your Dreams Become My Reality~

~*~RP'S ((CLOSED))~*~

~Are always welcome here!!~

~*~Plot Jump Index~*~
Pairings and Cravings
Dominate Me! ((RPs where your are the Dom and I am the Sub))
Submit To Me.... ((RPs where your are the Sube and I am the Dom))
Switch Ups are always Nice ((RPs where both are switchs or D&S are not used))
Lets take a Photo ((RPs with Photos to help out my ideas))

~*~ABOUT ME~*~

  • I have been RPing for about 10 years now. Not all of it adult RP but we all had to start somewhere right?
  • Do not ask me to RP threw IM or E-mail. I only keep my IMs on my phone so they go everywhere with me and the only e-mail I really use is my government email which....well you get the idea.
  • If you can't write more then four lines per post please don't ask me to RP. Nothing against you but I need at less a paragraph or two or five to keep me coming back to the RP. If you don't give me anything to work with I will go on strike and not post!
  • Please, Please, Please understand I have a job and can not post during the day Monday-Friday. Even though I am on line its because I have internet on my phone and I'm have nothing to do at work so I'm reading random things and answering PMs. My post suck when I try to do them on my phone.....but if I get board enough I will try.
  • Real life comes before anything online. I have a husband and a little girl so please bare with me if I POOF for a few days. I keep my A&As updated so please check on them every now and then if you don't see me for a while or just drop me an IM to see what I'm up to. I don't bite....hard ((Unless you want me to))
  • I DO NOT PLAY DOM CHARACTERS ((unless used for plots in Submit To Me.... )) !!!! I WILL ONLY PLAY SUB OR SWITCHES...however my subs do have a wild side to them.
  • I really like to read other people's RPs so if there is one you want me to read before we start our own story please let me know ^.^
  • I always read my partners O/O and I would like you do to the same.....even if its a little long just give it a quick look over!!
  • Don't be scared to ask me questions. I try to always answer my PMs.
  • Please try to give me an idea of the character your going to be playing before we start an RP. Photos, stats, anything is welcome but not needed to RP with me


- No one liners.
- No 1st person RPs
- No characters below the age of 16 involved in romantic situations
- No I Do Not Play Furries/Anthros
- No male pregnancy
- No E-Mail or IM Rps
- Tell me what you want to play: I need to know the fan-title/pairing, and what gender pairing you want.
- Know what you want
- No Scat or Death
- Please Understand that I do I have a small child, a husband and a job so if I donít get back to you right away know that I will in the next day or two. DONíT SEND ME PMS CRYING THAT YOU THINK IíM TRYING TO AVOIDE YOU!
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Offline LadySheikahTopic starter

Re: Let Your Dreams become My Reality ((M/F, F/F, M/M: Seeking RPs))
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2010, 07:41:49 PM »
!!!UPDATES!!! I just remodeled this hole thing......

Offline LadySheikahTopic starter


Male Mewtwo/Female Mewtwo plot in **Let's Switch it up**

Offline zefieyuki

I'd love to do something WW2 with you. Female POW or something and a male solider.

I'd also love to do a mermaid/merman role play.

Offline Geradine

i would like to do either the Silent hill or pokemon. sorry for the small post, but dinner calls.

Offline LadySheikahTopic starter

PMs sent