Queen of Blades Return...and she craves you ;3 [200% more awesome]

Started by Queen of Blades, August 24, 2010, 01:40:48 PM

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Queen of Blades

Hello I am the Queen of Blades and I have returned. I have disappeared for quite some time but I have returned. And I am craving a good and sexy role play. I hope that something here suits your fancy.
~_*About me*_~
I usually do role plays on the forums but if you would like to do it over email or instant messages please just let me know. I am always open to new ideas or your plots. If you don't see something you like, feel free to message me and discuss it with me. Here on my on's and off's. Once again if you do not see something you like there, please ask me and I will discuss it with you. 


Red Font will indicate I am really craving to do this plot
A plot that is striked through means it is being played at the moment
More to come...[teehee x3]

Queen of Blades

My own plots/ideans...Open to modification

Straight woman turned lesbian...

A young girl who is shy and can't seem to find a date, has seemed to given up. She comes into work every day sad and depressed. A female co worker has been watching her from afar and really wishes to take her home. One day she gathers enough courage to take her out after work. The young girl gets hammered and the lesbian co worker takes her home and shows her that you don't have to be straight to love.
[Would love this to include a lot of foreplay with toys and the like. ;3]

Office Romance

A young woman works at a large business firm and has no luck with men at all. She can't seem to get a break. But when a new boss, is hired she thinks that maybe he will be the guy for her. He is sweet, caring and generally an all around good guy. But when she has to stay late for some extra work with him, she ends up having sex with him. Now he using the sex to black mail her into be his sex slave


A scientist and reknowned professor who has wowed the public and been a great success in the world has a dark secret. At night he has a test subject who he tests to see how much sexual pleasure she can handle. He is sex demon that can't stop. Bondage involved

A lonely wife
A wife with a husband who cheats on her is looking for something more in her life. She constantly masturbates and watches porn. But one day she is caught by her neighbor and he threatens to tell her husband if she doesn't do what he says...
open to ideas

Work in Progress