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Author Topic: Collection of Romantic Endeavors (F/F or F/Futa)[Light-to-NC]  (Read 3385 times)

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Offline KeelanTopic starter

Collection of Romantic Endeavors (F/F or F/Futa)[Light-to-NC]
« on: August 22, 2010, 08:27:31 PM »
Keelan's Request Thread

I.      Solo System Games
          a.) Guidelines
          b.) Game Listing
II.     Picture-Based Plots
          a.) Characters
          b.) Pairings
          c.) Settings
III.    Non-Picture Plots
          a.) Characters
          b.) Pairings
          c.) Plots

Solo System Games

Alright, let me say that since joining E, I have discovered a great, great love for solo system threads.  I don't know what it is about them that I love in particular, but when I say that I love them I mean I LOVE them... at least right now ^_^  So, this shall be my request thread for whenever I'm wanting to play a solo system game.  I should state that I only do F/F relations, and in that I do include futanari/dickgirls, and male-to-female transsexuals.  Obviously, in the case of an Exotic scenario, this can be stretched a bit more to other things as well that may or may not even fall under a gender classification (e.g. tentacles, slimes, elementals, etc.)

*NOTE: one of my favorite fetishes is anal, so if you are willing to do this (especially if one of us is a futanari), then I will be highly interested in what you have to offer.  It's not a necessity, but it is recommended.

Some guidelines...

1.) Read my O/Os.  Should be obvious, but is still a paramount thing.  If we are not compatible, then... yeah, we're not.

2.) Read my O/Os. Seriously, I'm going to read yours if you contact me, so I suggest you read mine as well.

3.) Be a good writer/responder.  I don't expect perfect English, be it grammar or spelling, but I do expect you to reply in a fashion that I can read and understand what you're saying.  Likewise, I expect you to not ignore parts of my posts on purpose, as that pisses me off quite nicely.  You may stop me before I do something if I go too far in a post and you're the DM with a plan (like if I enter a room and there's a trap I'd spring on my way in), but don't just ignore that I do something.

4.) Be able to respond frequently.  I like to post a couple times a day, ideally, and I would like my DM or Player to post at least 1 per day, preferably more.  I understand if life gets busy or you have stuff to do, but I would like the average rate to be a couple per day at least.  For this, note that while I'm on quite a bit throughout the day, I live in an EST area.

5.) Please talk to me.  I like to talk with the people I play with, for at least the purpose of coming up with ideas and determining aspects and flow of the storyline and whatnot.  Likewise, I'm fine for getting new friends on here as well, and naturally if you have a problem with the thread, or with me, or with my actions or whatnot, talk to me so we can fix it or work something out!

Now, that said, each request of mine will list the Rating, the System to be used, the Setting, the Position to be filled (DM or Player), and any other Details.  I may put as much or as little information into these sections as I want, but for the most part these can be discussed, and if it isn't mentioned, please bring it up if you are interested in it.

Anyway, that is all said and done, so let the games begin!

Rating: Light to NC, depending on what is agreed upon

System: D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder

Setting: Forgotten Realms/Faerun

Position: DM preferred, but I may be willing to run with a Player instead

Details: The premise for this request is I have a character idea that I would like to run in a game.  The concept is a worshiper of Eilistraee, the Chaotic Good Drow Goddess, who portrays herself in the image of her goddess, and Eilistraee is always portrayed as wielding a bastard sword... and completely nude.  Bakcground: in drow culture (to my understanding), they wear less clothing the more powerful they are, showing to others their strength and confidence in their abilities.  As such, Eilistraee being nude all the time is essentially saying 'hey, I'm so powerful I don't need any protection, or clothing for that matter!'  As such, my character, who would be a Chaotic Good Drow (no Drizzt comments please >.>) would represent both her faith and her strength by never wearing clothing.

However, this is not the most... feasible thing to do in D&D; mechanics get in the way of playing a character who is completely nude in the game.  Your AC is shit, and unless you're playing a monk you typically don't exceed 14-15.  So, we'd have to come up with an 'invisible equipment' rule so that my character doesn't completely suck, and this could swing the gestalt route if we want to make it a little easier, in which case she will likely be a Monk/Ranger or something of the sort that would allow me to wield a bastard sword well enough (Eilistraee's chosen weapon).  Likewise, as it's a sign of power for her to be nude, it would be best for this to be a higher level game to be most fitting.

Other details can be discussed, but as a baseline I'm looking for a romance theme, and as I'm still in a more dominant mood (and my character will be a female drow), I'm looking for more of a submissive partner in-game.

*ADDED NOTE: she may not be entirely nude for simplicity's sake, but she will be for the most part*
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Offline KeelanTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2010, 10:48:13 AM »
Picture-Based Plots and Characters

Okay, I've decided to add in a section to my request thread asking for RPs (Freeform or System) based off of images I've found on the almighty interwebs.  Regarding guidelines, see the above section for what you need to know before PMing me with an idea.  I don't know what I can and cannot post image wise, so I'm airing on the safe side of things and simply putting links.  Mind you, many of these are probably going to be NSFW, but then again you all should probably be gathering that by now regardless ^_^

Three categories are Characters, Pairings, and Scenarios.  Characters are specific characters I want to play, and if you want to play with them too, I will be happy to join in on the fun as them.  Pairings are character pairings for romance plots, and I will usually specify which one, if any, I would prefer to play.  Then there are Scenarios, which could be a sexual situation, non-sexual situation, or just about anything else that I feel could be worked into a longer standing campaign or even a one-shot (mind you, I prefer the former)

I'll likely give a description of what I imagine coming out of the image, so.. yeah, look forward to getting some responses on them, I hope :P


Elistraee Worshiper/Nude Drow
tying into the game request in my first section at the time of my posting, this is a female drow who is always (mostly) naked as part of her faith.  an interesting character idea of mine, and she's quite beautiful I must say.

Female Dryad with Penis (Futa)
Aside from the obvious puns regarding dryads with boners, the one comment at the site where I found this about certain fluids 'tasting like maple syrup' was just too much for me to not be interested.


Elf and Halfling
I found this image interesting; a lesbian pairing of an elf and a halfling... gave me a bunch of ideas that I think would be fun, though mind you the halfling might be small, but I'd want her to be physically mature looking, so she'll have breasts, pubes, and whatnot.  Not into the other :P  Oh, and I'd want to be the Elf, so someone would have to play the Halfling

Angel and Futanari Angel (Futa)
I loved this as soon as I saw it; it's positively lovely, and I'd want to play the futanari Angel.  Alternatively, celestials or other heavenly or good planar beings can be substituted, but angels are the ones in the pic.


None at the moment, sadly :P
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Offline KeelanTopic starter

Re: Keelan's Request Thread (F/F or F/Futa, Males or Females welcome)
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2010, 09:37:16 PM »
Completely revamped this into my single request thread, and thus UPDATED!