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June 17, 2018, 08:49:47 PM

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Author Topic: The Wild West, Jazz, and Native Americans, anyone? [F for M]  (Read 494 times)

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Offline ReyneTopic starter

The Wild West, Jazz, and Native Americans, anyone? [F for M]
« on: August 22, 2010, 12:44:53 PM »
Hey I have a whole plot thread if this isn't what you're looking for however.

There are three ideas I really wanna try and these are the basis for the plot.

******The Wild West
She is the mayor's daughter in the world of the Wild, Wild West. Where cowboys roamed free and bandits often hijacked trains. Being the daughter of a mayor means she has a reputation to uphold. She is the talk of the town as talks of marriage come into air. She is to be married to someone wealthy and powerful, not for love, but for social status. Another tradition brought over from the stuffy European Lands. However, as things begin to get shady and the talk of the town is no longer her love interest but of her father's dirty dealings, things get turned upside down. Now in order to protect his daughter he sends her off, to the east where Indians roam and Cowboys are as potent as over. [I'm not sure who would be her love interest, a Native American or a Cowboy, both would be wildly entertaining and I would love to try out any sort, even just another wealthy man in a new town would be interesting. Just PM me and we can discuss details, I just want an old western love story. C:]

*********Sing it to me again, Baby.
It's the 1920's. She's a gorgeous, full figured jazz singer. Leaning on pianos and dressed in the latest fashion to fit her curves. She had the attention of the entire club every night, her voice is like that of a goddess, powerful and soft, sweet and bold, she's got the entire package in her set of pipes. But He's the man she only sings for. The city gangster who sells alcohol under the tables, the one whose illegal workings got her this job in the first place. He's her friend, nothing more, right? After all, he's running a mob he has no time for plus sized singers, but there's something about her...something new. Maybe it's the fact she's got a new man, her first man. Jealousy ensues and music sparks even more as the battle between mobster and the sweet boy next door ensues and she's left in the middle, unsure of what to decide.

************Curves for the Taking

She is the plump, beautiful woman of a Native American Tribe, living in a world where modesty is held high and so is arranged marriages to another tribe man. Living in her own community, she is satisfied with the simple life and only hearing of the legends of the beast men. These Men that are told of only in stories are like beasts, they have the forms of man only covered in fur, full of muscles, and a face that is more like a wolf. They are able to shape into humans, deceiving their prey. Her tribe is the target of these Men, to pillage and to find whatever they could want. But after a night of Violence and victory over a helpless tribe she is found by the tribe's strongest warrior. He considers her beautiful, a true prize, she's not frail or bony, but soft and strong in her size. So he takes her, a rare, beautiful woman to have as his own trophy, and to have her accepted into the tribe. [I really would love to do this one, we can discuss the shape of men and we could even change the setting but the idea of this roleplay is my favorite so far. There will be more trials and tribulations like her fitting in with these creatures and her being a Chosen Mother of a new race, able to breed with her Warrior even though she is human and it is usually impossible. Just PM me and we can discuss whatever you would like! Thanks!]

If you have any questions just ask.

These are just three plots I've been really into lately. And if these aren't to your liking that's fine, but I have more in my signature to choose from. C:
Let me know!

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Offline ReyneTopic starter

Re: The Wild West, Jazz, and Native Americans, anyone? [F for M]
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2010, 11:35:03 PM »
As you can see I'm into history pieces roleplays right now.

And with that I thought I would decide to add something more for a Native American plot.

Everyone knows the story of Pocahontas and Sacagawea, Native American women who helped English explorers and introduced them a brand new land on the East Coast. What I want is to explore the story of a Native American woman {or man if you'd like the roles to be reversed} of the south, namely in the lands bordering between a whole new country of what we now know as Mexico and the borders of Texas. I would want to write about an English settled, male or female, coming into the territory and being introduced to a whole new world, a new community of people and second guessing his or her motives to building land and sacrificing his or her own reputation for befriending and soon falling for a Native American.

Basically a Native/Explorer basis is made off of the plot and I just want to be able to write on the journey together and figuring each other out. If you have questions OR if you have suggestions on the same genre but in a different country, etc. Let me know. Thanks. PM me or leave a message here.