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Author Topic: Aries Wants Partners!!!(Please?)  (Read 957 times)

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Aries Wants Partners!!!(Please?)
« on: August 22, 2010, 12:33:17 AM »
Ello World Of Elliquiy, I am Aries and I'm new to the site and would really like some new partners^^ This Will be my default request thread unless I'm in the mood for something specific, like type or something, and then I might make another for that ^^. I'm just going to start off with a few ideas I had in the past and if you are interested then please do not hesitate to PM me! If you like the same pairings as I but not so into the plot line then still PM me and we can think of something together! I look forward to roleplaying with some of you and HAPPY POSTING!!

~~Plot Ideas~~

First: Cereal Box

So, I started this idea with one of my bestest friends ever as a cure for writer's block but now I think I want to try it out with one more person ^^

Summary: It's about six siblings who were left this huge estate when their parents died and now that they are all old enough, they decide to live there, i was thinking ages 17-23? However they didn't realize just how much their personalities clashed nor how childish they all still were around each other until they had lived together for a good two weeks. Will there ever be a sane moment? Will someone end up dead? AND WHO THE HELL LEFT AN EMPTY CEREAL BOX ON THE COUNTER?!?!?!

So obviously I intended this to be fun and goofy with a hint(or more) of romance (*coughs*incest*cough*) and some seriousness lol. Also, if you are interested,remember this was originally made to cure(or atleast have fun with) writer's block so don't worry if posts aren't up to par or anything ^^

Twin Sis(Aries) X Older Sis
Younger Bro X Older Bro(Aries)
Twin Bro(Aries) X Younger Sis

Of course if you are interested but have a problem with the couples or whatever, changing them is fine. just PM me ^^.

I wanted the world to be anime based just to add more fun to the RP (use of chibi's and stuff like that) but again, just PM me if you a have any questions or suggestions.

Each person will play three sibs, as sort of hinted at, above and adding in temporary characters for dialogue sake or drama or w/e is perfectly fine ^^...just PM me for anything lol

Second: Control

So this is my attempt at a bit of a mature RP, if you are interested, just PM me.

It takes place in a world that is ran by vampires, humans really only be used as food and slaves, a human girl is given to one of the vampires, who will soon be taking over and he has a history of getting bored with his slaves and eating them or passing them on to someone else to be eaten or what have you .This particular human girl; however, is not so quick to cower in fear and bend to his will, this both angers him yet intrigues him....

I'm not sure if I still want to do this one but if anyone is still interested just let me know.

Third: My First Time{YAOI}

A guy finds himself in a gay bar after his younger brother is dumped and runs off and he, being the big brother he is, goes after him in order to try and comfort him. That was hours ago and he has yet to find his brother and to make matters worst he's caught the attention of someone. He kindly rejects the drinks and the dance offers, and ignores the looks but something must have gone wrong because the next morning he woke up at someone's house, in someone's bed, with someone. That same someone from the bar. 

Fourth: When Everybody 'Loves' You
After the death of their parents, a young boy is sent to go live with his brother. His brother is rich and famous with millions of fans, and dozens of women that have nothing better to do but wait on him hand and foot and please him..It isn't a life the young boy would choose but it was the life of his brother and at least he was happy. He had no idea how lonely his brother was until one night,after drinking, he came home and tried to make a move on him...  *this could be either yaoi or yuri*

Fifth: Babysitting Games

A young man/woman(18-20) is a bit surprised when he/she fiinds out the kid he/she was asked to babysit is quite close to his/her age(16-17) and not to mention horny. How long will it be before he/she gives in? And why does the boy/girl enjoy playing with him/her so damn much? *can be yuri,yaoi, maybe even hetero*

These plots were meant to be sub/dom, with me being the sub, and may focus more on plot or smut depending on my and my partner's preferences and where we go with them...also I may be up for playing a dom, maybe.
Plot One: Brother, Please!
(Yaoi or Hetero) Basically, this one would be about an older brother who becomes jealouse of his younger sibling because of all the attention their parents gave them. A year or so after their parents die, the younger sibling goes to live with their older brother who decides to finally get his revenge...(if interested, I will give the whole back story).

Plot Two: Stays Between Us
(Or something along the lines of secret lol, can be any pairing) The boyfriend/girlfriend of someone's older brother/sister decides to use them as their sex slave, the bf/gf threatens to blackmail them if they tell their bro/sis. (Again, if interested, I will tell the whole back story)

Plot Four: Temporary Arrangements
She was the boss. She told people what to do and how to do it, plain and simple; however, that wasn't like her...she was actually really nice and quite submissive. What happens when a temp finds out about this little trait of hers? (don't think there is much of backstory to this but if anyone is interested, I'll go into a bit more detail, m'kay? ummm...i guess this could be hetero or yuri...maybe even futa.)

....there were more but I'm still thinking if I want to use them or not...and this should be more than enough to get a sense of what I do, I hope lol.


As stated, the first one is a multi-role RP and the rest are just  regular one on one's, I play both male and female so whichever works for me. If you are interested you can PM me or voice it here. I prefer to do one on one's through PM but I will talk it over with my partner once the time comes, Thank You ^^. I also tend to do 1X1's through IM so just let me know which works ^^. Thank you for reading/skimming through this painfully plain thread *blows kisses* ~.^

Edit: Any and everything can be changed and altered, nothing is final up there so please ask questions ^^
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Re: Aries Wants Partners!!!(Please?)
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2010, 09:40:24 PM »
Oki~ This will be the 'New Plots' Post, so when ever I think of something new I will put it here instead of up there *points to first pos* just so things won't get too long and hectic up there because it's already alot to read and this way there is some order ^^

Sorry, We're closed
A romance story about two friends that work at the same store (haven't decided which kind yet) and become closer after hours and when they are off. (backstory, any type of pairing)

[u]One Last Chance[/u]
A young man mistreats the one he loves and goes into a slump once they finally leave him, the same day he dies in an accident but he is reborn as someone else and given the chance to make things right (backstory, can be M/M or M/F)
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