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Author Topic: HALO: A shot in the dark  (Read 28201 times)

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Offline Hunter Phoenix

Re: HALO: A shot in the dark
« Reply #225 on: June 24, 2013, 05:14:29 AM »
Hunter had to back up when the Elite took the first swing at him, he needed to catch it off guard at the right moment, if he had been fighting fit, he would have been in a position to end the scrap within seconds, but he was battered and being held together with foam and patch work which made the fight an entirely different situation. He ducked and jabbed where he could, making sure that any blows he did take were on his arms and shoulders, keeping them away from his chest and legs.

The Elite was powerful, landing painful blows that would have killed a normal human, the Spartan managed to land several punches of his own, but they were lacking in power and soon he would be up against the wall with nowhere to go, so he would have to hurry up and find a way around the Covenants defense.

Rolling his shoulders to stop them from cramping up, Hunter was looking around for something he could use, all he saw was rubble and pockets of fighting still going on between the reinforcements and the remaining Covenant forces, it looked like they had the upper hand and the Covenant were out of their depth, but battles can soon change, he then spotted a pistol on the ground not very far away, if he could get to it, he could shoot the Elite to death instead of having to match it physically. Feinting to the right, the Elite followed, and then at the cost of great pain in his chest and leg, he dived left, landing in a roll that took him to the pistol, which he scooped up and aimed at the Elite, pressing down on the trigger only to find that the pistol was lying discarded for a reason; it was out of ammo.

"Well damn it" Hunter muttered to himself, throwing the useless weapon at the Covenant fighter before he moved out the way of some incoming fire.

Fortunately, he was now in a position where he could get back to the rest of the crew and acquire a new weapon. Dodging and ducking his way back to the nearest point of cover, he saw that the Elite was still after him, sensing that it could easily gain itself a Spartan kill in this fight. Determination was not normally seen this much in the aliens, but Hunter had to admire it all the same. The nearest ODST near him was launching barrages of fire at some nearby grunts that had taken up position opposite where he was positioned, Hunter tapped him on the shoulder, dodged the gun that was aimed at his head and pointed to the Elite.

"Open fire on him and don't stop till he is down"

He then grabbed the grunts pistol from his belt before he could respond and opened fire on the Elite himself, pumping several rounds into the giant alien when he heard the sound of rifle fire right in his ear next to him, knowing that the ODST had followed his command. The Elite went down in a scream of bullets and curses and fell to the floor, landing in a small puddle of its own blood.

"Good work marine"

Hunter sat back for a moment to get his breath back, he opened his comms to see how Shana was doing with Sling

"Shana, report on the situation down there, we have Covenant still crawling all over this place, we could do with your help"

Offline Maelyn

Re: HALO: A shot in the dark
« Reply #226 on: June 24, 2013, 11:30:45 PM »
Ashley knew she couldn’t stay where she was for long, so she took a long, shuddering breath, trying to calm herself down and think clearly.  Hands trembling, she wiped the tears from her eyes and quickly peeked around the carnage to the street, searching for any other threats.  Long moments passed before she felt satisfied she could neither see nor hear anything coming any closer, but eventually those she killed would be discovered and she knew she couldn’t be here when their reinforcements arrived.
Taking deep breaths, she closed her eyes and silently prayed for guidance.  As she did, a soft static sounded in her ear, soon followed by a gruff, no-nonsense male voice.  “PFC Foster, this is Sierra zero one six one.  Turn to TACCOM frequency two five nine and await instructions.  Over.”  It cut out for a moment before repeating the command once more then was silent. 
Her heart leaping into her throat, hope rose within the young woman as she quickly pulled the COM pad from her pocket, switching to the given frequency.  “This is PFC Ashley Foster and I am so glad to hear your voice,” she began, her voice sounding a little shaken even to her ears.  She swallowed once and glanced at her pad once more to note her location.  “I’m at 51st and Lexington, but I don’t think it’s safe here much longer.”
Sighing, Ashley again pocketed her COM pad and, once again clearing the way, slipped into the back of the shop.  Pressing her ear to the door, she didn’t hear anything, so she opened it just a crack, trying to be as quiet as possible.  Glancing into the room, she saw the typical back-of-the-shop room complete with a small desk and lots of storage boxes. 
Beyond that was another door that she repeated the same precautions with and noted it stepped out into a back alley.  With an escape route on either side, she settled in for the moment and kept her ears peeled for both covenant enemies and for instructions from the man at the other end of the com.

Offline ashia starstreak

Re: HALO: A shot in the dark
« Reply #227 on: August 30, 2013, 07:21:01 PM »

The short marine removed herself from the computer screen and walked toward the elevator, pausing a moment she turned on her flashlight on her helmet and walked into the shaft. Debris and pieces from the tunnel above laid scattered across the floor. Her green eyes scanned the ceiling. A hole from which the ODST  and O'Brian had come through was blocked by a heavy beam. Clicking her light off, Shana slithered her way out of the elevator once more and looked around the room. "Negative." she reported to Sling.

Surely there was another way out. Humanity couldn't have been so faulty as to make a single entrance. In cases of emergency, an elevator would not do. As suspected the marine found a single door. A metal filing cabinet and random chairs stacked against it to discourage anyone from approaching it. Maneuvering her way closer, Shana took a look at the keypad beside it. The screen shot in, a small electrical charge caused it to smoke and though the buttons were still lit, the keypad did not respond to Shana's attempts to configure a password. With a frown, the marine took off her helmet and looked through the window of the door, shielding her hands on each side of her temples to improve her sight. Nothing but darkness. Shana waited several moments, but still, she could see nothing. Peeling her eyes away from the door, Shana ran a black gloved hand down the crease of the wall and door.

"I need a crowbar..something to open this door." She said, looking around.

Stepping away away from Sling, O'Brian smoothed his jacket and decided to help Shana. At the moment Squish seemed the less crazy. Clearing his throat, the lanky private looked around, when he did not see  what the woman was looking for, he moved for a helping bar from Sling's medical bed. "Sorry, I need this." He said to the ODST nervously before ripping it from it's holding upon the frame. The force of the bar's release pushed O'Brian back a couple feet. Not wishing to stay near Sling long enough to see the man's reaction, the marine hurried to Shana's side.

She held out her hand to retrieve the tool, but O'Brian did not give it to her. Instead he rolled up each of his sleeves and brushed her aside. "Let a real soldier take care of this." He said. The woman raised a brow, but not in the mood for argument, she backed up and glanced back to Sling to check on his well being.

The door groaned, the bar bent. As O'Brian struggled to pry it open, the bed guard snapped in half. A loud snap of the bar and a thud of the marine as he smacked into the door, he held up the bar and discarded it. Though he no longer had a tool, he did manage to open the door a few inches. O'Brian held onto the heavy sliding door and pulled.

Shana looked back to O'Brian and sighed, slightly annoyed. Moving next to the lanky soldier, the woman helped him. The door slowly began to budge more, but something distracted the woman  before the door could be fully open. "Stop stop!" She exclaimed in a whisper smacking O'Brian's hands away from the door. "Shh...I see something.." She said and looked out the door. A small glow reflecting off the wall revealed a hallway. Down the passage the green glow became brighter, bigger as it neared. Before Shana could fully get a good view of what it was, she jumped for the other side of the door bashing a knee against the metal cabinet. Grumbling she rubbed it and brought a finger to her lips, a signal for silence.


Upon instruction, Smith quickly listened to the Spartan and together they shot down the approaching elite. Turning his attention back to the crowd of covenant, he sighed silently as a new wave of enemy made their appearance. Taking out a grenade, Smith stood up and prepared the grenade for a fast ball to the new group. Two elites ducked out of the way, but several grunts and a jackal weren't so lucky and were taken out within the three second time.

Jacobs fired at the covenant but shortly stopped as he realized they were retreating. "Cease firing!" He ordered, holding up a hand. Getting up off a knee he watched the covenant hurry down the street. "They're retreating."

Smith listened to the sergeant, but could not put his rifle down. He was not so sure it was over. His instincts told him to wait, the back of his hairs standing on end. What he saw next made him groan aloud. With heavy steps came a hunter.

Lifting his rifle back into position, Jacobs hurried to the other side of the stairs. As he leaned against the opposite pillar of Smith he waited for the appearance of the other hunter. They always traveled in pairs, but another did not appear. "..just one?" He asked, looking to the spartan and Smith he hollered, "Any have eyes on the second!?"


O'Brian peeped through the window of the door than got out of view. "Holy sheet a hunter! That's a fucking hunter out there!" he mouthed to the small group within the emergency med bay. The soldier looked to Shana and watched as she placed her helmet on just in time to receive an incoming comm from the Spartan upstairs. The noise from her helmet stopped the giant monster in his place. A deep gurgled growl emerged from his ugly face as he charged up his cannon and looked down the hall toward the room they were in.

Seconds felt like minutes, Shana's heart  sunk  in her gut. The alien couldn't fit into this room, but his gun could still do all the damage it needed to get the job done. Pushing onto the link of her comm, the petite marine reported, "This is Echo Private 1068689 Reporting: three survivors, Elevator shaft is barricaded. We have an approaching hunter blocking our only exit. We cannot engage. I repeat we cannot enga-" she was interupted by a heavy plasma blast to the door. The shock knocked Shana a couple feet forward. She fell roughly onto the cold floor. Forgetting the rest of her message, she released the button and moved back to her postion beside the door. She refused to make another noise, hoping the hunter would move on, but O'Brian didn't let that happen. "We can take this right? You killed an elite with a knife.." He looked to Shana, his eyes watery with fear.

When he said 'we', Shana couldn't help but think that meant HER...she sighed and prepared for the next blast that the hunter currently began charging. The woman's eyes locked onto Sling once more before the blast pushed the door off its hinges and forced it into the room. Blast holes smoking, a ring of green plasma sizzled as it began to cool against the metal of the door.

Offline Gladiator0161Topic starter

Re: HALO: A shot in the dark
« Reply #228 on: August 31, 2013, 07:00:15 PM »

Loc: Lexington avenue and 40th, NYC, NY

"Gladiator to Shana, Sling, Sierra 435, and 636. Sit rep! Anyone still alive out there?" Gladiator waited a moment for any kind of response over the SQUADCOM. Nothing. Not even static. Growling softly, he repeated his message “I repeat. This is Sierra oh one six one to Shana, Sling, Sierra 435, and Sierra 636. Does anyone copy? Over.” He waited another minute or so but, to him every minute felt more like an hour. He slammed his fist onto the end table next to his bed, not noticing that the doctor had just placed two bottles of water there, along with his meds. Fearing the worst the Spartan’s fist smashed down onto one unfortunate bottle of water, the impact shattering it with such force that the bottle exploded sending a white spray in every direction, and spilling the rest of the table’s contents onto the floor, or sending them sailing across the room as he swore. The table itself was broken in half, a large indent of where his fist had impacted it’s surface, marring the unfortunate piece of furniture. All commotion within the makeshift medbay ceased at the explosion, no one daring to move or breath as all eyes turned on the source of the powerful display, wondering what the unpredictable behemoth would do next. A moment later Gladiator’s visor tilted up, as he noticed the lack of activity in the area.

He noticed too the frightened look on the medics faces. He gave a great sigh, then switched his coms over to the audio setting so everyone could hear him. He gave a quick apology to everyone then looked to Valkyrie, the only other Spartan in the room and said “Valkyrie. I’ve lost contact with our team, keep trying to make contact with them while I guide this civie across hostile territory. Hopefully I can get her out of there alive” the only motion the female Spartan made was a curt nod before turning around and complying with her orders.

Switching back to TACCOM frequency 259 he looked at the live footage and pulled a few more active security cameras on her block to get a quick layout of her area and said “PFC Foster, this is Sierra zero one six one. You have two scout patrols of Jackals two blocks north and west, a Brute patrol three blocks east of you, and a Elite patrol four blocks south of your position. Do. Not. Panic. Do exactly as I say, when I say. You will get through this if you listen to me. I am at 9 2 1 8 on Lexington Avenue and 40th street, in a parking garage with a medical team and some marines. I am sending you a nav marker to point the way on your pad. I will try to get footage of the air traffic but, until I do, stay close to the buildings, and use the abandoned cars for cover when crossing the street if at all possible. If you can hot wire a car and get here faster, do it. Do you copy? Over.” A moment later, he sent the nav marker and his location to her pad, and prayed that she heard everything he’d just told her but, most especially he prayed that she kept her head and tried to remain calm.

Gunnery Sergeant Desmonde "Sling" Rockwell[/i]
Loc: Mall Emergency Medical Room, NYC, NY

Sling coughed a couple of times as Shana began exploring their prison, eventually finding a door near the back. His leg had been quick fixed now but, he'd forgotten about another injury, the piece of drywall debris in his back. The wound was undoubtedly infected now, and his skin was probably healing itself around the piece of embedded shrapnel. He could feel himself starting to burn up from the infection. He felt weak, like all the strength had been sapped from his body. Sling tried to lay down and save his strength but, the piece of embedded debris wouldn't let him get comfortable. Gritting his teeth as he remembered the piece of drywall in his back he sat up. He needed to get that debris out of his back, and his wound cleaned. He'd watched through tear blurry eyes as O'Brian tried to regain some of his lost dignity in his encounter with the ODST, and ripped one of the bed rails off the bed to try and open a barricaded sliding door somewhere near the back of the small emergency medical room.

Stripping off his chest armor, his helmet, and the black shirt underneath, he found a mirror and propped it on the counter, angling the mirror to catch the light in the room to where he would be able to see his back. He found the drywall debris readily enough, and as expected, the wound was now infected. It was inflamed and gross looking, puss and blood were oozing from it and he could begin to smell a foul odor. He needed to work fast, and get back in the game, the Covenant wouldn't be far behind. He started opening the cabinets in the room until he found some latex gloves, and a 16 oz. bottle of Dakin's Solution, a disinfectant and cleaning solution he'd heard some of the medics talk about in the past. It was an old brand of medical cleaner but, it was still used. Finding a pair of surgical pliers, he grabbed them, as well as some surgical gauze, medical tape, the gloves and the bottle, then went back to the mirror. A few minutes later he took a deep breath, and yanked the piece of drywall out with the pliers, gritting his teeth through the pain, as he tossed the bloodied piece of drywall aside angrily, along with the pliers. He put his helmet back on, and poured the cleaning solution onto the wound. It felt like he'd just poured molten lava into the hole in his back. He muted the audio speakers and cried out in pain as he leaned heavily on the counter, though he was sure that Shana and O'Brian could still hear his muffled cries of pain. His hands shook as he forced himself to pour more solution down his back and into it. Next he unrolled a length of gauze and used it as a towel to rub against the wound, making sure that the dead skin, and debris were removed, then poured the rest of the bottle down his back again. Panting heavily, he leaned heavily on the counter in pain.

He unrolled the rest of the gauze bundle and worked it around his chest and back, using the mirror to check his placement. Finally he tied the gauze good and tight, then used the tape to keep it stable. He turned his audio speakers back on, took his helmet off, and pulled his shirt back on as he panted heavily. A few groaning moments later, he donned his ODST armor. There was a big puddle of cleaning solution on the floor, and he smelled of bleach but, his wound was clean. A few seconds later, a loud gurgling growl filtered through the cracked open sliding door just as the bed rail snapped in O'Brian's hands. Oh great, a Hunter. This just keeps getting better and better[/i] he thought as he made himself start to limp towards Shana and O'Brian. A second later Shana threw herself away from the door, slamming against a metal cabinet as the Hunter fired at the door. O'Brian was fine but, babbling in fright like a baby. As Shana picked herself up and put her helmet back on, she and Sling locked eyes. As Shana began calling for backup the Hunter fired again, cutting her off as the shock wave from the impact shook the floor beneath her. She fell to the cold hard ground, and Sling fell backwards onto his injured back unable to keep his balance. He groaned and muttered through clenched teeth "That son of a bitch is gonna die!" his anger over rode his pain and he grabbed his Mauler and his M6C/SOCOM pistol from their holsters, preparing for the behemoth to fire again and burst through the wall. A moment later the Hunter fired it's Fuel Rod Cannon a third time, a green explosion lifting the melting metal frame, sliding door and a two foot section of wall, and throwing it over the trio's heads. The door slammed against the far side of the room. Sling picked himself up, Mauler and his M6C pistol in hand, as the lumbering giant gurgled a mocking growl at them. Sling roared, focusing the Hunter's attention on him, and ran at the behemoth, ignoring the pain in his body. The Hunter, thinking that it was going to get an easy kill, raised it's shield arm, preparing to swat him away like a fly. As Sling put all his strength into his suicidal run, roaring like a enraged maniac all the way, the behemoth began charging it's Fuel Rod Cannon at it's side. At the last second Sling dropped to the ground, the Hunter's shield buzzing by his visor by mere centimeters, and slid between the monster's legs. As he came through, he raised the Mauler in his left hand and fired into the monster's back twice. Both shots were partial hits, and it growled in pain but, turned towards him angrily.

"Now! Light it up!" Sling shouted as the Hunter turned towards him fully, and raised it's fully charged Fuel Rod Cannon.