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Started by Anabeth, August 21, 2010, 04:17:10 PM

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Hello there people, look at my roleplay preferences, they will tell you some things.

I'm looking for a male (Dom) to role play with, a plot line preferably, you can PM me with plot idea's, but here are some pairing idea's to go by.

Master x Slave
Vampire x Human
Human x Human
Sorcerer x Human
Sorcerer x Sorceress
any others you can think of that doesn't go against my preferences are good.

New to the site and just want to get role playing with a good partner, pm me your idea's / requests! thanks


Ok I'm open to idea's, im a active role player so slow posting can get.... somewhat irritating, I'm looking for someone that can role play with me on a more faster pace i guess you could say? Like once a day - > twice a week at least, ^^;
I play girls parts only so these idea's, in htem, i play the girl part.

The story idea's can be these:

1. Master vampire and a human girl, the vampire finds her getting beat and robbed in a alleyway, he is normally one to leave things be and not care much what others do or about others. But something about her intrigues him and he goes and tares the throat out of all five of them saving her................... it can go from there.

2. Very rich guy goes about his life but things seem to be getting really boring and tiring, same old same old. He works in  the hospital part time and likes saving lives, though he has a secret, one that he doesn't want anyone to know. He's a were(fill in), a creature others sometimes fear, he's getting weary and wanting to share his secret with someone. A girl is rushed into the emergency with bad injuries, he's the one on duty that day and its his patient, she looks bad, like she almost won't make it.................................and on from there. TAKEN


Still looking for people to role play with, my other role players have somewhat bailed on me and i would like to have someone to role play with.

new idea's

3. A detective guy comes about on a case (can think of one together), he has another side that is hidden and nobody knows about but the organization he works for. he is not a normal detective hes a detective for a paranormal society. a girl that works at a book shop gets caught up in the one investigation that he is involved in and gets taken into safe custody. (can think of more together)TAKEN

Jeno Veritas

Number 2 and 3 sounds interesting. Could you PM me?

Thank you.
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Sorcerer vs. sorceress.  Hmmm.  Older, more experienced sorcerer, facing down a challenger--a younger sorceress, hoping to catch him off guard or away from his tower?  After some back and forth, he'd establish dominance over her...  But he'd not be interested in doing her in.  More, punishing her, perhaps--teaching her a lesson...
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