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April 12, 2021, 02:28:47 pm

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Author Topic: Zarazel is looking for a partner (Female or male)  (Read 871 times)

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Zarazel is looking for a partner (Female or male)
« on: August 21, 2010, 01:51:13 pm »
Hello ladies and gentlemen, after a vacation of a lifetime I am back in the saddle and looking once again for role plays. I apologize for all of you who I had rps with, if you want to continue on with our stories or make a new one just pm me and we can do whatever. Without further talking from me and backing you away from my wonderful list. Because I will never do that, that is something that nobody is supposed to do. Because is cruel to keep you all away from what you really came to see, so I will start right now with the wonderful list. Because I will never keep you from it, NEVER. (:P)

Pairings (Must have a plot for this, or at least a basic idea we can brainstorm together) (Will always be the first of the list)

Father x Daughter
Mother x Daughter
Father x Son
Mother x Son
Teacher x Student
Student x Student
Principal x Student
Brother x Sister
Sister x Sister
Brother x Brother
Master x Slave
Slave x Mistress (or Master)
Vampire x Human
Ghost x Humans
Human x Vampire
Human x Ghost
Kidnapper x Victim
Murderer x Victim
(As you can see, I can play both male and female roles with ease. If you have a pairing not listed here pm me it and I am sure we can discuss something out)


(This are mainly Sex themed rps, I will post Plot based rps after)
Study Subjects (Bondage, EX, Drugs) (open)
There is a underground group dedicated to kidnap young woman from all across the world. They drug them and use experimental's drugs on them. They are all tortured and those who don't survive are simply burnt out and their ashes scattered down the drainage pipe. Those who do make it make the perfect sex slaves for any person who decide to buy her. Once she survives the trials of the doctors it is guaranteed that they will be broken. Weather you are broken and treated as a slave or you died, one fact is straight, you will never see freedom again.

Online Meeting (Bondage, EX) (Open)
MxF, FxF

It all started in a chat, a bondage chat on one of the most famous BDSM sites on the planet. There a woman met this man, they instantly hit it off. He makes her do stuff RL and send pictures of it. In reality he was testing her to see if she could become a permanent sex slave. One day she receives a first class ticket and a letter “If you are ready to drop everything in your life and serve me, come to me with this ticket. If not continue with your life and don't ever contact me again. Do not contact me until you come, bring nothing but the clothes in your back and the purse, no cellphone, no money (leave it at the bank), or anything. Just the ID and maybe a debit card so you can buy food while waiting to take your flight, nothing else. I await you at the airport... Master”.

Blackmailing a Teacher (Bondage, Humiliation, Ex)
Very open plot Blackmail  rp. Plot to be discussed with partner.

Plot based Rps:

End of the World
It came to pass finally, the end of the world finally happened. The cause? Aliens coming to earth and destroying everything on their path, invading and killing people left to right. Somehow we both survived and now we are alone in a world that is dead. The aliens slowly making this planet their home, how much time would it take for us to say, “We will die?”. Aliens have been slowly making the planet their home. Humanity is at the brink of total Extinction, nothing can prevent it. Somehow we need to survive and somehow we need to end the invasion.

Angel going human
It was all meant to happen, your  character is on drugs and alcohol, not caring anymore about life. However one day your character is in a traffic accident and died. While on the other side your character meets a very beautiful angel, my character tells yours that she/he have a second chance in life, however he or she will not be alone. Your character wakes up in a hospital with the angel besides you. What happens when the angel falls in love with you and gives the thing that makes him different, Immortality.

Your Other half apple
What will happen if a pair of beautiful twins are born and separated at birth. Twenty years later one of them knows that he/she is a twin (your character) but the other don't. Your character is walking in the mall and suddenly sees a person that looks exactly like your character. Eventually my character starts to fall in love with yours, what will happen then? (very open plot, can be altered anyway possible)

I am usually dominant, but I can also be submissive. If you do have a plot that want to run through me just pm me. Well I hope you liked the plots ^^

Offline Bloody RoseTopic starter

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  • Join Date: Mar 2010
  • Location: Dreamland, with all the dream bunnies!
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  • I live my life at the moment, nothing else matters
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Re: Zarazel is looking for a partner (Female or male)
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2010, 08:18:16 pm »
Current Craving:

Student x Teacher
Yugioh rp
Any good group rp

Offline Dodge

Re: Zarazel is looking for a partner (Female or male)
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2010, 07:08:02 pm »
Hi, there. I'm pretty intrigued by the End of the World scenario. I'll reckon that since it's been five days somebody's already PMed you. On the off chance that they haven't, though, I'll give it a shot.