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Author Topic: Thoughts In The Dark  (Read 735 times)

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Offline AriesChanTopic starter

Thoughts In The Dark
« on: August 18, 2010, 06:33:20 PM »

Quote from: AriesChan
Yea...i don't know why i gave it that title lol. This will just be a little forum where i post the poems/songs/short stories i write. Please comment onnn ^^

Whispered Love: During The Day(Pt. 1)

The following is a poem that I started writing about a month ago. Somehow it turned into a series of parts that tell a story and i decided to use a rhyming scheme in this one because usually i don't...soooo tell me what you think! It is currently unfinshed

Silent whispers in the wake of night
Your embrace is my delight
The moon reflects in your eyes
As I sadly say Goodbye

The sun comes with a warning
Memories still soaring
Though I know it isn't right
I can't wait to see you again tonight

It pains me to see you during the day
Laughing and smiling with her that way
I know she's the one that belongs with you
But I can't help but feel like I do too

I know that you love me, I see it in your eyes
It's sad the way we have to hide
Disappearing into the night, whispering how we feel
Waking up the next day, wondering if it was real

Everytime I think i have you, you have to slip away
Though my heart can't bare it, I'm still a part of this play
And as I wonder how this all will end
I'm still waiting to see you again

You caught me off guard today, when you called my name
Her eyes held unwavering surprise; mine, no doubt, the same
I noticed her lip tremble as she muttered "who is she?"
'Me? I'm no one. I esd just about to leave.'

That's what I wanted to say, but nothing came out
Why am I frozen in place? Why won't I turn around?
You took the liberty of answering, with that perfect smile.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...if I stayed awhile.

The moon and sun weren't meant to share
Yet she and I are standing here
Floating around the clouds of one sky
Wrapping around the heart of one guy

I think it's time I take my leave
The sunlight is becoming too much for me
Atleast I can still see you tonight
When the moon has earned its right

Well That is the first part, I will upload part two whenever I finish writng i down. Thank you fr stopig by!.

Offline AriesChanTopic starter

Re: Thoughts In The Dark
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2010, 06:54:47 PM »

This is Untitled and Currently Unfinished...
I guess... I reall don't know what i'm doing with it lol.

'Let me know all the ways to hurt you, to let you suffer at my hands, cry me tears of blood and beg for me to stop this torture. Give me reasons why I shouldn't talk this blade across your throat and end your life where you stand; can you feel that? My hands wrapping around your throat until you are grasping for air, I'll just laugh at your struggling...give me a reason to show mercy....'

Turning away from the mirror she let's her tears fall as she drops to her knees, scream out, and cover her ears but that isn't enough...the voices keep talking, growing louder even as she screams, it's futile to try to block them, to stop them. Given in as she crawls across her room and over to her closet, she digs in and pulls out a shoebox..then she opens it and stares down at the handgun as more tears fall.

'What have you done to deserve any forgiveness...can you tell me? Who have you save, loved, do you even have a heart? You lie, cheat. steal, and torture...and you think you're the one that's could end it. Look at how weak you are, laughable at the least...did you really you never think, you just act. Pitiful, selfish,'re a sick, dying just die...'