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Author Topic: Arkaniel's Archive - Please Enter - New added craving [MUL] [looking for F]  (Read 657 times)

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Offline ArkanielTopic starter

General settings I like to play in (current favorites in bold):

Science fiction, whether original or based upon Star Wars, Stargate or Saga of the Seven Suns.
Fantasy, a bit of everything, ranging from epic historical fantasy to modern day supernatural or urban fantasy, like Charmed, Supernatural and Dresden Files.
Anything including a bit of action and a strong story.

Current plot ideas:

Student's Town: One of those suburbian regions, spread around a college, with houses, fraternities and sororities taking up all the space, thousands of students living, partying, studying and having fun, together. Decadence, sex, drugs and booze, that is all there is to it, every single day. This is the setting I want to play a strong sexual story in. Perhaps one sorority or fraternity is a bit more extreme. Or, there is a killer on the loose. Other plots are possible, too. I am looking for a strong, sexual story, with me playing a guy, and my partner, you, preferably playing a 'sister' of one of the upper class sororities, where both beauty and brains are a must, and their building is the hotspot on campus... The plot itself can go any possible direction, action wise, intrigue, secrets, thriller or even into the supernatural or sci fi.

Saga of The Seven Suns: The wars are over, peace is set. but does the promised prosperity follow? Join me as explorers encounter new races, old enemies make a reappearance, new civil war as well as the brutal fight for survival become the new main themes far sooner than anyone had expected. We will play with original characters, but some of the old ones will be part of the story, in the roles they were set, like King Peter, the Mage-Imperator and so on.

Stargate: What if SG-1 had found not one but two Ancients on Antartica? What if the male one had survived? Follow his tale as he tries settling in with the in his opinion primitive humans, dealing with the SGC, NID, Goa'uld and older allies like the Asgard and enemies like the Wraith and replicators. But also the tale of a man ripped from his time, from his life, from his civilization and thrown into a new world where except the way people look, everything is so different from what he was used to. I am hoping to play this ancient character in a roleplay that is filled with the usual action, adventure and humor of the stargate series, but also with a dash of real life and romance. Major points of interest to me are the relationship between this rather alien character and a human woman (played by my partner) that at first is not aware of the Stargate program, though possible somehow related to it (someone working on the nearby military base, or a scientist, doctor or something similar that has come in touch with the SGC before. There will be dealing with the enemies, epic scenes with battles and adventures, but also dealing with secrets, family and the fall out of a public revelation to Earth.

Original: Modern day, yet ancient Rome: It is modern day. We don't know each other. Both of us black out(kidnapped?) and wake up an unknown time later, in a Roman style house. There is a small ancient Roman city on some sort of island. The only signs that we did not travel time is a note for each of us, describing our roles. (perhaps forced husband and wife, or master and slave, mistress and slave,... Whatever we come up with really, fitting us the best) and the strict orders to fit in... Right into a messy political arena, of rivalling senators, merchants, warlords, a barbaric tribe, all on the island, all people removed from their homes and forced to play in this game. Only the Consul or Emperor is the rich man organizing all of this, keeping this as his personal game, and his Praetorians protect him and make sure those not willing to particpate are forced to reconsider, or removed (arena, gladiators, execution in the mini colosseum,...) We could either make this mostly about the intrigue, the adventure, staying in our roles while trying to escape, facing each other when forced to actually play our roles as forced whatever we are together, eventually accepting our lot in life and each other. Or we could give it a stronger sexual tone if you so prefer.

More to come, though feel free to pm me whenever you feel like playing something based on Dresden files, though preferably with Original characters. I am always looking for heterosexual, female partners with a grasp of literacy. As for the sexual parts, I am open to almost anything, but I prefer not to let sex be the major part of my stories, with an exception when the mood strikes.
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Offline ArkanielTopic starter

Re: Arkaniel's Archive - Please Enter [MUL] [looking for F]
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Newest idea added.

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Added a new craving for the student town. Looking for partner urgently. Sexually, anything goes, except male/male.