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Author Topic: only strangers can be trusted...  (Read 887 times)

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Offline Lipstick EpitaphTopic starter

only strangers can be trusted...
« on: August 17, 2010, 07:36:53 AM »
The purpose of this thread is to find play for my main character, Blake London.
Fun Facts: Blake is a bisexual girl who is generally a sub, though that can vary (inquire within).

  • Preferred Story Types:
    Highschool / College Drama
    Kidnapping, Home Invasion and Rape
    Horror Survival
    Modern Fantasy Noir
    Magical Realism
    Ghost Stories

  • Adult Content:
    Casual sex
    arranged marriages
    risk of pregnancy
    animals, forced sex
    machines, monsters
    happy domestic relationships.

the memory of a girl

There is a world beneath the world. The road is forgotten and the memory of that place is one that people can no longer remember how to see. It is a world filled with the old - the things beneath the bed and the sounds from the attic when the the moon is high. It is the place where we do not go - but now and then something so profound occurs, something so terrible, that the soul of a girl can become stronger than the truth of the world she knew.

The police report concluded that it had begun as a robbery; the window had been broken from the outside by a blunt instrument. There was no reason to suspect that her assailant had been anyone she knew, not friend or family.

It was a clean series of paragraphs running down the page - The robber had found that young woman living alone only a block away from her college campus in her freshman year. The girl's teachers had assumed her to be a poor student, and being new to the area she hadn't yet any made any friends. The police had only been contact at the end of the month when the payment on her apartment had gone past due. There had been an exchange of gun fire when the police arrived and the assailant her been killed. The officers on the scene found the seventeen year old girl bound to her bed with a few pairs of her own underwear. She was reported to be disoriented and confused. The medical examiner found her with evidence of both human and canine sexual fluid in her vagina, stomach, and rectal cavity and concluded that she'd been exposed to alcohol and numerous illegal narcotics during her captivity, in addition to being at least two weeks pregnant.

However; the report said very little about what had really happened... The humiliation and the shame accumulated in spending a month under the whim of a stranger in her home, the unspeakable things that had been done to her, and the things she barely remembered doing under the influence of the drugs in her system. The local paper reported on the story for a few days, but when unable to obtain an interview with the girl the interest dried up and the story went away.

The girl had moved back home with her parents, and then eventually started to live on campus, but had never been the same. The daughter that had been playful and vibrant had become quiet and nervous - ranging from becoming so paranoid that she locked every door in the apartment even when other people were home to so desperately needing the approval of men that the boys in her building often threw parties to which she was the only girl invited, eventually earning her the nickname "21" after being snuck into a campus fraternity house while drunk and spending her entire spring break in an alcohol induced dilirium and on her back beneath complete strangers, coming back to class with a small spade and heart tattooed between her shoulder blades, which she was unable to remember or explain, the record for the number of guys that'd ejaculated inside of her in one night. All of her teachers reported her as being a sweet if not quiet girl.

The girl's downward spiral lead her somewhere the light failed. The 19 year old girl had gone on a camping trip with a number of her friends during the summer and vanished during the course of the trip. The police were called to investigate and spent two weeks searching the north western forest for the college student, before the investigation was called of.

She had been declared dead. However, three months later the police were called again when a girl living a block away from campus, the same apartment in which Blake had been living as a freshman, dialed 911 to report that she came home to find a strange girl with pomegranite red hair sitting in her bed - disoriented and unable to explain how she got there.

Medical examiners determined that she was completely unharmed and had no evidence of illegal substances in her body. The resident decided not to press charges, but a local judge concluded that Blake should complete a stay of one month in a state mental-health facility for observation.

She was the same... but after that... the world never was.

stories come in two basic forms:

I am happy to play out the events of the girl's history - including the scenes of her rape and abuse, as well as her drunken, promiscuous, whoring - as well as details and events that aren't mentioned in the profile - however, these stories must stay within the confines of her history and lead up to her current situation.

I'm also very excited to play stories that occur in her present story.

These can involve her incarceration in the asylum and the activities of the doctors, other patients, and super natural elements to which the girl has become involved. These stories can also take place after her release and elaborate on her unwanted sensitivity to the spirit world, faeries, ghosts, etc or further moments of abuse and humiliation in her life... as well as the explanation to her own curious existance.

Now - don't get scared away by my desire for a serious story! I enjoy good play - but under the right circumstances Blake can range from being a whimpering and squirming victim to a sweaty mess licking her own vaginal fluid off of the floor. ^..^


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Re: only strangers can be trusted...
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2010, 04:28:58 PM »
I've PM'd you

Offline Lipstick EpitaphTopic starter

Re: only strangers can be trusted...
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2014, 09:35:12 PM »
I've finished college and started playing on E again!
I'd love to find a partner for this story!