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Author Topic: light future themed action/adventure story for F  (Read 508 times)

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light future themed action/adventure story for F
« on: August 17, 2010, 02:58:36 AM »
This is somewhat like a rough draft to an RP I’ve been thinking about.

I'm talking about doing a colonized solar system, future themed rp starting off with a private detective in a gunfight with some of his enemies while he's trying to get away with some sort of secret. 

At the same time, the female character will be living a normal sort of life and will be at work in an office building, thinking about what she is going to be doing that day, and also chatting it up with coworkers.

We'll go for a few turns before our characters meet up in an action packed way.  For some reason, the female is going to have to stick around the male character and she's going to be pissed about it, letting him know the whole time.  Sooner or later the guy is going to snap and throw her forcefully onto a bed,  a couch, or some soft place, telling her to cut it out while in a sort of safehouse or something to that effect.  She's going to sit there looking at him with her hair somewhat mussed like he's some sort of attractive, rugged something or another, and right then she will begin to feel herself somewhat more attracted toward him.

Suddenly the guy's enemies are going to bust through the door and the pair will have to make their narrow escape.  While attempting to get out, the guy dramatically gets thrown out a window and the girl gets nabbed and they start to take her away.  She’s goes into a fury, biting, scratchingShed clawing to get away but to no avail because the guys over power her.  They take her downstairs to put her into a van because, for some reason, she’s going to now have something to do with the detective’s secret.  When they get down there and are inserting her in the van, the male character jumps from the fire escape that, we learn, he landed on when thrown out of the window and topples over two of the guys, knocking them out, grabbing one of their pistols, neutralizing the guy holding on to the female character and also the driver. 

Both being weak and the male character badly beaten, they take the van to the nearest motel for recovery.  She then ditches the van at a chop shop that the male character tells the female about. At the motel, the female cares for his wounds for a few days til he is somewhat recovered. 

One morning she wakes up to find him fresh from the shower, shaving. He tells her gruffly to get ready to go.  She thinks that he’s being ungrateful and they start to argue.  She gets in his face and starts to shove him, prompting him to take a hold of her and subdue her.  She flashes back to the scene in the safehouse then starts wildly kicking and clawing, ripping her already loose fitting clothes to expose a breast and the opposite leg. He subdues her, they look each other in the eye, then passionate lovemaking ensues.

The sex will be somewhat male dominated because the guy recollects all of the trouble the girl has put him through.  They will go on for however many turns it takes to finish as long as it stays steamy.

They will then gear up for the final showdown between protagonists and antagonists, playing itself out accordingly ending with another sex scene and a little banter alluding to a sequel.

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Re: light future themed action/adventure story for F
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2010, 05:09:07 AM »
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