Interest Check: Monster Girl School?

Started by Wolfy, August 16, 2010, 02:10:53 PM

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Just wanted to put out there that I had an Idea for an All Monster girl School...everything from the Monster Girls Encyclopedia, from Arachne to (Sexy) Zombie is welcome, so Vampires, Werewolves, Succubi, etc, etc, all acceptable. (Some of the Younger looking monsters that look like Loli's are not acceptable, however..because of the rules. o3o)

Depending upon what you'd like to do, we could tweak said monster girls to not have to live off semen, or we could have male slaves in the lunch rooms for feeding time. :P

I myself would either be playing a Monster Girl..or a recently hired Male Professor to the school...or something. *shrugs*

This could be a small group of 2-3 more (Besides me) or a large group game...

Soo..anyone interested?


So Wow, Yeah..I guess no one is interested, huh?


Don't feel bad, nothing in general seems to be moving the past month or so.


Well the game kind of assumes for dominant females or at least switches which are quite rare around here

Im somewhat interested as a male slave for the women's needs though
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Well I said, said monster girls can be tweeked..I don't care if the person plays them as dom or sub..whichever they want, really. I was just using the Encyclopedia as a guide for what kind of girls they can be, not the personalities and such.


It seems interesting, I might joing along if it does shape up. It seems like it could be fun, and certainly different.

I'd be willing to take up the role of a male teacher who was down on his luck, charged for molesting a student (after being flirted at by one wanting to increase her grade and approached by the principal at the exact wrong moment, misunderstanding) and unable to find work elsewhere. To his surprise a letter has invited him along but he seems for the very beginning at least unaware of just what kind of school he's going to end up teaching at.

Considering a switch character, someone who might dominate someone, treat another an equal, but also become a bit submissive if approached the correct way, not making his stubborn side lock him up towards that person.
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I'm interested..... If it does get started I could be a teacher who is always falling for one of his students. Maybe a vampire? Hence the reason I am teaching at a monster school in the first place. Change that A human teacher who made his way into teaching at this school.

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Depends on how serious the setting is. I'd like to run an Erinyes student who is very serious about magical studies(Bookish to the extreme) but might be interested in seducing or being seduced by someone she finds interesting.
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I don't know the world of monstergirl much but like I said the last time such a concept was brought up I can play a monster girl if there's interest for it. I mostly play dominant girls so it's np for me.

The one thing I could see as a problem is the 'school' part. I'm not that big about school RPs, usually I find the story always boils down to the same thing.