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Author Topic: Crispy fresh cravings... (F seeking M : MUL)  (Read 752 times)

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Crispy fresh cravings... (F seeking M : MUL)
« on: August 15, 2010, 03:22:31 PM »

The one who got away.. TAKEN
I'd be willing to consider writing this opposite a female character as well..
Elements:Light NC(i.e: reluctance toward picking up where they had left off), romance, and perhaps an eventual progression into D/s
 It's the 1960s, and Jacqueline experiences her first love in High School.  She and the {boy} discover each other during the peak of their adolescence, the influx of hormones and the heat of -that one- summer lead the two into a stumbling charge of unbound discoveries.  They forge a bond together that makes it near impossible for one to be without the other. Slight concern develops between their parents regarding the motivation behind their incessant togetherness; Are they being distracted from the actual purpose of attending school? Surprisingly enough, their grades don't suffer, this proving that there isn't any real reason they shouldn't be able to carry on this way.

Fast forward to the months following their graduation. Jacqueline and {Guy} surprise their parents with some unpleasant news.  Neither took charge in seeking a College or University to attend, never having applied for scholarships or bursaries. Their plan had been to graduate, get married, and live happily ever after with a white picket fence in rural America.  They could never have foreseen the unwavering objections from both sets of parents, and never could have expected that {Guy's} parents would enlist him in the army to make better on his lack of ambition in seeking a brighter future.  This was a devastating blow for the young couple, but they promised to write each other while separated, with the one hope that as soon as {Guy} served his time, they would be reunited and could pick up where life had last left them.  If only they recognized their own Naivety back then...

Fast forward one last time, to where we would pick up our story.  Jacqueline has followed the paces of what's generally expected of a young woman in the 1960s. Nursing was still rated one of the best paying occupations for women in the workforce, and so she became a nurse.  However, her mind was swayed by a convincing lady who came through the hospital one fateful afternoon.  The lady had been quick to notice the lack of enthusiasm Jacqueline held toward her profession, she could read the tight set of her jaw as she administered the cold compress to her swollen ankle.  This, the lady assumed, was the result of her contempt toward the tasks of a nurse, and perhaps the (skimpy)weight of her paycheck.  The lady also noticed that Jacqueline was blessed with a cute exterior, and that it only needed a bit of tweaking in front of a mirror, with the right outfit to match.

The generous lady, who's name turned out to be Beth, convinced Jacqueline to try out for the Play Boy club downtown. Beth assured her that the pay would be well above the average monthly earnings she made giving sponge bathes, and that she'd be a shoe in if she just remembered to smile.  Suffice it to say, Jacqueline had passed the auditions, and was working a full time schedule after a few weeks training to become a professional Bunny. 

{Guy} is in town one evening, and decides to join his Army friends on a night out, to paint the town red.  Fate kindly arranges for the ill-departed couple to meet when one of {Guy's} friends declares that he has a key to get into the Play Boy club. The question is, has fate actually been kind in reuniting them after being apart for so long? What kind of drama will ensue when he discovers she's a high class hostess, who's paid to flaunt herself to the high paying clients? One has to wonder if she's partaken in some extracurricular activities with some of these men to boost her earnings?  And what of {Guy}? What was his excuse for not writing  Jacqueline? Has he been married to another woman? Has he been effected by the Army in a negative or positive way?

There's a lot of room left open for discussion with whoever is interested.  I'm also free to deviate from this basic idea if there's something that I inspired in you, and you'd like to try something a bit different. Obviously, I'd like  the name of the male character to be chosen by my fellow partner.

This plot seems pretty typical of what I go for, with exploring the complications/dynamics of a relationship between two characters.
There's also the assumed fact that we will be diving into plenty of steamy scenes here. I'm a BIG fan of sex with plot.
Lemme know what ya think!;)
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Re: Crispy fresh cravings... (F seeking M : MUL)
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2012, 07:01:32 PM »
Updated with only one plot to replace the moldy oldies from wayyyyy too long ago {Feb 23.12}