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August 21, 2018, 04:39:43 PM

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Author Topic: ~ Word of the Day ~  (Read 74263 times)

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Offline Kit Cat

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1375 on: August 16, 2018, 09:38:40 AM »
There was a young woman who was easy to rile
For her temper was fiery and volatile
But then she got hot and heavy
With a handsome lapidary
And her gaffer’s never seen her with a bigger smile  ;D

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Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1376 on: August 16, 2018, 01:19:07 PM »
- You are calling ahead of schedule.
* I need to talk. Right now.
- Fine. I am here for you and listening.
* I feel like debunking it all. Tonight.
- Now, now. What have we established about rash decisions?
* What if I do not care?
- Caring never had been on the menu anyways. It is not an advantage, we both are aware of that. Voilatile reactions always have been your thing, yes?
* Your nonchalant attitude makes me sick.
- Is that so?
* Is that all you have to offer? Slimsy comebacks?
- Do you even have to ask?
* You will see. Everyone will see, bitch.
- It had been such a pleasure.
* You have no idea how much.

Online Justric

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1377 on: August 16, 2018, 01:51:51 PM »
(The opening octave for a Petrarchan sonnet in progress)

As in war, then too, in love (so it's said)
are broken hearts and heads 'neath rash actions,
lovers pasted by lies. False decisions
lead the foolish to live a life fast dead
in sense bereft! Lovers should stay abed
and not march off to strangers' attentions.
Cheating lips for the traitors' intentions
are best for kissing the musket-fire's lead.

Online Justric

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1378 on: August 17, 2018, 06:21:51 AM »
Today's word of the day is...


1 a : to oppose successfully : defeat the hopes or aspirations of

b : to run counter to so as to effectively oppose or baffle : contravene

2 : to pass through or across

Offline Jaclyn

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1379 on: August 18, 2018, 12:21:49 PM »

  The canoe's thwart provided ample support to thwart the narrow, steep traverse between the two lakes.

Offline Starcaller

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1380 on: August 18, 2018, 05:15:02 PM »
"If we manage to thwart this pass, the rest will be easy as kiss my hand!"

His deep voice resounded through the noise of the cold winds that whipped the three adventurers furiously. They had been following the path for days now, and, day by day, the weather had been growing worse and worse. As if the mountain itself tried to thwart the brave heroes, to stop them from accomplishing their mission. The relic rested right at the top, nestled neatly, safely guarded from the winds and the snow. Many had tried to get to it before but every attempt thus far had been thwarted and now countless corpses lied on the rocky terrains, some buried in snow and some, only half. Sad and pitiful reminders and warnings to any daring enough to try and thwart these lands.

And yet here they were. The three adventurers were not afraid. Gazing into those cold, dead stares of the ones who never made it didn't discourage them. The blizzard that made it near damn impossible to see a few feet ahead did not thwart them. They were set on getting their hands on the relic. After all, they had been commissioned by a King and for mercenaries like them, the gold was more precious than life. And King Tagramor had offered more than enough gold for that cursed object. In truth, not even they knew what it looked like.

The path was covered with snow and snow whipped the uncovered parts of their faces as they moved, the width of the way only allowing for a line as they thwarted the mountain. Aryod, the leader of the group, could vaguely see past the blizzard, at the other end of the pass. There wasn't long left, but with each step, the distance just seemed to lengthen. As if the pass moved once with their trek. Right behind him was Caelia. Compared to the rest of the band, Caelia looked like a fragile little thing with pointy ears. Yet no one foolish enough dared to say such to her face. Those silver eyes of hers that looked so innocent were just deceit. And anyone who'd really tried to put up a fight against her had been thwarted.

Behind Caelia stood Jarrad. Witty, annoying and arrogant human that the she-elf really had a hard time putting up with. But there was something else, too, for he'd tried long and hard to woo her. And just like those whose attempts at winning against her were thwarted, so were his. He hated her for it. Because he couldn't have her.

The blizzard only grew in intensity and one could hardly even see anymore. The exit from the pass disappeared behind that white wall and now, the three were truly disoriented. Aryod walked, careful, planting every of his steps deeply in the snow while turning his head to see if his companions were still there. He could very hardly distinguish a rocky edge, like an arch, opening above him, but he did not dare look at it. No, his eyes were fixed on where his boots fell and with so much focus on those steps he could hardly even register the surprised gasp followed by a genuine yell of fear coming from behind himself.

Turning on his heels, Aryod could see Caelia holding onto bare rocks for dear life. Despite standing so close to him, she had slipped. And while Aryod was slightly shocked by what was happening, Jarrad didn't seem phased. He didn't seem to even want to hurry to help the she-elf and, when Aryod did try to, he shouted through the storm.

"Her leg is surely broken! You sure you want to carry a cripple all the way up there?"

Aryod's shock was deepened by his comrade's words. How could he suggest such a thing?

"You're out of your minds!" He retorted, lowering himself and grabbing Caelia by an arm securely. He wasn't just about to...

"Think about it, if we drop her, there's more gold for each of us! She's really of no use to us any longer!" Jarrad insisted.

"You treacherous son of a..." Caelia shouted, gripping onto the helping arm, certain that it was safe. Oh, she would sure throw Jarrad from the highest cliff after this...

But gold. Gold made and unmade everything. Even fellowships. And Aryod was nothing if not greedy. There was a moment of pause. Contemplation, even in the storm, silence, even in the noise.

"Aryod... no..." Caelia almost begged as she felt the grip on her arm loosen. Try with all her might, she couldn't help herself up with her free arm and she scratched at the frozen rocks desperately as the grip loosened and loosened until her last scream pierced through the cold while her body disappeared in the blizzard.

And then... the two continued. There was still a way to the top and they had to thwart it. A day passed, two, then three. Jarrad and Aryod were exhausted and their food supplies had run low by then. And Aryod, most of all, was eaten up by guilt. His sleep had been tainted by nightmares. Caelia's mangled body instead of the relic that awaited at the top. Her reanimated corpse pushing him off the cliffs. Alas, the man hadn't slept ever since. And Jarrad... he couldn't be trusted. Aryod had handed the leadership over to him only so he could walk behind him. To make sure that the treacherous bastard wouldn't try to get rid of him, too. He wanted that gold, he needed that gold and he would have strangled his human fellow for it.

Today, the storm had been worse than in any other day. Aryod almost found himself in Caelia's situation once or twice but something kept him going. He'd thwarted death so many times before, why wouldn't he be able to, now? But they were close. Oh, so close. Jarrad had become impatient. He pushed, and pushed, exhausting himself, while his mind worked on planning. How would he get his hands on it and bring it back? Surely, Aryod wanted to kill him. He knew that, felt it in his gut. How could he thwart an assassination attempt? Paranoid thoughts burned him from inside and made him lose his rationality that day. By nightfall, the two were slowly ascending the last part of their journey and the blizzard had died down quite a bit.

Jarrad walked ahead but a hand was on his blade. He was ready, decided to finish it. It only took a second for him to withdraw and turn, but as he did, he found his strike already deflected by another blade. Aryod had been perceptive.

"I knew you'd do this!" He said, striking back with force despite being weakened by hunger and thirst. Oh, he would fight for his life and for his riches. The swords clanged and cut through the air as the two dueled. Jarrad attempted to cut his rival's head off but he, in turn, ran right underneath his blade and made a cut deep into his thick fur clothing with a single move.
It was a desperate dance of survival as the two attempted to thwart each other. The clanging continued and their feet moved dangerously close to the edges of the path. The metal blades crossed and pressed against each other as the two men gazed at one another. Jarrad grinned viciously as he stared right into his former comrade's eyes.

"She didn't slip. I pushed her." He said, the words having the desired effect of shocking Aryod enough to distract him while Jarrad swiped him off his feet and made him fall right into the abyss below.

The relic was all his. With a weak smile, Jarrad moved again, reaching the top of the mountain by duskfall. And there was, indeed, a cave, just as the legends told. It was small, but it truly offered protection from the elements. Jarrad really felt satisfied as he entered, or rather, crawled into it. He felt his heart swell in his throat as he laid eyes on the object that stood on a pedestal just an arm's reach away from him. The relic... It was real, it was there, it was...

His fingers, trembling, touched it, but as they did, he could hear how stone ground on stone until darkness took over the cave and Jarrad found himself to be lost in it. A darkness so deep that his eyes could not comprehend. And silence. Silence that soon began to hurt.

Thwarted. All this had been in vain. For on the pedestal, an inscription was carved into stone:

The pure of heart may touch
And the sinner shall be punished

Online Justric

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1381 on: August 19, 2018, 10:05:52 AM »
Today's word of the day (for August 18th) is...

noun aj-uh-LAY-shun

1 : excessive or slavish admiration or flattery

Offline Flower

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Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1382 on: Yesterday at 04:43:40 AM »
Yesterday's word of the day was...

adjective im-per-TER-buh-bul

: marked by extreme calm, impassivity, and steadiness : serene

Today's word of the day is...

noun suh-TYE-uh-tee

1 : the quality or state of being fed or gratified to or beyond capacity : surfeit, fullness

2 : the revulsion or disgust caused by overindulgence or excess

Offline Remec

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1383 on: Yesterday at 09:38:28 AM »

The great feast day of the village’s liberation from the great Wyrm, Volunzadier, was coming up and the whole inn was in a rather volatile state. Except, naturally, for Mistress Alliande, who ran the kitchen in such a nonchalant and imperturbable manner that one would think it was just an ordinary end week dinner that was Fate was trying to thwart her from bringing off—cooks and wenches running off together, vermin managing to slip into the pantry and larders, aged veterans of the liberation choosing that week to break their pledges of sobriety to see how long it took them to reach a state of alcoholic satiety.

But Alliande took it all in stride. There was a reason most of the other inns had such adulation for her.

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Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1384 on: Today at 04:53:20 AM »
Today's word of the day is...

adjective suh-ROO-lee-un

1 : resembling the blue of the sky

Offline Remec

Re: ~ Word of the Day ~
« Reply #1385 on: Today at 07:20:53 AM »


Cornflowers try their best, but
even that
really isn't good enough,
unlike the
laid back
ease with which the empty
azure skies match the loveliness of your eyes,
Naturally bright and enchanting.