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lips and thorns

The new, improved, miraculous plot idea page.


Please note that in many if not most ideas, I could or would play either/any of the characters.  I am also interesting in both M/F and F/F pairings and stories might be modified to accommodate either.

Hypnosis Gone Wild

This story starts from a rather far-fetched beginning but plays out realistically from there.  A woman has somehow come to be hypnotized, no longer remembering the commands that have been seated in her unconscious.  The instructions are simple, she believes that she needs a man's cum in order to stay alive, either in her or on her skin.  Accepting this wholly through hypnosis, the story follows this professional woman as she desperately tries to juggle her life and this desperate new need.  The theme is of increasingly desperate situations as the woman does not desire wanton sex, but must seek it to stay alive.  Perhaps also featuring the person who knows what hypnosis she is under.

The Pushy Broad - Taken for now

1) I am a friend of your wife, cool, dominant and attractive.  You surprisingly find yourself holding submissive feelings towards me, either before or after I decide to toy with you.  I sense it as well and we begin an illicit relationship of me calling the shots and pushing you further than you think you would go.  This would involve multiple scenes of daring situations, me seeing how close I can get you to the edge.

2) You are a bicurious woman, probably with a boyfriend or husband.  You find yourself drawn to the idea of playing with a woman, you can't let it go in your mind.  When she finds you though you find yourself in a little bit over your head.  Find yourself led, no pushed, into a powerful relationship with a dominant woman.  Will you get more than you bargained for?

The Distant Master

A youngish woman finds herself in a relationship with an older, dominant man.  This could be a stranger, friend of the family, perhaps even father (I don't normally do incest, but this situation allows for it).  Their relationship is highly sexual and controlling, but the man never touches her himself.  He directs her from one kinky situation into an even kinkier one, with themes of exhibition, voyeurism, groups, taboo, rough, degradation and bondage. 

Not So Distant Voice

A young women begins an online erotic relationship with a man. She thinks he's across the country, he's really across the street. She never finds this out, but submits to his directions, suggestions. He slowly alters her behavior, encouraging her to dress sexier, flirt with older men. He eventually steers her to do various kinky things with men, not knowing they are friends of his. He's always watching the effects of his influence on her from across the street, eventually steering her to him

The Implicit Design - Taken for now

A young woman, on the surface a perfectly good girl.  Only she knows the dark desires that sometimes bubble in her, but she tries not to acknowledge.  On her way to school or work she often pauses to observe the display window of a store selling erotic wear and fetish gear.  Unbeknown to her, the owner of the store has observed her for months or years, sees her secret interest that no one else knows.  One day s/he will open the door and call her in.  As soon as she steps in they both know what is next, that she will submit to what she has always secretly wanted.  Themes of bondage, rough sex, S&M.

Private Eyes Are More Than Watching. Taken for now

A female private detective gets caught up in the game of a domineering couple.  HIred by the wife to keep tabs on the husband, the detective finds he is wildly adulterous with a number of women.  Watching him to gather evidence she observes his powerful dominant presence in sex.  She not only finds herself strangely aroused, she finds herself caught by him in the act of catching him.  Overpowered by his dominant presence she finds herself caught up in a secondary web of submissive sex with him while she continues to watch him for his wife.

The story continues when the wife "discovers" what the private eye is up to.  She in turn demands that the detective take part in submissive sex games with her as well.  Little does she know both are playing her, with this purpose in mind all along.  She thinks she is caught between the two of them, trapped in secrets.  Themes of domineering sex, bondage, control, sex toys, degradation.

The Master's Voice

A younger woman and an older man have struck up an online erotic relationship.  They eventually decide to meet in real space, but it works differently than she had imagined.  He calls her on her cell at their meeting spot and begins directing her around.  They have never met, and she never knows who she might be passing that is the man on the phone.  He guides her through a series of more daring situations, culminating in sexual experiences with several men, some of which may or may not be him.

The Temptress - Taken for now

The protagonist is an earnest young pastor, devout and devoted.  The antagonist, a succubus, who shows up in his congregation one day.  He finds that under her supernatural influence his will is next to meaningless, just sitting there in the congregation his eyes are glued to her, thoughts bubbling to the surface. She hardly has to make an effort, coming to him after the sermon, to make him succumb to her.  The theme would be his reluctant submission to the arousal she causes, his eventual embracing of it despite himself.  She would not "take" him, she would cause him to take her.

The story could continue with the succubus's effect on him not being limited to her.  His sexual passions fanned, he can't help himself, and finds himself pulling other parishioners into romanceless sexual affairs with him.  He finds himself taking the wife of a valued parishioner, the 17 year old daughter of a parishioner, his conscience unable to stop him.  In the end, for those who enjoy multiple characters, the effect of the succubus is contagious, so that he passes it to each whom he takes, causing their needs to grow out of control as well.

The Summoning - Looking for a new take on this one, see updates

A magician, male or female, attempts an ancient summoning.  The summoning goes several ways depending on our desires:

1) The magician calls a demon or ancient goddess of lust, thinking he can control this minor being.  He has underestimated the power of such a being, who can produce lust in any mortal, drive him or her to do anything to quench their passions.  She takes utter control of the summoner's life.  From there she may venture out to spread her influence in the mortal world.  This may involve breeding, group/cult activity or simply multiple characters.

2) The summoner correctly binds her, but underestimates the power of a succubus.  While she is bound to his word and his will, she still produces the same supernatural lust in him from her very presence.  She must do what he says, but there is only one thing on his mind while she is near.

Second Nature

A girl for whatever reason ends up raised by her stepfather and stepbrother(s).  She was abused from an early age, but not in any ordinary fashion.  Her stepfather casts her in any number of amateur porn as soon as she matures, and by the time she is a young woman she's had anything and everything done to her on film.  From the point the story could go many directions, with this young woman who has been raised in such a deviant fashion.  What will she do with her life from there?  Who might she get involved with?  Will she find herself back with her 'family'?

Gods Reborn

The concept would be that there are people among us now who have the spirits of gods or demons from long past.  They do not know it, only vaguely feel the stirrings of the power and needs in them.  But it drives them in certain directions, their actions slowly opening that part of themselves.

In effect, the story would be about a young woman who feels herself compelled to deviant things.  She finds herself lustful, submissive, wanting things and allowing things that she should not.  She does not realize that this is due to her nature, that within her core is the spirit of a goddess or demon of lust.  But she feels somehow that there is power in her submission.  She finds herself dragged into this underworld of fetish sex and porn or sex clubs.  Perhaps she meets another who is like her ...

The Sex Underground

A man or woman (could be you, could be me) is introduced somehow to a secret and anonymous sex club.  Throughout the city are small underground clubs where everything outside is forgotten and anything goes.  What he or she finds in there is alarming, alluring and addictive and quickly their life becomes centered around these visits, out of control.  Once into this world he or she finds it goes even deeper, a network of anonymous individuals who arrange encounters throughout the city for no-holds barred sex.  This would most likely center on the protagonist, who has had little exposure to this kind of behavior before, quickly becoming consumed by it, and multiple, multiple characters and scenarios on the other side.  Themes of dominance, submission, fetish, toys, groups, bondage, cumplay, voyeurism and exhibitionism, anything kinky or dangerous.

Birth of a Starlet

A teen celeb of legal age, the kind with a kids' TV show or albums of sugary pop made for tweens, is starting to hit it big.  Her family has put her career and daily life in the hands of a manager, a harmless man who really looks out for her as she works in Hollywood, in the studio or on the set.  At least that's what they think is happening. In reality the manager has begun secretly supplying the girl with a powerful aphrodisiac in all her water.  The net effect is sliding her into a state where her body is constantly sexually aroused, to such an extent that she has trouble concentrating, finds herself rubbing against objects.  She feels she needs something but isn't really clear what that is, due to her innocence.

Enter the manager, who of course does not explain what he has done to the celeb.  Instead he leads her to believe that it is just her body, chastises her for interrupting her work.  He teaches her to get herself off, all the while humiliating her for being so vulgar as to need this.  Imagine her straddling his thigh, humping aginast it in a desperate attempt to cut the edge of this drug-induced arousal.  She has a monster of an orgasm, finally, all while he derides her for having such filthy needs, for requiring such vulgar attention.  An orgasm helps, but it's never quite enough and of course the drugging continues. 

The play would follow down this path, with the manager creating more and more humiliating, and intimate, scenarios to sate her need and her desperation growing as it seems to never go away.  She would be convinced that in fact there is something wrong with her, that this is the kind of girl she is, despite her true innocence.  But the arousal is so intense she will do anything it takes and anything he directs to try to satisfy it.  In addition to what he does or has done to her behind the scenes, the manager also pushes her career in a more and more sexual direction, transforming her from the innocent teen starlet to an adult star who emphasizes her sexuality. 

I would play the male manager or the female starlet in this game.

Graduation of a Slut

I imagine a young woman who has unwittingly found herself becoming the neighborhoood / trailer park slut. She let one boy, and then another and now it seems the whole town thinks she'll put out if they insist on it. Frankly, she will, she doesn't seem to have the will to say no, and lets them do things she probably shouldn't.  (There are other origins that could get us to the same place - she has an older sister who was the town slut and it naturally spread to her, for instance).

That's where it stands, but from there perhaps an older man knows of her status and decides it's time to move her up to the big leagues. She thought the boys were bad, but the men are worse, using her like she's a mature slut, nasty and kinky and with no remorse. Parties, humiliation, sharing her out and more.

Secret Darkness

The concept here simply revolves about a woman, a woman who perhaps has needs and desires that are not considered proper.  She perhaps has a touch of nymphomania.  Whatever she has, it has to remain a secret.  Perhaps due to her job, her success in life, her celebrity, her social status.  She has to find a way to scratch this itch, but it can't be in her regular life.  From here this could go various ways depending on where she turns for her thrills.  Perhaps she becomes a high price call girl, no one realizing who she really is (or does someone?) but the customers understanding she is the one who won't say no.  Perhaps it's anonymous sex, dogging, secret clubs.  Perhaps someone far beneath her station understands what she needs and finds ways to provide it to her.  Perhaps she has a lover, reluctant to treat her the way she truly needs, but she has to find the way to bring it out in him or her.

A Little Help From My Friends

A man and woman have been dating for a short while.  Things are going along well, well enough that he has to inform her of his living.  He runs an adult video store, quite an operation with sex toys, peep show booths and more for his VIP customers.  She is no virgin or prude, but this is definitely not something she's familiar with.  However, it doesn't scare her away.  She really likes him and decides to accept this part of his life.  In fact soon she is willing to volunteer, helping him out with the store.  This would progress though scenes such as some exhibitionism in the peep show areas, to things like glory holes, putting on a sex show, etc, probably culminating in her starring in increasingly lurid porn films for him.  The angle is that while she is not a slut to start off, she is willing, and is led step by step into an increasingly perverted world.

Dangerous Investigations

I was thinking of something alone the lines of those classic erotic thrillers, where some guy gets involved with the dangerous but alluring female.  He shouldn't be, but he gets sucked in, going deeper and deeper into her world, kinkier and kinkier and perhaps close and closer to danger.  Think Basic Instinct, Body of Evidence, that sort of thing.

Probably a twist on The Sex Underground above, a cop of some sort goes undercover to investigate a crime, discovering this underground which is related to it, perhaps a femme fatale at the center or not.  I picture the detective's role as very switch  While he would be manipulated perhaps by a rather powerfully seductive female, and would at times find himself on the bottom of affairs, he would also be forced to, and tempted to, be very dominant with various women in the club, and then leaking out of the club.  I see this as a whole underground, clubs in various spots, things going on behind closed doors.  A lot of the story would be about it drawing out his dominant, aggressive, sexual kinks until he finds himself doing the things the people in these clubs do, the line blurred between his personal life and the investigation.

Diary of an Amateur Porn Star

A line based around a character, perhaps like the Sex and Candy character above, who is young and sex positive.  She has begun, or begins, working as a star in porns for Web sites.  The story line would follow her experimentations, and possibly aspects of her personal life, as she becomes a well known face on these sites.  The possibility is there to jump from one porn genre to another, with her filming for a Throat Fucker site one day, Exploited Babysitters the next, doing a Bound and Fucked shoot, Bangbus, whatever type of site interests us.  While she would do this willing, and enjoy sex, many of the experiences might still be overwhelming, startling or new to her.

lips and thorns


And here rather than scene prompts are two characters that I'd be interested in playing, in some kind of line that would work for them.


This is a character concept I normally avoid with a ten foot pole, it being the seeming wet dream of every man out there - it's the willing, eager teen.  It normally feels far too cliched for me, but I have a vision of this character now that interests me.  This would be a 17-21 year old girl.  She, despite her age and seeming innocence (she is not a slutty looking type), is a very sexual creature.  She wants sex, she enjoys sex, all for its own sake.  She has little interest in romance, or at least the intersection of the two, and she has a zest for new, more exciting, dangerous or forbidden sexual experiences.  This character could be encountered in a number of scenes.  She could start as the 17 year old high school student looking for sex, riding in the backseat of her parents' car still, yet fully sexually mature.  We could play her experiences in her hometown, in her school, with her friends' parents, neighbors, strangers, etc.  We could then move on to her heading off to college, the lusty freshman who does not have to be tricked or drugged or blackmailed, she's more than willing to experience the wild frat parties, the deviant professors or Craigslist encounters.  The core here is playing up the youth with an outsized sexual appetite.


This character is a lot more close to home than what I normally play.  She is a single, 24-34 year old free spirit.  She's an artist, through and through, a bit of a bohemian, doesn't play by any rules, let herself be attached.  The sort of wild and sensual woman who attracts people, especially those less free.  She is very sexual and fully embraces it.  She's a confident, direct, strong woman who is willing to step right up to the plate, but she's not a dominatrix.  She enjoys bringing out the lusts and kink in her partners, and is just as likely to find herself in the submissive position in bed, though it may be something she pushed her partner into.  She is bisexual, polyamorous.  Indeed she's amoral, she doesn't really care what happens to those around her as she pursues her passions, and doesn't really think other people should as well.  We could encounter her in many lines, whether it's sparking an affair in an otherwise straight and narrow guy, tempting a woman into a femme affair, unleashing the rough and abusive animal in a man who didn't think he had it in him, etc, etc.

lips and thorns

Nuggets that aren't quite fleshed out yet:

I'd like to do something that is set in an exotic location (for me, I'm in the U.S.), and that the play involves that somehow.  Thailand, Russia, Europe, Africa.  I haven't quite found the thing, but something that builds from that sense of place.

Well, along with the below more specific description, I'm interested in doing more historical play. It could be actual historical settings, or sort of alternative history settings.  For the most part what I'm intrigued by is translating some play that would normally be modern into another time, so for example some of the prompts i have here transplanted to the '50s, to the '30s, to the 1600s, whatever. 

I'd like to do something historical, probably Victorian era.  Something that combines a realistic sense of the time (without being a history paper) with a high level of kink.  I find most historical stuff is romantic.  I'm thinking something along the lines of Victorian era characters, but involved in some sort of terribly perverted sex club, kinks we think of as modern and dark happening in those chambers and under that elaborate dress.

I do like playing with the concepts of dark fae and succubi.  However, I find it's horribly overdone, and I'm not likely to work something out unless it really just clicks with somebody along those lines.

I'm particularly thinking of some WWII era play.  One vague idea - a woman among the girls shows which toured to the soldiers' stations.  Attractive young women and a whole island of desperate young men.  Armies moving through Europe and the people already living there.  It still needs a twist to intrigue me, I'm allergic to vanilla, but I'm thinking on this topic.

Twisted fairytale roles.  Either a darker, grittier version of the tale, or some sort of modern retelling.

Church based perversions.  Catholic school gone wrong, the twisted convent, that sort of thing.

I would love to play some male characters, in similar kind of roles as I otherwise like. 

Trailer park perversions.

Celeb play.  Could be anything, perhaps using one of my other story prompts.  Also I'd like to do a celeb line as Christina Aguilera.  It actually wouldn't have to be a celeb line, could be just using her as the PB.  Just browsing through some of her unabashedly slutty outfits.  We would have to work something up, but it would involve her as a wanton, kinky woman who relishes dirty sex.  Groups, bondage, fetish gear, anal, cumplay, exhibitionism and costume play.

University shenanigans - a student drawn in by a powerfully charismatic, but perverted, professor, feminists exposed, a secret club of professors who share their toys

Secret societies, anonymous sex clubs, a sexual underground.

Medical scenes.  A doctor whose diagnostic tests are rather more intimate than normal. Controlling doctors, a perverted clinic, that sort of thing.

lips and thorns

There all spruced up.  Please private message me to keep this clean.

My current interests are:

Something to do with the Sex and Candy character, I have some ideas of multiple characters and scenes focusing on her.

A variation on the Secret Darkness role, I'm particularly thinking of a faux-celeb with a goody two-shoe image and a very different set of desires.

lips and thorns

I am in the mood for something much more plot and character heavy than my ideas above suggest.  I'm very picky about these kind of stories, so forgive me.  But I'd like to do something with rather detailed characters, psychological realism, but can be supernatural.  I like sophisticated twists on things: victorian magic rather than medieval fantasy, modern fae, alternative history, etc.  It could also be modern but with interesting character or settings or plot.  I like a serious or dark tone generally, not goofy. 

Magic - arcane arts, lots of idols and old tomes and artifacts.  Chthulhu, mystery/horror.

Vampires - it has to be very, very intriguing - i like the darkness and immortality though.

Spies - Covert intrigue

Stage magicians, carnival, etc.

'70s, swinging, clubs, orgies

Life of a new pornstar

Hopefully I will flesh some of these out as I get time, but I don't want to restrict things at this point.

lips and thorns

Alice Finds Wonderland

This is a modern magic realist take on Alice and Wonderland.  Alice is a real, normal young woman.  She follows someone one day down some steps into a sublevel door in the city.  Once inside she finds herself somewhere strange where anything seems to go.  The adventure is one of surreal sexual perversion and much else.  Characters she finds there may resemble characters from the book, but in a translated fashion, that seem to exist somehow in this modern urban environment.  Drugs, bondage, fetish, surrealism.  Can involve males and females, group sex.  I even can see some sort of anthro working in this though I don't normally do that.

lips and thorns

The Summoning - Historical

So, read the Summoning prompt above.  I enjoy playing a creature of lust, demoness or goddess, something which we'll nail down (hah).  The creature is summoned to this plane but underestimated.  She has the power to warp the needs and desires of mortals, her summoner finding their sexual nature increased a thousandfold and warped in deliciously deviant ways.  The story would be that, as well as the summoner now setting out in teh world touched by this taint of lust.  The succubus herself would be doing the same, perhaps creating a sort of cult, somehow spreading her web of lust out into the populous.

The twist here is that while I find this sense of decadence often falls flat in the modern world I think it would work wonderfully in a less decadent time.  I'm thinking of perhaps the '40s, a time when a secret cabal of deviant sex would be much more scandalous.  Perhaps turn of the century, or Victorian times, a time when dabblers in magic seem much more in place.  I"d love to play with the arcane magic angle too, with a Victorian vibe or maybe in a '40s setting with a sort of Cthulhu type vibe to it.  Other historical settings perhaps too, somewhere where that sort of modern decadence seems even more shocking.

lips and thorns

Quite a few updates above.  I've got to get all my thoughts down.  I am very busy though, so don't feel bad if I don't have the time right now.

lips and thorns

Eastern European Vacation

Really this could be set in any number of places.  A woman goes vacationing, perhaps backpacking through Europe, perhaps with others/with a boyfriend and gets separated, or alone.  But along the way she gets taken ... I don't want to say into white slavery, as I'm not interested in a slave angle.  But along the way she will find herself stripping, doing sex shows, prostituted, and starring in any number of amateur porn videos making their way to the Web.  If that's not enough for us we can follow the implications when she finally makes her way back to her regular life.  Obviously meant to be filled with kink, rough, dark stuff, but as I say not a cliched slave role.

lips and thorns

Egyptian Intrigue

I would like a game set in Ancient Egypt, or a setting having that essential feel but not necessarily sticking strongly to historical accuracy.  It would be a game of intrigue - a perhaps foreign bride brought to the Egyptian courts to marry into power.  However, it is not just her future husband she must deal with there.  There would of course be the sadistic eunuch. There would be jars of oils for your body, and drugged potions she must imbibe.  There would be cults, groups holding decadent orgies behind secret doors.  She would be a pawn, and a sport, for others of power at court.  She would be at the mercy of servants, or use them in her own games as she schemed for a place in this society.  This would be a setting and character rich story then, with lots of intrigue and dialogue, yet seeped in this sort of decadent lust.

lips and thorns

Swinging Out of Control Taken for now

A story centering around two couples, one getting into swinging, one experienced.  The experienced couple have a dark edge to them, enjoying dragging this new couple into not just swinging, but into decadence, dark desires and kink.  They push their boundaries past where they are comfortable, coming between the two as well.  It could be multiple players, but probably just two, perhaps I play both females, you both males.  The story would follow this couple both in their initial attraction and joy of swinging to the point of getting in over their head, and then losing control completely.

lips and thorns

Updates to plots above.

I'm particularly interested in doing something like Diary of an Amateur Porn Star, telling the story of how one woman finds her way into the porn world. 

Also interested in hearing ideas for any of the other open ideas.  There's quite a number I haven't tried yet.  I am more interested in the more submissive roles at the moment.

lips and thorns


Sasha Grey.  Not my favorite pornstar, but the only one that makes me say, "I've got to play her."  I would be interested in playing a realistic RP based on her.  So yes, it would be a sort of 'life of a pornstar' play, but very particularly about Sasha, or at least how I conceive of her and would play her. To my mind that means a sort of non-silicone based, filthy, realistic theme to the play.  She strikes me as someone who really enjoys hot, dirty sex, yet has a very sharp business mind about her.  Play would involve a fictious version of both her personal and professional life with multiple characters on your end.


What if ... What if Sasha never became a porn star.  But what if that same clever, perverted girl was someone else.  A girl in class, the neighbor, some regular Jane that you wouldn't expect could be so, well, dirty.  I think Sasha Grey could lend herself to various more fictitious scenarios, building on that personality and look.  Take a look at this picture and say it doesn't give you some ideas ...

Transplanting the character out of the porn world and into other scenarios, keeping her personality and interests.  A lot of possible directions there.

lips and thorns


I was rather struck by an article making the rounds of the blogosphere lately regarding the sex life of Vivien Leigh.  It seems the famous actress was perhaps bipolar, and among other symptoms seemed to suffer from nymphomania.  She not only wore her husband down to the bone, but went out to seek anonymous sex from strangers, including a particular spot in LA where she could find men willing to service her without flapping their mouths.  Later in her life she suffered intense electroshock therapy to deal with her problem.  However, earlier the Hollywood lifestyle catered to her, plenty of parties, drugs and willing sexual partners.

I'd love to play a RP based around a Hollywood starlet, if not Ms. Leigh herself, from that time period.  It would include these issues of mental illness, nymphomania, decadent Hollywood parties and characters.  It might include as well the milieu of the mental hospital of the day if that interests you.

lips and thorns


I have a few therapist-centered roles in mind.  One strong idea is that of a manipulative therapist and a nymphomaniac patient.  She perhaps has had sex addiction problems or nymphomania, or some other sexual issues that bring her to therapy.  The therapist seems to be trying to help her, but in fact uses his knowledge about her to further her sexual depravity instead of preventing it.  This would require a partner willing to play multiple characters, as the majority of the game would not involve the therapist actually taking an active role in the sex.  He would stay behind the scenes, but use his information to set up situations which he knows she will stumble into.  For example he may tell other men about her proclivities and arrange to have them "meet" her at a bar or online, at a club.  He would nudge and guide things outside of the office to cause her to stumble into situations where she can't resist her addictions.  This could involve all varieties of kink and sex.

There is possibility for other therapy roles as well.  A female therapist with an aggressive male patient who takes advantage of her.  Or a therapist similar to the above who takes a more direct approach to controlling his patient's sex life, "curing" her sex addiction by only allowing her to act it out under his touch or supervision.

lips and thorns


I have a vague idea to be developed with the right partner, centering around a university professor and a student (undergrad, grad, perhaps even junior professor).  The professor is himself a student of debauchery.  While maintaining a professional facade, he in fact is involved in a great deal of deviant practices, sexually.  And indeed he is perhaps a ringleader of several men, other professors perhaps, who enjoy sharing their 'finds'. 

What they enjoy finding is willing women, of all sorts, but the choicest price is of course an attractive student.  One he can mold into an exquisite slut, willing not only to perform all sorts of unseemly deeds, but to be shared and to perform. 

This is the basic concept: a somewhat cold, domineering pervert of a professor and a woman who is not unwilling but perhaps unschooled in these ways.  What I want to avoid is cliches, the professor/student is told ad nauseum, and I'm not looking for the girl who wants better grades, or for yet another "professor has sex with student in his office" scene.  And while I hope for this to be debauched and intense, I want to enjoy the more cartoony "slut" character.  I prefer something more realistic, psychological, while at the same time very kinky.

I'm willing to play either character in this.  This player taking on the professor will be required to play multiple characters over the course of the game, with both players taking some part in directing the others.

lips and thorns


I would love to play a line that has something of the feel of these stories that I love:

They chronicle a very sexually confident, aggressive woman who goes out and gets what she wants.  Not really in a dominant way, but an aggressively seductive one, taking often what should be a submissive position but telling the men what it is they will get.  She occasionally gets the tables turned a bit as well.  I'm not sure exactly what story this would tell, but the character concept appeals to me.


This might simply be an add-on to one of the other story ideas, but I am attracted to the idea of a coupling between an older man and a young woman.  The older the better really, and I find this isn't something that crops up in play much.  Despite the title this would not likely be a family role, and would not be romantic.


Parts of this are blatantly cribbed from an idea I saw elsewhere on E.  But I love the concept of a sordid and semi-supernatural tale.  It's of a girl who saw too much, who has been touched by something ... else.  She disappears or spends some time in an asylum.  She returns changed, not quite there, becoming a plaything of the college boys and older men who find there's nothing they can do to shake her up.  It seems she attracts negative sexual energy, and more.  The game could continue with her returning to the asylum, or going elsewhere.  But it would play with horror concepts, the idea that she doesn't really know what's real - it seems there are dark forces toying with her, yet she can never really be sure - is that just that man or is there something behind his eyes.  Asylum play could have all the usual kinks of bondage, torture and rough sex, with the addition of subtle supernatural elements, as well as flashbacks to her past.

lips and thorns


A woman on travels for business or pleasure gives in to a secret interest in exhibitionism.  It begins perhaps with toying with those who watch her, revealing herself, on through public acts of masturbation and beyond.  Soon she finds herself allowing strangers in a foreign land to touch her, the public play, the dalliances with strangers all exhilarating to her.  She finds herself on a slippery slope with little willpower to stop as she perhaps begins to take money to allow herself to be used, to be watched, to entertain.  She winds up performing in videos, sure that none of this could ever get back to her real home.  Here she can be someone else.


This concept was inspired by this series of stories. The essence is a gang of women, headed by one particularly enthusiastic and dominant leader.  They're sex-obsessed sluts, but that doesn't mean they're going to get taken advantage of.  They use the power of their numbers, their reputation, and what they have to offer to call their own shots.  Sure, perhaps what they want is to get gangbanged in a biker bar, but that will be their choice, and they know the right guys to call, guys who aren't going to screw up what they've got with this crew by getting out of line.  A combination of aggressive, dominant women with girls getting used like true sluts, no submissive males need apply.  The male characters will vary from those who get taken advantage of by these hungry gals, or those who want to lay a true fucking on a slut.  Females will include members of the gang, who can range in any type and sexual interest, from complete subs to cruel dommes. 

The setting could vary greatly.  These could be punk young girls living in a city, they could be college students keeping up a very professional facade.


This is more of a one shot, or series of one shots.  I love the idea of a sex club, particularly if not done in a terribly cliched way.  I love the concept of a place people go where all pretenses are dropped.  Casual sex is expected.  This could be a simple club where people can go, knowing they can find what they're looking for in the dark corners, no questions asked.  Or it could be a more explicit sex club with the devices and rooms one would expect.  The one shot would simply be exploring what one or two characters would do in such an environment.


I have the vague idea of a hotel where perversions are more the norm than usual.  Run by a staff who allow or encourage such things, you may find exhibitionists orgies or more in its various rooms.  I'm looking for a certain mood here - not an over the top Sex Hotel, but an Old World place with creaking floorboards, formal staff, and a veneer of respectability and something darker underneath.

lips and thorns


I see a vision of a mother caught up in a web of adultery, a woman who likes kinky things even if she thinks she shouldn't.  Part of the story is of this cheating woman, the lengths she'll go to for pleasure.  Another part is when perhaps things go a bit too far, she meets a man who pushes her and then pushes a bit further.  Her daughter is fully grown now, and one way or another she becomes a part of the game too.  Perhaps the mother likes it rough and her lover decides her daughter will too.  She's let things go so far with a dominant man she can't quite stop it now.  This is more likely to lean towards a non-con or coercive roleplay than to be the tale of two sluts.  It could include lesbian incest or not, depending on what we choose.


I don't have a lot to go here yet, I just find this picture intriguing and arousing.  A sexy woman who's got herself in a good deal of trouble.  This is not prison play, I don't think, so would most likely have to do with her life on probation or parole.

lips and thorns


Sure, it's an old chestnut, but I'd enjoy doing something with the theme of a high end prostitute.  This could mean an expensive escort service for the wealthy and powerful, girls being whisked on limousines and jets to resorts or hotels, clandestine meetings with those with powerful lusts.  Or it could be a woman entering the field on her own, following a series of connections to serve traveling businessmen or the wealthy by word of mouth.  The story would most likely be a woman new to the business.  Perhaps she enters it for the money or the thrill, or maybe she has needs, an itch that gets scratched best by selling herself.  Perhaps she gets the strangest customers because she does things the others won't, or maybe she finds herself doing more than she expected an expensive whore to have to do.