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Author Topic: Overnight Billionaire [Multi-character, up to Bon]  (Read 693 times)

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Overnight Billionaire [Multi-character, up to Bon]
« on: August 11, 2010, 12:32:38 AM »
So this is a game that has been bouncing around in my head for a bit. Here's the premise:

Donnie Zimmermann, 22 years old, Billionaire playboy. Raised by foster parents, unaware that his biological father was one of the most successful businessmen in Europe and CEO and primary shareholder of Europe's most successful holdings company, Zimmerman International Holdings. He was thrust in to the spotlight eight months ago, when his dying father, Henry Zimmermann, summoned him to his deathbed to bequeath him his entire fortune.

At first, Donnie went in to hiding, trying to cope with this new, fantastical life he found himself in. Then, as he became settled, he started to have fun. When you own a multi-billion dollar enterprise, spending thousands of dollars on end does little to dent ones wallet.

At first, it was buying up mansions, villas, and high-rises across the world; in the Rockies of Canada, the heart of Italy, the Swiss Alps, the Tunisian coast, Istanbul, Hong Kong. You name it; he probably has a place there. Then it was furnishing those properties with the best of the best.

After he was sufficiently equipped, like any good billionaire playboy, he began to hit the social scenes of the elite. He rubbed shoulders with politicians and porn stars, actors and artists, all in such a short time. It wasn't long before he realized his money attracted people.

Some might find it insulting to be lusted after for the sole reason of being rich. Not Donnie. He had always been a horn dog, doing everything short of paying for a woman. If all he had to do was flaunt his cash a bit to get a fine looking woman to suck him off while her friend played with his balls, than why the fuck not?

Donnie had always looked good. He wasn't a paragon of masculinity, but he was good enough to get laid when he really tried to. Hiring a cadre of personal stylists and trainers pushed him that extra step from 'good looking' to 'great looking'. It just made women want him even more.

Each weekend was parties in some big cosmopolitan city, while the week was spent lounging in some exclusive spot with a little harem of fuckbunnies all too willing to be Donnie's personal sluts with all the gifts he could give them. Eventually, that too got boring. He began to seek more prolific game. He started out with porn stars, going to industry parties, flirting with the girls that looked the hottest, and making a big show of it.

Getting the big star of the day to suck him off in front of everyone was the first front-page tabloid moment for Donnie. He found that, after it hit newsstands, he just got more and more attention from all the pretty little toys. The more outrageous he acted, the more he got in the tabloids and the more women he had drawn to him.

Soon enough, wherever he went, some paparazzi fellow was on his tail. When he moved on to movie starlets, he got more attention. Within a few months, all the entertainment talk shows were talking about him as much as they talked about actual stars. It was gold for Donnie. He thrived on the exposure.

His lifestyle is catching up with him, though. A few lawsuits that have been settled out of court and his own body starting to lag behind him have made him back off his endless pursuit for fun. He still goes to the 'it' parties and picks up young women, but not with the same single-minded zeal he did a few months earlier. He's spending more time with the few real friends he has, and generally recuperating.

Now, ready to get back in to the swing of things, he's going to the biggest party of the year, where he finds your character, the absolute knock out [insert name here]. Actress, model, singer, philanthropist, she does everything. And like all hot blooded men, Donnie wants her.

She has crafted an image of business-like efficiency and professionalism, due to her manager, but her own personality is much like Donnie’s. The spotlight is hers, and she loves attention. She recently dropped her manager for a new, much more liberal one, and is out on the prowl, looking for some fun. She spots Donnie, and, like everyone in the business, knows that Donnie Zimmermann=press. So, when he comes on to her, she goes with it. He's hot and young and sure to give her a good time, and she's been looking for that thing to get her out of her manager-imposed social funk.

What neither Donnie nor [insert name here] can bank on is the fact that the two seem to genuinely get along and enjoy each other's company, and become fast 'friends with benefits'. More and more often the press sees Donnie and [insert name here] together in some exotic locale, and more rumours are flying around, some of them true, most of them not, although both of them revel in every dirty, completely absurd suggestion, and many of the rumours inspire the two to try them out.

We can start the RP at the party, or sometime later, it's up to you.

Now, I'm aware that it's almost unheard of for someone to have certain designs for your character already, but the entire idea spawned from the photos of model Dana Hamm, and so she would be the physical reference for your character. As for the character's personality, what I've stated above is the only part that I will create. Beyond those two facts, the character is yours.

Now, please don't think I'm so draconian in my RPs, I'm really not. I hate when I get a one-sided story where I'm the only one driving the action. I love it when I get a curve ball thrown at me that I didn't see coming.

PM/post here with any interest and questions! I'll post a mini-idea to give you even more of an idea of what I'm envisioning. EDIT: And here's the mini-scene.


Donnie looked down at his phone, laughing to himself at what he saw. It was his contacts list, and any Tom, Dick and Harry could point out most of the names in it; Rhianna, Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney... The list went on and on.

“Donnie, love, stop playing with your phone and come here,” the sexy, bubbly voice of his newest conquest echoed in the large suite he had rented. He met her at a party. The minute he had laid eyes on her, he was determined to fuck her by the end of the night.

He had seen her on the internet, of course. Leanne Crow was an up and coming pinup model, destined for great things with that pretty face and those absolutely massive tits. Being a ‘tits man’ himself, Leanne’s 32 J knockers gave him an instant erection.

It took a bit of serious game to get in to her circle, though. She was wary of any man who came on to her, especially Donnie. Persistent as he was, he convinced her he was a nice guy just looking for some company.

A bit of chivalry in the beginning, warding off the lecherous men who tried to cop a feel, and offering her and her friends any drink they wanted warmed Leanne up to him, and half way through the night he had his arm draped over her shoulder as she let him get a good eyeful of her impossibly deep cleavage. As the party really got going and Leanne and her friends were all greased up with expensive drinks, he got his first handful of her tits.

By the end of the night, he was happily exchanging spit with her as she straddled his waist, grinding in to his crotch as they happily wrestled tongues, his hands groping her freely as her friends watched on in shock.

Two hours later and here they were, Leanne laying naked on his bed, her impossible tits trying their best to defy gravity as she played with herself.

“Coming,” Donnie said, putting his phone down on a black table before sauntering, naked, in to the large bedroom, looking down at the woman.

“Holy shit,” Donnie managed, seeing Leanne in all her naked glory.

She laughed, hefting her tits in her hands and squeezing them hard. “You like them? Most men do,” she giggled in her lovely accent.

“Oh, fuck yes I do,” Donnie husked, climbing on to the bed, crawling on top of Leanne and planting a searing kiss on her lips, before travelling to her tits, kissing sucking and biting her engorged nipples, seeming puny on the massive expanse of titflesh.

Leanne bit her lip as she shifted her hips, catching Donnie’s cockhead against her folds, grinding against it, his cock head running along her shaved slit.

“Play with them all you want, Donnie, but don’t forget about the rest of me,” she moaned, gripping Donnie’s hair and pulling his face in to her cleavage.

Donnie, gorging himself on her tits, simply moaned in response, shifting his hips, his teeth gritting as his thick cock pushed through Leanne’s resistance, dipping in to her hot, wet cunt.

“Holy shit,” Leanne hissed, bucking her hips at his cock, forcing more of it in to her. “Fucking big.”

Grinning, Donnie pulled away from her tits, licking each nipple once before forcing his tongue down Leanne’s throat, starting up their fuck session with long, slow, forceful thrusts in to her tight cunt, eliciting a string of obscenities and panting moans from the busty model.

The woman proved to be a very horny girl, keeping him busy early in to the morning, never allowing Donnie’s cock to be left alone for more than a moment, begging him to fuck every one of her holes until they both collapsed from exhaustion, Leanne humming happily as she felt Donnie’s cum trickling down the valley of her tits, seeping out from her cunt and ass, and dripping down her chin.

Donnie smiled to himself at the experience, drifting off to sleep, aware that he’d do it all again soon enough. Maybe he’d head to Germany, hunt down that new model Jordan Carver and take her for a spin. She’s supposed to be at a publicity party in a week, or so Leanne says.
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Re: Overnight Billionaire [Multi-character, up to Bon, 'episodic']
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2010, 01:23:58 PM »
Update: Completely re-wrote the opening post with a more coherent plot and a more detailed idea. Please post with any interest!

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Re: Overnight Billionaire [Multi-character, up to Bon]
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2010, 02:28:49 PM »
Update: Added the mini-scene.