2 Guys Needed for M/M/M/F Gangbang [NC]

Started by Nathan Malreaux, August 10, 2010, 04:09:04 PM

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Nathan Malreaux

Hey fellas.

Here's the scene.

Three guys break into a house to rob it. The wake up the young, happily married couple upstairs, and things get hot. The husband is shot down, and after some deliberation, the trio decides to rape the wife.

Acid Lips is going to play the innocent wife who is gangbanged.
I'll be playing one of the bad guys.
The husband will be an NPC due to his short game life.

Anyone up for this?
Send me a PM or reply to the thread. I'll be waiting.

Acid Lips

yep yep hope to get some answers from this.

Scotty Rage

Hmm, are we talking full non-con or pseudo-rape where she starts out unwilling but turns out to enjoy it in the end?

Nathan Malreaux


Hey there guys (and girl). I'd certainly be up for this as a NC scene, sounds like a fun idea :-D

Would this be a PBP or I.M roleplay? I can do either.