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August 16, 2022, 12:13:23 pm

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Author Topic: Futents request thread!  (Read 724 times)

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Futents request thread!
« on: August 10, 2010, 10:11:38 am »
Hey there everyone! I'm newly approved and eager to get started!

So without further ado let's get some basics outta the way first.

As you can maybe guess from my name, my absolute favourites are Futanari and Tentacle ^_^
I can play male, female or futa characters, and I tend to prefer playing the more submissive character. This means that when it comes to Tentacle, I play the victim. I'm really no good at playing the tentacles I'm afraid >< Hope ya don't mind!
Next main thing is that I only, and I cannot stress this enough, I only roleplay via Threads. I don't roleplay via PM's or IM's. I don't have any IM programs, and PM roleplays are too difficult to keep track of. It's much easier to use the search function and keep track of threads in which I am an author.
Post length, I'm not picky. If you want/need to write a novel, please feel free. If you want/need to write a single line, feel just as free. Sometimes a single line is all that comes, so I'm cool with that. I'll try to give as much as I can to you, so let's just do what we can and have fun.

Now, that's the boring stuff outta the way, let's get to some kinks!
(I tried once to make an F-List. I spent nearly an hour selecting everything, then on clicking submit it decided to log me out and lose everything. I'm not spending that long for it to screw up again, so if you don't see something you like listed below, just ask!)

Fetishes I like
(This is by absolutely no means a comprehensive list, far from it in fact. These are just some favourites)
Risk of Pregnancy/Pregnancy
M-Preg (REALLY wanna try this. I've never actually done it and it seems rare that someone's willing)
Demons/Angels/Other mythical creatures
Macro Breasts
Macro Cocks
Excessive Cum/Belly inflation

Aswell as the above, I'll do much much more. Just ask if you have something you'd like to do!

The few fetishes that I will NOT do

Fandom Roleplays I'll do
(When it comes to fandom roleplays, I love 'crack' pairings. Ones that people don't usually think of or do, like Sakura/Chouji or Tatsuki/Byakuya etc etc. Don't get me wrong, I like the more traditional pairings too but I love it more when things are mixed up a little)
I also enjoy crossovers, so if you fancy a Naruto character paired with a Bleach character or something, let me know and maybe we can work out some kind of crazy plan on how it can happen XD

Naruto (Most any pairing, but I wont do pairings involving Kakashi, Gai, Lee, Sai or Iruka. I've nothing against the characters, for some reason I just don't like using them in roleplays)
Shaman King
Sailor Moon
Star Wars (But OC's only. No canon characters beyond off-hand references)
Star Trek (As above, OC's only. Canon characters only in references)
Pokemon (Humans or Pokemorphs, it's all good. Canon or OC's welcome)
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Plot 1 - Alternate Universe Naruto
Basically, I have a basic idea for a Naruto themed roleplay, preferably involving canon genin characters, but can involve OC's should you desire. For male Jounin characters however, OC's are preferred. The idea basically goes as thus,

Basically, things are normal until the students graduate as Genin, but then they're told the truth about the ninja world. It's actually a world of sexual battles, where all different manner sexual jutsu are used to defeat your opponent. Kunoichi have to use their bodies as weapons, whilst male ninja have to learn to take advantage of women however they need to.
Our ninja squad can consist of either three female genin and a male or female Jounin (though I'd prefer a male Jounin to be an OC rather than Kakashi or Asuma), or two female genin and one male genin, along with a male or female jounin (again, a male Jounin would preferably be an OC). I would like to play two or three of the genin, whilst I'd like you to play the Jounin. We can share opponents. Given that these are going to be new Genin, the characters will start out being about 13 years old, though they may grow older as the roleplay progresses (or even in other ways)

Pretty basic, but we can develop it more if you're interested.

Now I want this roleplay to involve a lot of things like Futanari (Especially when forced onto regular girls), Tentacles, Transformation (Pretty much any kind of transformation really), Pregnancy, M-Preg, Oviposition, Rape, Yaoi, Yuri, Excessive Cum (to the point of belly inflation) and all kinds of other kinky things. So if you're only into 'normal' sex, this one isn't for you. Of course there can be some normal sex and even some romance thrown in there aswell, but the overall world is a sexually kinky place.
I'd also like for you to be playing any tentacles. Whilst I love being a tentacle victim, I'm terrible at playing the tentacles themselves, and tend not to enjoy playing as them for some reason.

Obviously, with so many different kinks to come into play, this roleplay will likely be at least semi-longterm, and can easily develop something of a larger plot and sub-plots in amongst all the smut.

Plot 2 - Online Game
Basically, my character is a typical geek. He's a little overweight, he wears glasses, he has no friends and he spends every waking moment reading or playing video games. However all that is about to change, at least in the virtual world. A new online game has come out, a new game that completely immerses the player, quite literally, through the use of a special headset that puts the player into the game, allowing them to see, hear, smell and even feel things as if they were really within the virtual world. Normally the players character is based on their real body, though with tweaks for the online game setting, including the options to adjust height, weight and other basic features.
However it seems that when my character logs on something goes terribly wrong. There is some kind of surge due to a bug in the system, and when my character awakes he finds something's not quite right. Firstly, Instead of being within the starting area of the game the boy finds himself in one of the more high level areas he has no hope of surviving in. Secondly, his body is very wrong. Instead of the muscular, tall male body he had created, he finds himself in the body of a woman! Perhaps worst of all though is that when my character attempts to leave the game, he finds himself unable to do so....he's trapped!

He soon finds things aren't going to get any better. Whatever safeguards that prevent players from feeling excessive pain in the world don't seem to be working for him, and he quickly realises that if he dies in this virtual world...he'll die in the real world aswell! And so my character must learn to survive....perhaps with the help of your character. Or will your character be someone that takes advantage and torments the poor geek?

This is a roleplay that I again imagine having the potential to involve many kinks. It could involve futa, tentacles, monsters, bestiality, non-humans, anything you want.
The game world can also be whatever we'd like. It could be fantasy like Warcraft, or perhaps more Sci-Fi like Star Wars or Star Trek. Anything is possible in this virtual world!

So if you're at all interested, even if you didn't see something listed, let me know!
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Re: Futents request thread!
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2010, 11:14:41 am »
I am definitely interested! I would love to discuss some ideas with you. :)

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Re: Futents request thread!
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2010, 12:22:56 pm »
Hmm.  This looks like something that could potentially be quite fun.  Count me as interested. ^^ I might have an idea or two, if you'd like to discuss things with me.