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Author Topic: Drow and Deviance [M or F wanted!]  (Read 530 times)

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Drow and Deviance [M or F wanted!]
« on: August 09, 2010, 05:41:59 am »
First, I'm interested in either male or female players, regardless of the gender of their characters.

Second, I'd prefer it if people find it within themselves to at least try for proper grammar and such.  I'm not perfect.  No one is.  But it'd be greatly appreciated (see?  Just began a sentence with 'but') if you're at least putting out a genuine effort to write with style and grace.  You don't need to be some amazing master of prose, but some effort at description and imagination is highly adored.  Most people on Elliquiy fit the bill, but if you're a one or two liner poster, please look elsewhere.

Third, I'm totally open to suggestions or ideas!  If you have any notions about anything, feel free to PM and we'll talk it over!  I'm 100% happy to play over either forums or PM, though since this is in the forums section...

Edit: Almost forgot.  I'm 100% fine playing male or female sides to the RP.

Alright, you love them or you hate them.  Drow.  Dark Elves.  Ebon (... or vaguely green / purple / blue / brown tinted depending on the artist) skinned elves who lurk beneath the surface, engaging in an eternal, chaotic dance of intrigue and bloodshed among their own kind, tempered only by the persistent thread of a myriad of horrors who share the infinite sprawl of caverns and passageways.

The Surface Raid Gone Awry

The hunter has become the hunted.  Perhaps it was a jealous, younger sister sabotaging her moment of glory.  Perhaps it was random, ill fortune.  Perhaps it was a sheer miscalculation, but a powerful female from the depths has suddenly found herself on the run from the very people she sought to plunder for slaves and sacrifices to the Spider Queen.  The sole cave that leads back to the Underdark is under guard and watch by the humans, and both hounds and hunters are quick to follow her trail.  The vaulting sky above is a dizzying, infinite ceiling.  The sun forces her into whatever hiding places she can find from dawn to dusk.  Time is running short, and she has few options left.  Perhaps a nearly abandoned keep, perhaps a lone cabin... she has to find a place to hide.  With toned legs aching from her constant flight, she approaches the residence...

General theme: a drow female finds herself needed a place to hide.  A young human man or woman finds themselves intrigued, enchanted, or amused enough to take her in.  The plot could either be comedic, romantic (if played properly, given natural drow attitudes), or outright sexual.  How long she stays is up to you, depending on how long you care to continue the story.  For any sexual elements, either the drow or the human could be the forward party.


Alliance of Blood

Within a noble House, the death of a Matron Mother has created a sudden need for someone new to claim the head of the House.  The sisters are all worthy candidates for different reasons, and none has a clear advantage over their siblings.  Either the House Weaponsmaster or House Wizard suddenly finds themselves in a position of unusual strength for a male in drow culture.  Their favor could indeed tip the balance of power, but something must be done swiftly before other Houses move in to discreetly erase the family from existence, absorbing what is left into their own Houses.  Only in finding the favor of their male kin can a female climb to ascend and sit upon the throne of power.

General theme: Yes, this one probably involves incest to some degree if there's anything sexual involved... which knowing drow there probably is.

Tangled Webs, Twisted Bonds

On the outskirts of their territory, two drow patrols chance upon each other, and while subtle threats and smug insults are exchanged, the two bands are assaulted by a sudden force of their mutual enemies.  Perhaps svirfneblin, perhaps duergar, perhaps illithids.  In any case, it's soon realized that this is no mere raiding party.  An army marches on the city of drow!  Perhaps the lone survivors of the raid (though perhaps other drow survived), two drow females escape the carnage and realize that their only hope of survival - or warning their city - is to depend upon each other.  Can drow raised and bred to instinctively bicker and war with each other form an alliance of necessity long enough to ensure they have a future at all?

General theme: Fairly obvious.  Sexual elements would clearly be yuri by default, though simply playing two drow females arguing and scheming against each other would be highly amusing and enjoyable.  That, and the schemes two drow women could conceive is a frightening thought.


Festival of Spiders

It is said that Lolth walks in the form of a drow, now and again, and most specifically on her most holy of days.  Beautiful, desirable, and yet without apparent rank or House, this sinuous creature of utter perfection roams her cities and chooses Houses at random to visit.  To accept her into one's home and demonstrate proper appreciation is to be granted years of her favor.  To refuse or treat her poorly is to invite her wrath upon yourself and your kin, ultimately leading to a fate worse than death.  Worse still, to accept a pretender into one's House and tend to her as you would the Spider Queen is to make an affront to the jealous Lady of Chaos herself.

General theme: Naturally, the unthinkably beautiful drow in question is indeed an avatar of Lolth, though perhaps this time she offers the chance of her favor to someone as low on the social ladder as a Houseless drow male or female living alone, constantly under wary guard of others.  The Lady of Chaos works in mysterious ways, however, and though evil to the core... perhaps her mercurial sense of charity might fall upon the least fortunate of her children.  The better to remind her most powerful drow that her favor is not something granted by rank or lineage.  And yes, there might even be sexual delights with the Lady herself...
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