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Author Topic: Open Casting Call (M seeking writing partners)  (Read 409 times)

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Open Casting Call (M seeking writing partners)
« on: August 08, 2010, 11:08:31 am »
Hello everyone.  I am seeking writing partners for several RPs.  I maintain this list under my O/Os looking for the most current update or more information feel free to look there (links in my signature.) 

These are RP ideas which I have converted from short short fiction or story prompts.  Most are fairly developed but I will gladly modify them with input from another writer.   If prompts, I have indicated the origin, to give credit to those creative minds.  They differ from the bucket list in that I have a framed story arch for action and the traits of the characters.

The Collector
*  Title:  The Collector
*  Status:  Open (as of 08/08/2010)
*  Plot type:  Mystery, Time Travel
*  Characters:
** Julian Ochoa
** Unnamed
*  Plot Summary:  A Hispanic male in his mid thirties awakes in a basement of a broken building.  He has lost his memory.  From the objects found on or near his person, he determines his name to be Julian Ochoa.  His memory lost is limited to details of his person.  Information learned throughout his life such as drawing skills, his linguistic abilities and historical knowledge remain disconnected from the details of their acquisition.  He has two clues which may identify him in time.  A late 1930's Lange & Söhne watch, despite being a rare collector's item, he is able to recognize its make and history.  A hand made business card, marked with the mantra "In the end, there will always be Time", written in a delicate hand.  He starts a new life as an antiques collector, but is drawn subconsciously to an antiques store in Bizbee, Arizona.  There Julian finds two parts of his lost life.  A watch whose hands travel backwards and a woman.
* Origin: Developed from a response to a great writing prompt by Beguile's Mistress.  Original concept can be found here: My response

The Wager - Part 1
*  Title:  The Wager - Opening concept drafted here.  Suggestions and critics welcome.
*  Status:  Open
*  Plot type:  Steampunk Spy Suspense
*  Characters:
** Kaplan
** Deadly Angel
*  Plot Summary:  Kaplan, a spy for the company, lands his airship at the port of Kysyl-Chaja, on a mission to investigate the tyrannical Pirate Captain Tarkhan.  Kaplan wagers his ship for Tarkhan's beautiful and deadly companion.  To his surprise, the woman knows him.  Cover blown, they are forced to escape.
* Origin:  A back story for a character, now part of theSteampunk suspense on the menu at the [the.storyteller’s.café]. You can find the story as The Wager - Part 1

Tinker's Project
*  Title:  Tinker's Project - Opening concept drafted here.  Suggestions and critics welcome.
*  Status:  In Discussion
*  Plot type:  Post Apocalypse, Cyber/Bio-punk
*  Characters:
** Tinker - Human, genetic traits emerging through natural and cultural selection.  Technology biologically based augmented with salvaged mechanical knowledge.     
** Soldier - Human, genetically bread and augmented by technology to survive the harsh environment.  Technology based on cybernetics and advanced power. 
*  Plot Summary:  The future is shattered, humanity struggling for existence, its branches clashing.  One has cut out an existence through the use of bio-mechanics and salvaged knowledge of mechanics.  The other has used technology to adapt.   Two members of each meet at the edge of their war. 
* Origin: Sprung from a writing prompted provided by Beguile's Mistress.  Original concept can be found here: Beguile's Prompt and My response

Kireina Josei Dojo
*  Title:  Kireina Josei Dojo - Opening concept drafted here.  Suggestions and critics welcome.
*  Status:  Open
*  Plot type:  Feudal Japan
*  Characters:
** Teacher - Master of the Dojo.     
** Student - Young woman, newly admitted. 
** Assistant 1 - Woman in her late 20s (can be a played by a separate player or the Teacher).
** Assistant 2 - Woman in her late 30s (can be a played by a separate player or the Teacher).
** Apprentice - Male in his late 30s (can be a played by a separate player or the Teacher).
** Returning Graduate - Woman in her late 20s (can be a played by a separate player or the Student).
*  Plot Summary:  Writer’s notes:  The dojo is a finishing school for woman of rank where they are taught the finer points of seduction and pleasure.  The school incorporates many of the traditional geisha training aspects with a few exceptions.  Woman are admitted when they are of age and are graduated after a year.  They are assigned a onee-san (or older sister) who guides them through their training.  Young women are taught various skills of life in the court such as playing shamisen  (traditional Japanese instrument), the tea ceremony and dancing.  They are also taught seduction.  The other instructors, mostly female, encourage her sexuality, until she is readied for the master.  This is done through various techniques to include bondage and forced pleasure.  Her next stage is initiated when she is seduced by the Master.  The master then takes the student under his wing, where he teaches her the final lessons in releasing her self to pleasure and pleasing a man.
* Origin: A painting

The Saboteur
*  Title:  The Saboteur - Based on the Werewolf's or Gangster RP games.  Group of odd number players - number should be about 11 or higher to make the game last. Character background and description are created by the players.  GM will ask for specific roles to be filled in order to complete the town setting but they will not effect the assignments. Complete construct explained here.  Suggestions and critics welcome.
*  Status:  Open
*  Plot type:  Post apocalyptic
*  Characters: All roles to remain respectful of individuals On/Offs.
** The Mayor - GM/Moderator.  All decisions played by the mayor will remain suspect. 
** The Seer - One designated but to remain secret. Through RP can gain some clues as to the identity of the saboteurs.  He/she will likely not be believed for saboteurs will speak to "hinted knowledge" in order to hid their identity. 
** The Saboteurs - One to two, depending on number of players. These are to remain secret until discovered by the villagers.
**All the rest "The Town Folk" - Characters in the story who are to discover the Moderator or stand accused of being the Saboteurs.
** The Accused - Rotating role.  Player chosen by the group accused of being the saboteur. 
** The Interrogator - Rotating role.  Player chosen by the GM to interrogate the accused. 
*  Plot Summary:  Writer’s notes:  A small community is beset by disease, hunger and invaders.  There is conflict among many but all worked toward a shared goal survival.  That is until it became clear that there was a Saboteur among them.
* Broad concept: Setting made by the GM.  Characters developed by the players.  Roles chosen at random at the start.  Night turns will be moderated posted action by the saboteurs which will provide the content.  Day turns will consist of town meeting where town will openly accuse on of the players and may chose to provide reason via public post.  Votes can be changed based on information provide until "Tally" is called by the GM.  Secret ballot will be tallied by the GM.  GM will chose one "Interrogator" from the whole group.  With prompt by the GM, interrogator and accused will act out a scene.  Interrogator will then report to the mayor who will either place the individual into custody or release on judgement.  The accused will continue to play, stewing discontent, pleading their innocence and can be re-interrogated.  They can also be "broken out" by an individual member or "acquitted" by the group during voting.  Game play ends when both saboteurs are in custody and all innocents are released.
* Origin: Derived from the standard Werewolf game, see this The Werewolf Game for details.

These are the seeds of ideas, derived from various sources: from life, day dreams, other stories, art, etc...  I have placed them all here with little organization to explore and grow.  They may be underdeveloped or short prompts, but are intended to be developed as role plays or short stories.  My writer’s bucket list if you will.  I hope to come back to them, organize them in time, and perhaps even inspire a new thoughts.

1x1 - Character focused - Settings can vary based on RP desires.
* The Grade [BON] - A male student coerced to service his female Professor in order to make the grade. 
* The Professor [BON] - Female professor agrees to meet a male student to work on his writing.  She is attracted to him but is unprepared for his strong advances.
* The Visitor [BON - NC] - A friend spends a couple of nights at the home of a college friend.  She is introduced to the family and gets along well with the collage aged son who offers to show her the town.  He is a strong, dominant male and she finds herself unable to prevent the growing advances. 
*Spy Hunted [NC] -  He finds her beautiful this target of his.  He was put on her trail and had become penetrated most aspects of her life.  He watches her with growing fascination at her daily routine.  Unable to contain his desire, he sets a plan in motion to meet and take her.
*Tables Turned [NC] - Undercover as a merchant in a hostile country, he is given the mission to track her.  His surveillance penetrates all aspects of her life, or so he thought.  Following her into a night club, he is captured by her.  She interrogates him using her sexuality and his humiliation at an attempt to break him.  He escapes and the tables are turn.  What will he do to her now she wonders. 
* Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and Soldier [NC]- Dedicated NCO of high moral standard is seduced by a junior female enlisted.
* Junior Officer and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer [VAN]-  New officer (female) is given command of a reconnaissance platoon.  She is a strong, confident and competent leader.  Her platoon Sargent has no tolerance for his soldiers quips about the LT, providing support and training as is expected of him.  They are alerted and sent on a mission.  Over time their mutual respect is bond by more. 
* Angel on a mission (Angel/Mortal) [VAN-E] - A man is down on his luck, ready to jump of a bridge to end his life.  He has tied a rope around his waist attached to a cinder block to pull him under.  A blur flies past him, smashing into the water below, followed by a cry for help.  Without thinking he acts, removing the rope and rescuing a beautiful woman.  Little that he know, she was sent to rescue him.  Writer’s note: Derived from French film Angel-A.
* Death is kind (Ex angel and mortal) [VAN-E] - Death knocks but has pity on her subject. She provides him 1 day to complete his life.  His choices and her obligation drive the story. Writer’s note: Derived from great prompt by Mistress, see above.
* Obligation [BON-H/NC-H] - She arrived by steamship that morning and disembarked on the port unsure what she would find in the new city.  Her family, indebted to the Governor, had promised her services for a two year period as payment.  She knew he was a stern man, by which her parents talked of him, but knew little else about him or the tasks that she would perform.  He was dressed as his letter described and she had little trouble spotting him among the confusion.  He was flanked by a companion and a man that could only be a body guard. 

1x1 - Setting focused - The setting serves as the driver, characters can be added/modified as required.  They will likely lead to shorter stories due to their focus on location.  They can also be added to other RPs as scenes.
* Public Lust - Street [VAN or NC-H]: [Con] A couple is returning from a night now walking through the nearly empty streets of a city.  They stop to look at a store window display.  Unable to wait longer, they have sex there.
* Public Lust - Dance Club [VAN or NC-H]:  [Con] They meet at a crowded dance club.  Teasing develops into desire which leads to sex within that setting.
* In the Tower - In the Ruins - Micro fiction written about the best location and the memory of a lover.  Moved to the menu at the [the.storyteller’s.café].

.  Modifiable as required.
* The Labyrinth - Below the Castle Buda are two kilometers of tunnels which is one of the seven underground wonders of the world.  The cost of admittance was well worth it, with odd wine fountains and artistic displays.  He breaks away from the tour, travelling alone when he comes to a large man guarding an even larger door.  The guard would not answer his question about the place so he decided to return at night.  He makes his way into the exhibit again, hearing music in the direction of the door, he watches.  A small precession of visitors arrive, beautiful men and women, are let in.  He decides to risk it, stopping a young woman alone and asking if he could join her.  Little was he to know that she was the host of this strange party. 

Small Group - Character Focused:
* The Trainer [BON-H]:  The man stares at the young woman bound on the bed.  He started here in very much the same position, a discarded blight on society sentenced to death.  He has yet to be sure his second chance on life was worth it, surely his actions since will condemn him to hell.  The life as a weapon for the State or death was the choice as it soon will be hers.  Writer’s Note: La Femme Nikita from the trainers point of view.  Prompt could be one on one or combined with other candidates and trainers.
* Friend's Share [VAN-H]:  The two competent, intelligent and beautiful women grew up together.  They went to the same college, took jobs at the same company, even landed on the same team.  Both were delusions by the men that worked in their field, until their new boss arrived.  This average looking older man is a dynamic speaker, demanding leader, fantastic trainer.  He empowers his subordinates including these women to achieve new heights of success.  They revival to one another their fantasies which quickly become a shared goal, to seduce him.

Small Group - Setting focused: 
* The Succubus[VAN-H to BON-H] - Couple touring a European city walks by a brothel, on a lark they go in for a drink.  They sit in the back watching the girls dance, porn flashing on the walls around them, when they are approached by an beautiful woman.  She asks if she may join them, proceeds to seduce them both into a night of exploration.

Large Group- Character focused -

Large Group- Setting focused -
* The Saved [UN] - A small community band together to fight off the highway men and disease.  A young woman is rescued from the hands of these bandits during a salvage run.  She is not what she seems, and begins to sabotage the survival of the camp, using her sexuality and ruthlessness to shatter the once tight knit community.
* The Dead [UN] - Set in the alternate universe of World War Z (Max Brooks), the narrator follows several characters through their struggles.  Concept is GM would create the scene and players would take multiple roles to play them out.

Updated with one new story and some modification of older ones. - 08.09.10
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