Slightly New and Different Idea

Started by CriminalMinds, August 08, 2010, 11:08:30 AM

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Okay, so I have a lightly different idea from my usual ones. This one is more on the romance side, but that is not just want the story is about.

Paige fell in love with Ryan during her college years and they were still together when they graduated, planning a family and future together. Everything was prefect until Ryan gets killed in a car crash which also leaves Paige injured but alive.

Firefighters arrive and some work on getting Ryan out, while others work on Paige. Unknowingly, Ryan's older brother is one of the firefighter's helping Paige. He has no idea that Ryan was the driver and is dead until he gets back to the station that evening. After all, Ryan and his brother had a falling out years before over something stupid and had stopped talking.

At his brother's funeral he sees the girl he rescues and they get talking though he resents her at first for living, being the person to last see his brother etc... but soon he realises he likes her and wanting to sort out some of his brother's things he finds himself at her place. As they spend more and more time together, Paige trying to get over Ryan's death, she also starts to get feelings for his brother, someone who she slowly realises is a good friend after losing Ryan.

Surely though she can't move on to someone else not long after Ryan's death, and surely never his brother.

I was thinking of maybe having it so the families didn't agree. And Paige torn between feeling for the brother and what Ryan would think, as well as the pressure from both their families etc. Thought it would be fun to do something different though. I'm open to ideas so PM me or post here if interested :)