Eat your heart out--Aztec sacrifice ahead....[Extreme/vore?]

Started by Cecilia, August 08, 2010, 01:26:44 AM

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This is very sketchy but let's begin with the idea that the virgins sacrificed in ancient times at Teotihuacan  were treated quite well before their sacrifices--or relatively speaking.  They were fed and played with in an honorific sort of way.  However, they did not die in a virginal state.  Some say they were mated with the jaguar--a real god or?-- before being sacrificed...who's to say?  And, frankly, I don't realllllly care much about the historical accuracy.  I'm looking for dark ritual, hot rutting, and sacrificial blood.  Maybe we can work in a bit of utterly doomed romance.  I'm flexible about how the parts go on this, and am happy to work with someone on developing the details.  I'm craving dark, moody, and brutal.  Whether or not I'm inflicting the brutality is open--I can go either way on this one. 

PM me, please.