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Author Topic: A smattering of ideas (M looking for F or futa...)  (Read 462 times)

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Offline nobleXknightTopic starter

A smattering of ideas (M looking for F or futa...)
« on: August 07, 2010, 09:40:34 AM »
So it's been a while. And I would believe that my O&O list is somewhat out of date, so you might be better off with my Rabbit Hole ( But I'm really in the mood for some of the RPs below. I tend to like smut with some plot, or smutty plots *smirks*

I'm open to play via PM, messengers (YIM, AIM, MSN), e-mail, and maybe even the boards. Contact me if interested in any of these ideas...

~Forest of Lust~

This idea might even be suited for group play, but I figured I'd list it here. The short synopsis is that a spirit of lust has found its way into a medievel forest and has spread its influence among the inhabitants of the woods. The spirit has entrenched itself and now commands the transformed animals (think anthros) to bring it new worshippers. Villagers from the nearby village have been disappearing, and the local knights and wizards have been called to venture into the forest and rescue those that they can.

This idea offers a number of roles, although my preferred is to play a knight/wizard against one of the transformed members of the forest, who have suitable powers of persuasion granted them by the spirit of lust in the forest.

~Spy games~

The idea is that one of the more experienced spy/secret agents for the US government has been dispatched to Japan to investigate a drug cartel. The catch is that several agents have already vanished looking into the shady dealings of this organization, which appears to have established itself within the halls of one of Japan's most prominent casinos. The agent starts to look around, under the guise of a venture capitalist looking into some investment opportunities. Unfortunately, he's identified as being a secret agent by counter agents from the cartel. Instead of trying to dispatch him, they want to subdue him and obtain any knowledge he has. So they send in one of their newer weapons, a female agent with persuasive and hypnotic tendencies who has been capturing and turning agents into henchmen for the cartel.

Outside of the broad description of "female"(ish), "sultry", and "seductive", I'm open to what you have in mind. Perhaps she's not entirely human, bio-engineered or robotic (Fem bots? Hehe.) How she goes about her business and what tools/skills she has at her disposal are also up to you. Maybe hypnosis through a glittering pendant, or something slipped in the agent's drink. Or maybe something a bit more unconventional.

~Corporate Takeover~

Again, a scene with some mind control elements. I would play the CEO of an up and coming technology company. Your character would be interviewing for a position, with the true intention of gaining power/leverage in the company by wrapping the CEO around her finger. This can be a slow, deliberate process played out across multiple scenes, or it can all happen in the interview. Perhaps she uses blackmail, perhaps its outright enslavement. I'm willing to discuss details that could add some fun depth to the RP; perhaps she's a demoness that realizes the best way to gain power in the world is through corporations, and she's targeted this one.

Offline Lady Scythe

Re: A smattering of ideas (M looking for F or futa...)
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2010, 10:11:20 AM »
i'm interested :3

Offline nobleXknightTopic starter

Re: A smattering of ideas (M looking for F or futa...)
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2010, 05:43:40 PM »
A new plot has entered the arena!

~Succubus in Suburbia~

She just moved into the house in the cul de sac a few weeks ago. But ever since then, things in the neighborhood have been a bit...different. The women have been gossiping more than usual, and keeping a closer eye on their men. Men and boys alike, and even some women...their eyes always wandered to the new woman's house, in hopes of catching a glimpse. Seeing the mind-numbingly beautiful women who always had on perfect make up and exotic clothing. No one had seen a man enter or leave her abode yet...but they had missed the one young man who came by for a date and never left. You see, the new neighbor was a succubus...and she had plans to make herself a nice little playground in the neighborhood.

Looking for someone to play the succubus to my neighborhood denizens and perhaps a nosy cop or demon hunter...