Story-based Dragon Age Game/RP ((thinking of moving to Light))

Started by Dunnuck, August 07, 2010, 04:31:00 AM

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Here is the opening stuff:

Ok, people, so this is a dark fantasy RP based off the universe of the game Dragon Age. There are three races: Elf, Dwarf, and Human. For whatever race you choose, please refer a bit to for information. It is an easily navigable site that offers oodles of information. Make your character either in here or on the OOC thread :D

**Game and Expansion Spoilers**
After the blight, the Darkspawn retreated back to their underground homes. Without an Archdemon to rally and organize them, they were almost a force that could fade out of existence until the next Archdemon would arise. That was before the Architect, an intelligent Darkspawn, discovered that Grey Warden blood was the key to a Darkspawn version of the Joining. By drinking the blood of a Grey Warden, the Darkspawn could claim independence from the drive to awaken the Archdemon. They could formulate their own thoughts, views, and even talk. The Hero of Ferelden fell the Darkspawn Mother, sacrificing the city of Amaranthine to protect Vigil's Keep. The decision was an impossible one, but proved to be necessary as Vigil's Keep was key in battling the Darkspawn Mother.
The Hero of Ferelden, who at the time was Commander of the Grey, chose to trust the Architect, choosing to believe that, with free minds, the Darkspawn would not choose to cause another Blight. It was controversial and some claimed that the Commander of the Grey was an enemy of Ferelden, however Darkspawn attacks and Darkspawn presence in the Deep Roads seemed to dwindle. Whether this was the cause of the deal made with the Architect we may never know.
**End Spoilers**
Our tale begins in Nevarra, west of the Free marches. It was conquered long ago by Orlais, but claimed their independence sometimes after. As a result, there are those of Orlesian decent here. It is 9:39 Dragon, and a new terror, not of the Darkspawn, begins to arise. On the tongues of all from Ferelden to Anderfels, rumors surge. That there is a new evil, sweeping from Frozen Seas. They say it passed through Ferelden with terror. Dangerous weather conditions, villages disappearing completely, mysterious deaths, and Grey Wardens suddenly leaving the Order, without so much as a reason. King Allistair claims that nothing is amidst, but friends of the Grey Warden that fought at the Battle of Denerim reportedly claim otherwise.
As this presence passes through Ferelden and into the Free Marches, the people of Nevarra begin to grow fearful. Most pack their bags and make for Orlais, which is not an easy journey within itself. There is civil unrest, crime running crazy, religious naysayers, doomsayers, and the increased emergence of apostates that have fled the Tower in fear. People of Ferelden and the Free Marches have already begun to flee to Orlais, and some even as far as the ravaged lands of Anderfels. Others gather arms and prepare to defend their land, and some gather food and supplies to hold out in their homes when the time comes.
Fear of the unknown is the worst kind. It drives people mad, families apart.

So I am looking for people to partake in this story driven game/RP. If sex becomes present, then hell, it is welcome. It will have a romance sub plot, action, ect. Basically what you would see in the game except uncensored and an original story set within the universe.




I'm interested as well. I'd like to see what characters others will go for... I'm thinking a templar.


Its in the non adult section now, but I may move it if we get enough people. So feel free to jump in at any time.


link please

Edit: found it.