The wife needs to pay the debt( seeking male) (EX)

Started by Passion Pants, August 07, 2010, 01:28:40 AM

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Passion Pants

A nice simple one with many possible routes

I have a idea where a wife in her early thirties is struggling to repay a loan taken to cover hers/family debt
her husband may or may not know of the loan however she is starting to default on it.

The owner of the outstanding loan or her husband begins to suggest he knows of a way that she can work it off the way is by becoming a prostitute and working for him to repay the loan.Off course if it is a loan shark the debt never gets paid off and he involves her in other things robbery,drugs if it is her husband then he decides he likes the money and so continues to sell her after the debt is repaid.

For her part after initial disgust she finds it a turn on and also awakens desires she did not know she had.

I see this has exploring many things bondage,bdsm,fetishes maybe lots more just see where the story goes and what you desire.

You will play all the male characters loan shark/husband and off course all the clients it can have many sub plots if you like I will play the female plus any other we introduce.

my on's & off's at

If you have any ideas for role plays message me and we can discuss anything considered xx

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