Ancient egypt idea. Sibling incest seeking M

Started by Tink, August 06, 2010, 09:03:39 PM

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Had a rp like this previously and wanted to try it again.

Takes place in ancient Egypt. Twins where born to the pharaoh of Egypt, the girl came first. There for it was her birth right to rule over Egypt, her brother would comand her armies when the time came for her ruling. They where close as children but around age 10 they where separated and taken to different parts of the kingdom. She to learn of her duties as she would be the queen of Egypt, he to train and learn the ways of war. They wouldn't see each other again till it was Dawn's turn to take the throne.

This happends sooner than expected as the king falls ill. On his death bed he summons his children to be with him and discuss the important matter of Dawn taking a husband. Dawn and her brother (Character I'm seeking) Grow very close in a matter of days. Closer than a brother sister bond.

Very open to ideas. Brother/sister marriages where very acceptable during these days and seeing as they haven't seen each other in eight years they are practically strangers. PM ME IF INTERESTED!
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