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The nymph and the hunter

Started by abandoneddolly, August 06, 2010, 08:03:48 PM

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There is a legend about a forest that if any human walks into they never come out alive. It is said that it is being protected by a powerfull forest nymph who doesn't like Man very well. A hunter hears of this legend and goes out into the forest to see if the legends are true. As soon as he travels deep into the woods he finds the truth to the legends as the nymph attacks and a fight for survival begins.



hey your the one who made me crave this with the whole win thing


I'm very interested in this. Is it still open? PM me if you want to talk about details. Thanks.
Forgive my absences. The real world is not being easy on me of late.


I just saw my name.  What did you do this time?    ;D