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Author Topic: Mystique’s RP Requests  (Read 952 times)

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Offline MystiqueTopic starter

Mystique’s RP Requests
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:53:55 am »
‎Hello :)

I've got a couple of ideas I would like to play out...

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all requests are for non-consent/extreme plays. I am looking for dominant (sometimes even sadistic) male characters.

Please check my ons and offs to get an idea of my preferences. Also, check my current plays to see if my style of writing suits yours.

Feel free to ask questions via PM.

Slave bride of Orc (current craving) -  Taken

Background/Setting: Fantasy.
A human kingdom is invaded by orcs. The sheer number of orcs as well as their superior strength makes defending the kingdom impossible. Many humans are killed or enslaved as village after village fall to the orc armies. They are mindless in their advance, destroying everything in their path as they aim for the city and the royal palace. Once a majestic monument to human achievement and pride, the palace is barely able to protect those cowering within. In a matter of days after the initial attack, the royal palace is captured. The kingdom has fallen... the humans have lost...

While their actions seem mindless, these orcs are intelligent beings. They are still driven by basic needs and instincts, lacking the finesse of humans. The leader of the orc army, the crown prince of orcs, establishes himself as the new king. His laws are simple. All humans are now property of orcs. All humans obey orcs. He orders the royal family to be executed so there is no chance of uprising. At the execution he sees her, the royal’s only daughter. The wheels in his head begin to turn... Every king needs a queen.

The princess has no choice but to agree to the marriage. In exchange, her family is spared though they will be enslaved and sent away from the palace once the wedding is over...

The new bride is all alone with her orc husband who is eager to experiment, break (spirit), produce heirs/workers for his new kingdom, etc.

Expected content: NC or Extreme: rape, humiliation, some bondage and torture, forced slavery, forced impregnation/breeding

Starting point: The play can start from the invasion itself, capture of the palace, or at the wedding. The play can go wherever our muses desire...

Characters: The play focuses on the perspectives of two characters:
Female character – the princess – played by me
Male character – the orc Prince/King – anyone able to play a dominant/sadistic orc.
Please note that I am not looking to play multiple characters for this play... just the actions, emotions and thoughts of the two characters as they explore the new turn of events in depth.

~o~ ~0~ ~o~0~o~ ~0~ ~o~

Gentleman PsychoTaken

A shy young woman is pestered for a date and finally gives in. He seems to be a very nice and polite young man, the type she might take to meet her parents one day. The evening goes very well and they like each other. He insists on taking her home since she is a little tipsy. Instead of dropping her off he walks her to her door. Instead of kissing her goodnight and leaving, he forces her inside and assaults her...

Expected content: Rape (nc - force), humiliation, light torture, blackmail (to keep her quiet?). No romance in this one thanks. The craving for this: the date stays dressed while her clothes are ripped off. That can change as the play progresses.

Starting point: End of the date

End: This one can be a very short one (one shot) or he could tell her he is coming by the next day and to dress up for more.

Characters: The woman (named Cassandra) and her date.

Please note I am looking for a sadistic dominant male character for this one. One that seems romantic but is a total psycho and it shows through. Also open to light torture.

If anyone is interested, feel free to send me a PM to discuss.
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Re: Mystique’s RP ideas
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2010, 08:37:40 am »

Offline MystiqueTopic starter

Re: Mystique’s RP ideas
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2010, 12:18:40 am »
Updated with "Gentleman Psycho"  ;D