Discovery [EX] (seeking Dom f)

Started by Dunnuck, August 05, 2010, 10:18:54 PM

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Ok, this will be going in the extreme solo. It will be intense S&M and im looking for someone to do this with, and it is heavy story. My character will be a Sub male. Nearly anything goes except for feces and ageplay. Wherever the story takes it, it will be taken.

My character is Dimitri, a man who sells himself for money. However, upon one job he becomes taken with a woman and her twisted nature and becomes a pet for her that will do anything to please her. The Sub relaionship does not go out of the RP. PM me if interested


humanoid (but not human) character is desired, but not required. This could mean elf, drow, succubus, demon, vampire, anything.


Opening post:

The dark city of Amaratus. Human trafficking and prostitution is a common place deeper in the cities. Men and women alike have their darker needs and satisfactions, some more...intense than others. Dimitri knew the risks when he began his mission to raise money at the expense of himself. A man that stood 5"11 with brown hair that gathered at his strong shoulders. His defined, muscular torso was littered with light scars from previous women that had employed him. A contract that lasted one day, and the woman could fulfill any dark desires she could cook up in her mind. His strong, perfected exterior was hard with muscles, though he was not bulky. Lashes were across his powerful back from being whipped and flogged.

His eyes were empty; showing only the need to gather the money he absolutely needed. To accomplish the task that he degraded himself for. Until he met his Mistress. She had shown such kindness to him, ripping it away in an instant for her own pleasure. She teased him, only to have his own personal desires left unfulfilled. She knew how to make him enjoy the pain. She knew just how to push his limits and balance consensual acts with non consensual. She kept him interested, she made him feel needed. She gave him a twisted purpose. And he loved it. And that had only been a day. Oh what a day that was. He wanted more of them. He wanted to feel her sharp nails across him, he wanted to be her animal. Her secret. Her toy.

His mistress showed love of the toughest variety. Unlike other clients, she didn't hit him because she was angry at someone else. She hit him because she desired to, she hit him to teach him a lesson. Whatever that lesson would be, he quickly learned. She showed him attention of all sorts. Dimitri hadn't felt what he did with her before. A sweet mixture of warm pain, the slight amount of salty blood in his mouth, the sight of her breast smeared with the tiny amount of blood from the thin cut on his chest. It was a frenzy of new, oddly pleasurable experiences.