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Author Topic: Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide  (Read 743 times)

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Offline Callie Del NoireTopic starter

Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
« on: August 05, 2010, 05:48:39 PM »
It's out.

So far, scanning through lightly.

-Alternate Class abilities. Alternate Racial Abilities (Very interesting stuff, I'd say a definite 'GM's Call' though BUT it makes for more customizing of characters)
-New Classes: Still think the Alchemist is the best of the bunch with the Cavalier close behind, and the Oracle/Witch/Summoner are 'iffy' at best.

-Feats: More metamagic, combat and teamwork feats. Very nice stuff, saw a few that got me thinking.

-Equipment: More goodies. Very nice so far.  A few more types of weapons/armor

-Spells: Very interesting, like a few that I saw, will be going back to look this part over more closely.

-Prestige Classes: Not sure about the need for a Rage Prophet, or Holy Vindicatior. A Master Chymist is the Alchemist version of Jeckyll/Hyde

-Magic: Nice mix of stuff, including some old classic cursed items (Girdle of Opposite sex anyone?) Minor Relic (Hammer of Thunderbolts), Major Relic and such. LOTS of metamagic rods. :D

-New rules: A consolidated collection of the pathfinder campaign traits (Interesting stuff), Hero Points (along with spells, magic items and such that effect them pro/con) as well as new combat moves. (Stealing in combat, Drag and more)

Offline Brandon

Re: Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2010, 11:55:54 PM »
Interesting, cant wait till mine gets here but so far Im thinking Ill have to fine tune what I allow from it

Offline Callie Del NoireTopic starter

Re: Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2010, 12:45:12 AM »
Interesting, cant wait till mine gets here but so far Im thinking Ill have to fine tune what I allow from it

Definitely, my updated license for pathfinder kicked in tonight and I've been playing around with the new bloodlines, classes and options.

Summoner is still a very 'have to watch' type of class, but I think Calvalier works well. Still not too sure about Witch, Inquistor though.

Offline Mnemaxa

Re: Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2010, 04:48:42 AM »
With the rewrite, Inquisitors are less 'fiddly'.  Their judgements are a flat scaling bonus, but their spells give them the ability to give themselves a round by round increasing bonus as well to a specific quality or bonus type.  they make for a very useful 'combat bard' and 'diplomat' without stepping on the bard's toes at all, and they make an excellent choice for fighting alongside a Cavalier or Rogue, as well as backup for Paladins.  They also make a very good replacement for a 'combat cleric', which is slightly harder to do since their spells were nerfed. 

Witches are also useful.  They are essentially debuffers with their Hexes, and their limited spell selection (with many being taken from wizard and druid) makes them a choice for arcane casters who also want to take over for a healer.  While they may be dependent on their familairs to get their spells, a witch whose familiar is killed is better off than a wizard who gets his spell books destroyed because they can regain a familiar with more than just a few basic spells and they have their hexes to fall back on.  The DC for the hexes isn't any more powerful than that of wizard or clerical spells, because there are no feats that can increase the Dc except for ability focus, a +2 one time only bonus.  They also can't quicken or enhance the supernatural abiltiies, only the spell like ones. 

And to be perfectly honest, they disproved the "summoner better than fighter" back when summoners were supposed to be broken, before they got their nerfs in the APG.  Without the spell like ability to give their eidolons things like Wish, summoners are great for summoning either a small army of minions to deal with non-combat stuff, or using their eidolon and acting as a buffer for the party as well as second rank combat (archery, thrown weapons, etc).   

Interestingly, Summoners, , Paladins, Barbarians, Fighters, Druids, Wizards/Sorcerers, and Rangers now all have mounted class options (wizards and sorcs from spells, but still).  A cavalry campaign is no easily in the realm of possibility.

Offline Cythieus

Re: Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2010, 01:42:10 PM »
Pathfinder seems to be taking all the mistakes made with 3.5, repairing them and turning the whole system on its head. I love this book so far, and the Game Mastery Guide isn't bad either.

Offline Callie Del NoireTopic starter

Re: Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2010, 10:26:33 PM »
Just downloaded the 'Ultimate Magic' playtest round 1 from Paizo.

They got a new class called the Magus. A mix of fighter/mage, able to use magic in armor, attack with sword and SPELL  at the same time.

My impression?

I'd not allow it as a GM, it's strickly NPC turf. I mean.. any spell that costs a 1 standard action with a concentration roll?


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Re: Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
« Reply #6 on: October 01, 2010, 04:51:37 AM »
Our groups consider Pathfinder to be 3.75: the needed simplification and leveling out of 4ed without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  We'll definitely have to check this out.  Our group is sometimes slow to take on changes (we still have some house rules from AD&D), but a good change can't be denied when needed.