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Author Topic: Sexy Dolls are Go!  (Read 563 times)

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Sexy Dolls are Go!
« on: November 10, 2006, 07:44:22 PM »
Well not sure I will likely fade to black for bad bits- after all some things are better if justleft in the shadows. Violence wise think the Sin City movie meets V for Vendetta meets James Bond films if theywere rated X lol.

Now the premise is in the dark istant future the gvernment created a master computer NOBIUS or Neural Operating Brain Integrated Unit System that basicaly thought humans needed protecting from themselves and linking to others formed a dominating power that took over the nuclear arsenal and other things. Most of the human race gave in and for years things went along there was peace across the world and an end to famine, humans were put into castes based on their service to NOBIUS and outcasts live outside civilized cities. Of course its all not rosey the thought police control everything, NOBIUS secret police the MEN IN BLACK deal with any threat to harmony and people disappear never to be seen again OR come back changed. But in one city the capital of the planet in what was once Tokyo now is Japy0 the entire main island is one grea city a resistance has formed. Out of billions a few have been granted paranatural powers and the will to fight the next step in human evolution the next species Homeo Millenium. For the first time in two hundred years led by the cunning Oracle humans have begun to remember freedom, their history and are going to exact their revenge. SEXY DOLLS is one such resistance cell backed by their own unique powers, extraordinary physical aptitude and technological weapon NOBIUS is about to taste the wrath of the natural world. Humanity and all life cry out for vengence- and it will come on swift blades, big guns, awsome powers, strong hearts and shapely curves.

Its time for the Human Races last stand!

The game will center around finding a Professor Julian Bassard that worked on NOBIUS personal files and the only person to have kept the one weapon that can destroy it the failsafe shutdown codes for the NOBIUS master program. Of course NOBIUS will stop at nothing to stop this when it discovers the threat. So expect some Lara Croft moments as you hunt for clues he left.

ooc: BTW I would like four SEXY DOLLS each with one power all are assumed to be faster, stronger, quicker and more intelligent than even exceptional humans. Each will have a mask to hide their identity. And play up the freedom aspect so most will be versed in all sorts of knowledge NOBIUS forbid teaching anyone hundreds of years before. All are Grade 4 as in free to travel and have more rights by NOBIUS and are above suspicion in the main. And you are backed by the Global Liberation Resistance. You can be pf any nationality and race but are automatically hot females.


We will use the free and easy RISUS rules, hook and a tale allowed for extra dice. One must be for their mutant abilities and the cliche' fits a type of hero. One must be thier public job remember they are all elite citizens and are given the benefits of education etc. Jobs must fit. Model and Police Investigator are great but Chef or Mechanic are not. The third can be fun.
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