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Author Topic: DarkCassandra's Ideas Thread  (Read 757 times)

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DarkCassandra's Ideas Thread
« on: August 03, 2010, 08:58:17 PM »
Alright. As you read on, keep in mind that these ideas are usually for F/F scenarios; it's not that I don't play with boys ever, but most of my likes are geared towards other women. Womanly herms and shemales included in that, if you ah...impress me enough!

The *** Means that it's something I always crave, and will almost never turn it down.

The Fetish Shop

You are the owner of a certain fetish shop, full of every toy you could imagine, hoods, latex wear, gags, everything. You run the only successful shop of this type in the area, and people worldwide come to you and order special things, custom made toys, or just the run of the mill BDSM gear and equipment.

Obviously, you'll have a lot of money, or enough to live underneath this shop at least. One floor above is your living quarters, the living room, and the normal 'house' equivalent. The 'ground floor' is the shop itself. And the basement is...where the real fun happens. You own your own personal dungeon down there, filled with [insert imagination here].  And you occasionally need a new...model for your shop. One that you can bondage up to the point where nobody will even think she's a human, not a doll. And later on, you take her downstairs and have the real fun, for as long as you want...

(Obviously, it's bondage-heavy and probably will involve harder kinks. Not for everyone.)

Enslaved to that Ass!
Posted before and relatively simple, an idea I always look for:

I'm looking to be enslaved to another woman's ass. You read that right!
It can be consensual, or not so much, and it can involve much more than simple butt worship. Of course, I'd love for that to be the base of the scene...Anything from simply staring at it while the fabric of your clothes stretches against those orbs, or the full on, bondaged-up face-chair you know you want. And anything in between, of course.
I'm keeping this short and vague to encourage conversation between myself and whoever decides to reply or look at this! As for medium...I'm alright with almost all of them.
Ideally, this would be a long term thing, where even if I started Non-consensual, I would grow to like it-or be hypnotized into loving it.
Let me know if you are interested.

[If you understand why I enjoy this particular scene so much, we'll get along wonderful.

The sounds of conversation floated around above her, as she squirmed about, unable to really move much. She made a few muffled protests, but she knew that no sound would reach anyone around her-there was something on her face preventing that. And that same something was also warm, yet smooshing her nose together at the same time, causing her to struggle for breath before it would shift, and allow her to gasp through it. Her mouth was cut off by a piece of blue cloth that had been stuffed inside, and another matching piece wrapped around her mouth. To top it off, duct tape was used to hold it all in place, all of the same blue color.  The conversation picked up around her, the voices chattering, almost laughing...not even realizing she was there. A hand reaches down to pet her belly, followed by something stroking her hair, petting her. The thing covering her face moved, allowing light to pour in, and new, fresh, unscented air. There were two women talking above her, as if she didn't exist, talking like neighbors would about current events in the area, completely ignoring her. Then everything went back again, as the two women switched places, one of them using her face as her seat once more.

Hastily written but, I think it gets the point across. I love that sort of thing, not limited or exclusive to a chair!
Special Delivery!

This one is very, very simple. In a world where slave trading is legal, [or perhaps you just have excellent connections] they are often delivered to one's house. In this case, yours. You can even 'Order' them to specifications; from looks to level of training, and in some cases, even the fetishes that they have. Or you can buy a fresh one. Either way, they wind up on your doorstep or in your living room, inside of a too-small box, tied up, sore from a long trip. Today, yours has arrived.

Office Romance
[This is very...cliche, but it tends to get a lot of attention. This one is more for a hermaphroditic character to play, though another woman could easily do it, as well.]

You're the boss of some unfortunate workers, always slave driving them, making them do all sorts of menial, tedious tasks throughout the die, trying to kill them with boredom, or so it seems. You call in one of your most experienced secretaries, and tell her that today she has to do whatever she asks, or she'll  get fired. Why? You've got blackmail on her that you've set up, making it look like she's done all sorts of things on her computer, when it was you who planted them there, framing her. You will release it, if she doesn't do as you say.
Needless to say, she'd wind up stuffed under your desk, sucking you off during meetings, forced to swallow or worse, doing everything that you ask. Perhaps she even enjoys it herself. Who knows?

Desperate Housewife(wives)

Set in a neighborhood where all the men are either gone to war, always on 'business trips' or something else that keeps them away from home for long periods of time, the housewives are left to themselves. And after a while, they start to get lonely, as you can imagine. These wives are...different, however, in the fact that they all share with each other everything. Stories, gossip...Even sexual desires. And in this case, all of them[Or most of them at least] all have a dominant sexual tendency. And together, it just doesn't mix well, oh no...So what do they need to do?

They have a few options. They can capture/kidnap someone they've seen on the streets, or if we include slave marketing in this world, buy one from there from pooled money. Either way, this girl [Played by me] would be the...shared slave to the housewives, since they all wanted her. Whether that means all at once or one at a time, as a party favor, a present, and a bunch of other things I've got floating around in my head, this picture-perfect neighborhood has...quite the dark side.

This next idea is all about objectification, and various things about it, from a...friends perspective. If you have a like mind, I believe we could match very, very well.

If I were to use her as a chair, she'd be bound so she was kneeling, her calves tied to her thighs, spreader bar to keep her knees apart, her wrists and ankles all tied together, her hair pulled back to be tied to her ankles so her face is up into the air, for me to sit on.
I could use her as a lamp-stand, either standing or a table.
As a table, spreader bars would be put between her ankles.  She'd be bent over at the waist, and spreader bars would be put between her wrists, and between her  wrists/ankles.  A flat board would be put on her up-turned ass, with a butt-plug and a dildo on the bottom part to help keep it in place, where the corners would be tied down to her spread wrists and ankles.
Standing, her arms would be lashed to poles, so she's forced to stand on one foot, like those as a statue.  Lamps would be tied into her hands for her to hold out.  Her hair would be tied back and secured to a butt-plug or dildo so she was facing up, with a small lamp wedged into her mouth.

While I may disagree about the nudity, (I find outfits and such to be much more fun and attractive), I agree with everything else. If that sounds like something you'd do...Tell me.

The Reporter's Secret

A reporter, she's always had interest in things of the BDSM world. But being who she is, she can't just come out and say that. It would absolutely destroy her career! In order to learn more about BDSM, this reporter agrees to follow a professional, well-known and infamous Dominatrix around, putting her signature a piece of paper that says she will do what she says, no matter how dangerous or obscure. They go to a BDSM festival of sorts, and slowly, progressively, things just get worse and worse.

Until finally, she doesn't know if she even -wants- the handcuffs to come off.


I was inspired by a story I read a while back; it wasn't sexual and it was themed around gargoyles and statues, (whether as creature, concept, or theme). Essentially, someone ends up encased in a gargoyle statue by a sculptor and the story ends with them being pulled up to the ceiling. It was a little gory and heavily psychological thriller-ish.

You are the famous artist who can capture so many human expressions in your work. You can show compassion, fear, hatred, love...Every single human emotion, and all of your works are different. Each body, each hair style, each eye color if they can be seen, and even each facial expression...From the amount of wrinkles down to the look on their face. They are all different. And nobody knows how you do it!

A reporter comes to your house, and decides she's going to get an interview, no matter what it takes. She'll even have sex with you if that's the price she must pay. But this story will make her career, and she knows it! She takes a leave of absence, saying she's going on holiday, when really she's on a hunt for you. With such an alibi, nobody will miss her if she suddenly disappears on some tragic accident...And you know that. What she doesn't know is that there is a deeply disturbing reason why your art is so...lifelike. Why it seems to look like an actual person, not a sculpture, or painting, or something else...

Moving In.

My original idea was a spin off of the fetish shop one, where the woman would call frequent club goers up to her room and objectify them, turning them into her club's newest furniture after a night of torture and/or other things. If that idea interests you, let me know! Or this one, obviously.

Male or female, you are the owner of a brand new house. Whether this is a mansion, a small apartment, or anywhere in between is up to you. It could even be your own store that you need to get furnished. And you have the perfect way to do so.

By means of kidnapping, a slave market, blackmail, ways to repay a debt...You get the girls you need to get the job done. And what's this job?

Well, moving in, of course! You have a love for bondage, and have always wanted someone to test out your own creative abilities on. You've had a few relationships here and there with some BDSM involved, but nothing like what you are about to do. You do not buy a single piece of furniture for your house. All the utilities are there except for a toilet, but there are no couches, footstools, doormats, chandeliers... Nothing. Your goal is to create a house full of human furniture.

Orally Fixated
This next one isn't so much of a plot idea, as something I've been craving. I do indeed have a couple of ideas about how such a thing could occur, but that's left for us to discuss, in this case.

A girl that's orally fixated...That one that you always see putting things into her mouth, chewing on her pencil, swishing juice around inside...All signs. But she's never come out and said it, oh no, and why would she? How would people react? Not well, most likely. But you...You would love it. And not just because you, well, love oral. Oh no. The thought of being able to stuff anything inside an open mouth occurs to you, and whether she likes it or not, that's exactly what are going to do.

Luckily for her, she's always been told she has a big mouth. Perhaps it's time she shuts up a bit, for once.

Two Lovers ***REALLY Craving this one.

These two ladies have known each other for god knows how long. And they've also been involved for equally as long. Luckily for them, they are the perfect match. Sexually, personally. Everything you could ever want in a partner, they have, they could say they are truly in love. From an outsider's perspective, they were!

And truly, together, they were too. Only, their love was...different. It was consensual in every way, however it may not look that way at all times. They both love the world of BDSM. No, they crave it. And each one of them fits the other. One is masochistic, full of thrilling ideas for her partner to use with and on her, always eager to do more...And the other. Well, she's sadistic, beautiful, slightly psychotic...but won't do anything too horrible to her lover, would she? It's been a few years, and the relationship has escalated.

For the above idea, I'm really looking for a long term roleplay, and would require a lot of OOC communication between my partner and I. This will cover the full range of things, fetish-wise...From purely vanilla to the disgustingly sadistic.

[More to come! Tired of typing, for now...

Right forgot to say; PM or leave a reply here!]
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Re: DarkCassandra's Ideas Thread
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Updated again; Added "Reporter's Secret'

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Updated. Art added.

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Re: DarkCassandra's Ideas Thread
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Added Moving In.

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Updated again.

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Added 'Two lovers', which I'm really craving.