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Author Topic: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.  (Read 1801 times)

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Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« on: August 03, 2010, 08:44:48 PM »
Current Status: Accepting ideas/proposals.  Evaluating current status.

I am not sure how many games I will ultimately take on, but feel I should have something up and out there to go along with my ONs and OFFs.

A few brief notes:

  • Please look over my ONs and OFFs before sending a PM with interest.

  • Please avoid posting in this thread.  Use PMs, please.

  • Plot and character are more important to me than the sex.

  • I want to work with my writing partners as partners.

Current Craving: Nothing in particular.

I'm not craving any particular genre or setting at the moment.  Just looking for interesting ideas. 
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Plots and Plans
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2010, 08:46:47 PM »
Plots and Plans:


Seriously, I'm open to most ideas.  These ideas are not the only thing I want to do.  These are just the ideas I came up with.  I'll add more, to be sure, but don't feel that these are the only options I'll explore.  If you like my writing, style, and think our O/Os are compatible, let me know. 

I'll keep this here as long as I'm open.

Currently Running

Ideas currently running.

Idea Archive

This is a list of ideas that I had up above at one time or another.  For some reason, they may have lost some of their luster in my eyes.  However, if you are really really interested, I may consider them.  But, just be aware these aren't as tempting as they once were.

Human Predator

"I know that the rest of humanity is an illusion.  No one is real.  That realization makes it so much easier, honestly.  Merely flickering shadows on the wall of reality.  I am the only real person."

An odd idea that was spawned by a discussion with a friend.  Basically, a story where I play a person with sociopathic tendencies.  I have NO idea where this idea might lead, but I'm pretty sure it would go to a dark place.  The story could be played out with a person playing the sociopath's doctor, the sociopath's unknowing mate, or even the sociopath's next target.

Along the same lines, what if a sociopathic doctor decided to test the limits of the human body?  I think it would quickly devolve into something just as dark.  Note: This version of the story is similar in spirit to one you'll find below in my archived story list, TRIAL.01000101.

In any case, I'm pretty sure this would fall into EX territory.  I will have to give this more thought and be VERY comfortable with the idea/plot that I work out with whomever wishes. 

Conducting. New!

I don't know why this never occurred to me before my wife mentioned it to me, but it now seems obvious to me that a conductor for an orchestra has definite Dom traits.  So...why not explore that?  The world of a man suffused with music, attempting to wrangle beauty and grace from others through sheer force of will...Directing it and pushing all the time, seeking better and better.  The thought just made me smile.

I'm sure that there are many jobs where the corollary with being a Dom could be made, but this one is the one that I want to look at.  I love music and used to play it a long time ago, in an orchestra during my school years. 

This idea would probably range from [BON] to [NC] if the idea got very twisted.  And considering the mood I've been in lately...

Family Trouble New!

I recently read a book where a very unconventional family was fashioned.  I also looked over purchasing a novel concerning another family that was dealing with troubles beyond the human experience. 

So, I'm thinking that I would like to use my fascination and affinity for Vampires and combine it with a family setting.  And this wouldn't be the Munsters, oh no. 

Now, the question of how large a family to focus on is critical.  Either the entire family is as they are or perhaps just the parents.  Or is it more of an "adopted family" kind of situation.  If a person didn't want to write multiple characters, then perhaps it could be done as a group game, but I'm still considering if that is a road I want to go down.

Office Pet New!

A simple and twisted idea that came from a conversation I had nearly 20 years ago as well as a recent talk with a friend.  And it's easy enough to picture.  A person (woman, most likely) is kept by a business as an office toy.  She is collared and chained and passed around. 

Simple setup.  Where it goes from there?  Anyone knows.

Interview with the Devil

"The first thing you should know is that I am going to lie to you sometimes, but not all the time.  In fact, it will be much less than you think.  It is best, though, that you not ask me to tell you which are lies and which aren't.  But, to begin with, the truth:  I am the being you all call Satan.”

Come one, come all...the chance to interview that most recalcitrant of all subjects, the being with many names.  Call him what you will, this is the man/beast/angel.

No, seriously.

This is pretty open ended.  It's more a random idea I had recently.  It's nothing new or revolutionary.  It's more an opportunity to have some fun.  The idea is the Devil basically talking with someone, admitting who he/she/it is and talking with them about whatever.  I can see the interviewer being everything from Christian Slater in that one movie to a random person sitting at a bus stop.  The setting and character of the opposite member is very much open for discussion.

This is probably going to be Non-Adult in situation, but could go from Light to NC in subject matters discussed.  It is the Devil after all.  This is not a story idea for titillation, more an exercise in creativity.  It's a conversation, really.  An excuse to just...explore.  Also, I'm not going to limit this to only one person.  If more than one person expresses interest, I have no problem with doing two separate threads with this as the idea.  If that bothers you, take that into consideration before PMing.

The Warden's Ward

A refinement of the Bodyguard/Protected interaction I have below.  This is probably the idea that spawned that particular interaction but I never detailed it until now.  So, here it is.

He is a guard and warden of a very powerful family.  He has long been in the service of the family, ever since the child heir of the family was born.  A new guard at 20 years of age when the child was born, over the years he has faithfully watched over the entire clan.  He has fought for them, bled for them, and seen to their safety.  Over time, he was set as the bodyguard to the heir, who has grown into their majority age, 20 years.  For half of his life, the Warden has served this family, and for most of that, has been the personal guard to this future leader

Then, a new threat against the heir, the strongest and most directed danger ever, strikes.  And all the warden can do is get his ward to safely, to run and hide.  And though the ward resists this, cannot understand how someone can flee from danger, the Warden knows better.  And so he forces his charge to follow, kidnapping the heir in all but name.  During this time, the Warden keeps his ward safe...until one day, the ward realizes that the Warden has become the person they love.  And the person they want.

Now the Warden must confront an heir determined to seduce him into their bed...and isn't sure he wants to resist.

This is an interesting idea to me since it combines a number of different reversals.  The heir is, in name, the one in charge.  They are the leader so to speak, the Noble destined to rule the lands.  However, when danger strikes, the Warden assumes control, against the heirs wishes, keeping the two of them safe, even as the heir wishes to strike back.  Recognizing the fear that is making the heir clamour for battle, the Warden enforces his authority by not referring to his service, but due to his strength and knowledge.  What this does, however, is spawn a fascination in the heir; a fascination that turns to lust and desire.  And so the heir begins to seduce the Warden...and again the roles begin to shift under the two potential lovers.

I can see this story being between any pairing of the sexes.  MxM, MxF, FxF.  Level of kink would probably run the gambit from Light to Bon.  NC could, in theory, come into play, but probably not.

In a Vampire's World (inspired by the novel Anno Dracula by Kim Newman)

It is not the world it once was.  A catastrophic event struck, causing chaos in the world.  Into the resultant power vacuum, a new order has risen from the dark.  Once hidden in legend and shadows, vampires emerged several decades ago.  In a rapid spread across most of the world, they seized power.  With their powers and strengths, they now command the majority of the former civilized world.  Vampires are now the top of the food chain and no longer hide.  They have the benefits of the rule of law and fang.  Humans, while not treated as cattle, are very much second class citizens, for the most part.  In some places, a new feudalism has arisen with Vampire Lords overseeing their human serfs.  In the remaining cities, a more integrated experience is found...but one where the Vampires are very much in charge. 

More a setting than a fully fleshed out storyline, the idea of a modern analogue of our world ruled by Vampires interests me.  What would it be like?  Where would it be different?  I know that the concept of Vampires being "accepted" in society is an old one, but this is more leaning towards where I think such a situation would lead.  With all their powers and the ability to turn any and all they desired into one of them, what sort of world would Vampires fashion in their image?  I have definite ideas, but am curious to explore this with another.  I can see this as being a setting for any of the pairings given below.  All supernatural creatures would have a place in this setting as well.  [NON to EX]

Note: I get a fair amount of interest in this idea and honestly, I haven't tired of it yet.  So, if it's up your alley, don't hesitate to ask.  But, I will seek to make sure that the setup is different from any of the others I'm doing.

A Muse Bound (Inspired by the events in the Sandman Issue #17, Caliope, written by Neil Gaiman.)

A Muse, wandering the face of the land, takes mortal form for a brief period of time.  During her time in the world, she seduces an author who becomes inspired.  However, this author knows the secret of the Muses, familiar with the lore.  He binds her to flesh with old invocations and pacts.  Now the question becomes:  Seduction?  Or Slavery?

Can see this going anyway from Vanilla to NC.  Either author or muse is open.  Also, due to development of another version, I would prefer this to be set in Modern times.

Overlord Romance

This idea was inspired by an article I found at  (Link if any are interested to read it).  The basic idea is the exploration of a relationship between an Evil Overlord and a normal person in their sphere of influence.  A commoner or something.  Basically, it would explore how the big bad with his doomsday weapons and plots to enslave mankind would relate to a person that they are coming to love.  Are they redeemed?  Can they be?  (probably not)  How will this other react to the guy they are coming to care for being the bad guy?  Can their relationship survive the pitfalls of trying to conquer the world.

Variation:  Overlady Romance
A second variation of this is actually meant to reverse the typical sexual roles. What if the evil powermad maniac wasn't a man at all?  What if it was a female who started to care for a man?  How would the two of them work it?

Becoming Dark Formerly active

Lewis’s desires have always been strong.  For a long while, he has hidden them from even himself.  There lurks inside a need to control, a need to Dominate another.  His partner (wife/girlfriend) has agreed to journey with him into this realm where neither knows the landscape.  However, soon Lewis realizes that his desires do not stop at the edge of just control.  The thought of pain and its applications, of what it can symbolize, begins to prey on his mind.  What will his partner think?  And can they come with him further?

More an exploration of the development of a newly discovered Dom, it will start with the Dominant establishing their need to control.  But soon, it will become more than that.  It will become a need to inflict.  The conflicts in the mind of the new Dom and how their partner reacts and their thoughts as the relationship changes fundamentally will be the anchor of the story.  Not an out and out sex story, this is more about discovering how dark one can be and whether or not someone will follow them.  Of course there will be sex, but that's not the point of the story.  [BON]

Looking for a person to play the partner who must decide how deep down the rabbit hole they wish to go.  The partner shouldn't be immediately agreeable to go to the extreme end of the spectrum.  Again, this may be quite the slow burn. 

I have started this story with another, though the posting of it is erratic at times.  I'll leave it up here for now.

  These may be open, feel free to ask.

Servant Master Formerly active.(based on the Kushiel series of novels by Jacqueline Carey)

House Mandrake has served as the place to come for those who need discipline and mastery.  Not those who wish to learn it, but those who wish to experience it.  The Adepts of the House have been trained to hurt their patrons, just as their patrons wish.  But in this, the dichotomy of the House becomes evident.  Trained to be Masters and Dominants, they are but servants to their patrons, paid in coin and then left behind.  What does it mean to be a servant and a Master, at the same time?

An exploration of what I think is an interesting contradiction to be found in the setting of Terre d'Ange.  [BON to EX]  (more likely towards the EX)

Bound and Chained Formerly active.

This one is purposefully not expanded on greatly.  The idea here is that my character awakens to find himself chained to a wall.  He can't remember much, especially where he is and why he's there.  My partner (partners?) will be the ones with the story of why exactly he's there.  Is it for sex?  Blood?  Companionship?  Protection?  Conversion?  Slavery?  Any and all options are open.  It's up to my character to figure out why what is happening is happening and to figure out what to do about it. 

This one will need a lot of thought in advance by my partner(s).  I can help come up with the reason for the imprisonment but if they wish to keep it private, that's fine.  I just ask that whoever does do this with me have a reason and stick with it.  Part of the fun will be trying to figure it out, if they decide to keep it private.  Note:  Take note of my OFFs if this interests you.  Violation of them will result in the story being quickly abandoned.  [BON, NC, possibly even EX]

A Slave's Burden   Formerly active.

Kailan Jarvian Lorent, scion of House Lorent, one of the oldest noble houses in the Empire, has need to fill a vacancy in his household.  The lord must acquire a new bedslave for his desires.  The slave will be housed and kept, but will have to suffer the periodic moodswings of her lord and Master.  The moods, however, are not mere shifts in emotions.  The desires have become needs...and she must bear them for the good of her Lord and his House.

I'm looking for someone to play the newcomer to the House, the new slave.  {EX}

TRIAL.01000101 Formerly active.

An AI is given the task of experimenting on a human subject.  The AI's purpose is unknown to the subject, but they will soon find the AI to not be your normal, cold, detached AI.  This one is different.  It was, after all, created with the Deviant Personality Module fully functional.  Think GLaDOS & HAL made sick and twisted.  And the subject is it's plaything.  The AI will get what it wants from the subject, no matter what.

This one is pretty much NC.

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Story Seeds
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2010, 08:48:45 PM »

The following are interactions that interest me and can be the basis for a story.  I'm also going to list some settings that I think would be fun to explore/play in.  I can see them as either being a one shot or story length if there is a plot that seems interesting to the both of us.  In most of these, I care not which role goes to which person.  Also, bear in mind, all references to gender are neutral, not set in stone, and can be changed.

Vampire / Servant:    A vampire has come across a person who, for some reason, she decides will make a useful servant.  The person must have some skill the vampire needs.  How the vampire engages the potential servant will be the focus.  Story can take the form from No Sex to NC.

Vampire / Victim:  A vampire has settled on his latest conquest.  Now, he just needs to seduce the person to wanting to be with them.   (A full fledged version of this story is already going on with Ariadne.) (Also doing a second version with Gwindolyn). [No Sex to NC]

Wizard / Demon: A newly gifted wizard has found the method to binding a demon to their will.  What the wizard does not know is that the binding is actually the first move in a battle for dominance between the two.  Can the wizard resist the demon while at the same time bending it to their will?   (Sex of Wizard debatable, sex of demon malleable.)

Angel / Mortal:  What would tempt one of the Angelic Host to abandon all that it had known?  How would a mortal react to the sudden appearance of one who could be anything and give them anything, asking only to be loved in return?  How will they deal with the reaction of the jealous Creator?   [LIGHT to BON]

Demon / Angel:  When a Demon is able to seize and enslave an Angel, the pair become bound together, connected by the leash between the two.  Will the Angel escape before the Demon corrupts them?  Will the Angel be able to redeem the Demon?  Or are they destined to duel with each other, taking their pleasures from each other, for all time?  [NC at least]

Dom / sub:  When suddenly handed control of a scene, can a new Dom discern the cues of a sub they have never played with?  And will it ultimately matter?  [BON to NC]

Fae / Mortal:  Temptation made flesh.  Flesh made slave.  Can a person escape from the traps laid before them by one whose mind is alien and unknowable beyond the desire to posses and own?  Based on concepts from the White Wolf game Changeling: The Lost, but not necessarily set in that game world.  [BON to EX]

Bodyguard / Protected:  A guardian of an important personage has trained to watch over his charge for years.  When the time comes, he takes his place at his charge’s side.  Soon, however, the pair begin to find that more than circumstances bind them.  (Could be used for any genre, actually.  Also, either sex/orientation as well) [LIGHT to BON]

Human / Human:  A person is tired of being called cute, especially by the one they want.  So, they decide to show just how "not cute" they are, and just how sexually appealing they really are.  [LIGHT to BON]

Gladiator / Noble: Cliche, but you know, the combination of a life lived at the behest of another strikes me as fun.  Willing to play either.  Story does not have to stay in the arena, but can expand to beyond if it's warranted.

AI/Human:  What would bind a human and an artificial intelligence?  Mutual need?  Trying to understand each other?  An attempt to become more than a machine or even more than a Human?  Could be fun to explore.

Jedi / Jedi or Sith / Sith or Jedi / Sith or etc.:  Yep, I'm a Star Wars fan.  Exploring sexual dynamics between the Jedi or between the Sith or even crossing the ideological difference might be fun.  I am so sure I'm not the first to explore this, but I'd like to.  Would prefer non-canon characters as the main characters of any RP here.

Settings that I would like to play in:

*new* Star Wars: Yep.  Quite a fan of the setting.  Would like to set any story during The Old Republic era.

*new* Mass Effect: Another Sci-Fi setting that would be fun.  Something maybe to do with the Indoctrination effect of Sovereign?  But, there's a wealth of stuff here I think.  The universe seems pretty developed and might offer some fun things to play with.

Terre d'Ange: Setting of the Kushiel novels by Jacqueline Carey.  I actually am quite fascinated by the concept of House Mandrake (as seen in the Plot above) but think that beyond that plot, it would be fun to do other things here.  Perhaps something detailing the time of the Companions as they spread out among the populace and begin to sire children.  Any ideas or suggestions concerning this setting are welcome.  Note:  I've currently only read the first two trilogies.  I'm going to be reading the rest, but be aware that I am very much not "up to date" on the setting.

Vampire's world See above description in the Plots and Plans section.  Setting could be used as background for any and all interactions.  Also, can be done with an alternate history take such as the original novel Anno Dracula's setting of Victorian England.

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Genre and Game Systems
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2010, 08:53:30 PM »
Media Inspirations

The following are a few lists of media that I find inspiring.  I enjoy them and would be quite willing to develop stories concerning Original Characters in these settings.

  • Star Wars

  • The Matrix

  • Legend

  • Gladiator

  • Blade Runner

Video Games
  • Mass Effect

  • Kushiel series of novels by Jacqueline Carey

  • World of Darkness - Old or New

  • Anno Dracula series by Kim Newman

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2010, 01:54:24 PM »
Genres and Game Systems

GenreGame System
Traditional Fantasy (High or Low)Nobilis
Modern Fantasy (Urban)Unknown Armies - 2nd Edition
Science FictionWorld of Darkness - New and Old, all titles under both
Science FantasyWarhammer Fantasy RolePlaying - 2nd Edition
Horror                             Legend of the Five Rings
GothicDungeons and Dragons - 4E, 3.5E

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2010, 11:21:29 PM »
Update:  Added new story idea along new seed and setting information. (08/07/10)

Updated:  Added one new story idea and a setting idea into the Plots and the Setting sections.  (08/17/2010)

Updated:  Added new story seed pairing and the Media Inspirations post.  (08/22/10)

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #6 on: August 30, 2010, 12:16:13 AM »
Update: Modified my description of A Muse Bound and added the [INSERT IDEA HERE] note.   08/30/2010

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2010, 06:22:56 PM »
Update:  Added Craving section and updated details on currently active games and developmental ideas.   Will be adding ideas and seeds connected to craving soon.  (10/16/2010)

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #8 on: March 23, 2011, 02:06:42 AM »
Update:  Moved ideas around.  Placed ideas that seemingly have fallen through in their story incarnations back into the main body of ideas.  Will continue to evaluate situation in regards to number of stories and time available.

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #9 on: May 08, 2011, 12:34:12 AM »
Update:  Added new idea to top of Plots and Plans list.  Overlord Romance.  Moved Trial down to active portion of list.  Modified entry on Becoming Dark to reflect the tentative restart of said story.

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #10 on: August 26, 2012, 12:11:34 AM »
Update:  Added new ideas, including an expansion of on idea from Plot Seeds.  Moved a couple ideas to the active portion. 

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Re: Marikir's Ideas, Inspriations, and Madness.
« Reply #11 on: February 01, 2013, 08:32:27 PM »
Update: Added new ideas; created a couple of new spoiler sections to tidy up the main idea area.  (2/1/2013)