Revenge of the Fallen Prince [Seeking Female]

Started by Dray, August 03, 2010, 12:18:20 AM

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Looking for:  A female who is literate and can provide detailed posts and a few paragraphs as well.  One liners or short and lacking posts will not do it for fact it will just kill my muse.  However, I do prefer quality over quantity so a very lengthy post that does not say enough or maybe says too much can also set me basically I am looking for a partner who can sort of go with the flow, feed off my posts as I feed off yours.  Also I need someone who is open and willing to talk OOC about the role play before and during it for feedback and other reasons.

Roles: Prince/Leader(Played by me) and his number one Pilot/Guard(Open for Female)

Ages:  Up for discussion, though I would like them to be around the same age.

Race/Appearance:  I am aiming to got with humans here, though fantasy races, furries, and other things like that is not out of the question.  Human looks with supernatural powers is definitely acceptable for example.

History:  A empire that only believes in natural selection.  The strong survive while the weak perish and thus they destroy country after country and enslave their people.  The countries are then wiped of their name, origins, beliefs and everything and are simple provided with an area number in coordination to when they were conquered on the list.  For example, if they were the fifth country conquered, then they would be area five.  This empire then forces them to either join their army or work in that newly established area and serve the nobles of their empire who move into the new areas to claim it as their own.  Thus the rich, powerful and successful preside over all.  The only justice and judgment is decided by the King, his queens and the princesses and princes the King has received through his many wives.  This empire strips all others of their will power, saying such things as freedom and goal treatment are just words of the weak.

Plot/Twists:  One prince decides to stand up to his father, the King, pointing out all the injustices and how his choices, laws, boundaries, judgment and commands are all wrong.  He is the one to stand up for the right of freedom, the only one in the royal family.  Thus the King, his brothers and sisters, everyone turns on him except his mother who is one of the many queens to the King.  The prince is written off to be killed, he survives though but his mother is murdered in the act.  Horribly beaten and injured, he sheds his name as the prince and his birth right and takes to the streets of a recently conquered territory.  As he survives, he blends in with the other honorary people of the country, just a common servant as he enrolls in school and lives in the dorms.  This is where he formulates his plan to create a rebellion and uprising, uniting the fallen area around him to commit acts of justice against the army of the empire.  As his superior mind and strategies win him battle after battle, so does his support and bit by bit he wins over a territory to combat against his very own empire and family.

Your role:  You will play a very willful female who is a part of the resistance, perhaps one of his classmates or whatever.  She will be one of he only ones to know his actually identity as he must keep it hidden from the world.  If the conquered areas found that one of the royal family was leading them then they could loose trust and possibly think it is a trap.  She would be like his right hand soldier, his guard, his number one pilot and so on and so forth...and of course they would share a hot and steamy relationship behind the scenes of this rebellion.

Setting:  I am looking for something futuristic.  I am talking, advanced weapons, guns, energy weapons, mechs, zoids and transformers, large war machines, floating fortresses, so on and so forth.  So as the leader of the rebellion, their resources would be rather small but as they go on it would grow and grow.  And as I say your character would be his top pilot and stuff, she would pilot these large war machines, such as the mechs to escort and protect him being that she is just a top class pilot and has a strong will to fight.  He trusts her more than anyone else.  So she is kind of like a gun-bunny girl if you think about it.  With this futuristic setting, there will be more advanced cities, such as the ones created by the empire.  The losing areas are pretty much in ruins at times as the empire does not hesitate to involve the public and innocents in their war to prove their point and enforce the whole "strong survive while weak die" policy.  The empire sort of has a zero tolerance policy, if you choose to fight you will die.  If you surrender, you will become a slave and a tool...unless of course they have no need for you whatsoever so they may still kill you.

This is based off the plot of Code Geass, if you are familiar with the anime then we can go more into a spin-off of that...if you are not familiar then just pay attention to the information above.

This is not first come first serve either as I will be looking for someone who I think I can work well with...don't let that scare you off though.

Interested?  Send me a PM and we an discuss the details and ideas...I am always open for conversation.