Superspy Wanted (Totally Spies!)

Started by Hunter, August 02, 2010, 09:40:15 PM

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While my group game seems to be languishing on it's merry way, I've decided that I'd also like to take a crack at a one on one game as well.  I'm looking for a willing female partner to take on the role of Samantha from the Totally Spies series.  I'm asking that she be somewhat familiar with the series (season five is currently showing on Cartoon Network in my area) and would be interested in a one on one love interest/superspy game.

Please contact me if you'd be interested.  Thank you.  :)

Character Profile
Name:  Allen
Personality: Allen tends to be a bit shy with new people but can be quite outgoing once he's come to know someone.  He's also giving to a fault, has a quirky sense of humor, and loyal once he's given it.   Unfortunately, he's also got a red headed temper and tends to do the first thing that jumps to mind when he's angry (which has gotten his super-spy buddies both in and out of a few scrapes).
Background Information: Allen comes from a wealthy family and has been educated at only the best of private schools.   In addition to a variety of academic awards, he's also has a passing interest in both Kendo and Gymnastics.
Strengths: Computer Hacker and Programmer
Weaknesses: Short Tempered and somewhat Compulsive