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May 17, 2022, 10:57:57 pm

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Author Topic: Final Paradise.  (Read 540 times)

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Final Paradise.
« on: August 01, 2010, 03:57:37 pm »
OOC: My story is about the end of the world, finally man has ruined the world forever and it's nature's payback time. But don't be allarmed, it's not going to be this cheesy play where we can abnormally run extreme distances to stay alive. Unless, you like that sort of thing, of course. I will go with the flow of people's directions.
Maybe, 3-4 people max? It might get too crowded otherwise.
Please join in!
And excuse my horrible storytelling since it has been a while.

IC: A bed.
An antique nightlight which only shimmers sepia undertones.
The radio watching our every movement and knowing exactly what tones to play to embrace the scene.
Her gold hair with those perfect curled curls.
And me, tracing my teeth along her soft and feminine shoulder.
Honey sweet giggles from soft pink lips, forming those sweet words…

“Wake the fuck up!”

I sat straight up after being hit by lightening only to be aware that my dream was merely a dream.
“Goddamned Frank, I saw her… the very essence of her formed back into my memory”
“Back in between your legs, you mean.”
I grunted and plopped myself back down onto the pillows, trying to remember the image that was dripping away. “What the hell did you wake me up for.”
The only other man in the room kept vividly filling a duffel bag with clothes, and spoke without even glancing at me.
“Well, as far as I know they announced the end of the world 2 hours ago, so I don’t know what you’ll be doing but I’m getting out of here.” He left the room and I heard him going into the kitchen.
“If it’s the end anyway, where in the world will you go to?”
I heard him ‘reorganizing’ the refrigerator and with a ‘anywhere else but here’ he left the apartment.

I needed a big sigh before I could sit back up, trying to ignore the lipstick stains on the pillow that laid at my feet. My eyes searched for something else and happily they reached the window. The night was gracefully filling the sky, dragging along a few hidden stars with him.
I guess Frank was right, being anywhere but here to enjoy a man’s last days on earth was maybe not such a bad idea.
My feet refused to move but after a few minutes of discussing the reasons with them, my toes hit the floor. I had gone to sleep in ripped jeans and a white t-shirt that needed ironing, but after putting on my black all stars I thought I was worth a million bucks.
I grabbed my brown leather jacket of the chair in the hallway and closed the door without looking back; leaving my home for probably the last time.

I set foot onto the concrete street and saw dust and newspaper filling the air everywhere.
The sounds of cars were missing and not even a peep or chirp was entering my ears.
As if it had always been like this, I walked slowly with an almost drunk attitude towards the center of the city.
Grunts formed between my lips as the center was not like my street. People were standing everywhere, and after ten minutes of being deaf I got my hearing back.

Chaos and death wandered the streets, people’s faces were almost painted with ‘Munch’ despair.
I passed the local retail store that had TV’s lined up portraying the end of the world in repeat.
They had been showing the same volcano eruptions and tsunamis for almost three days now but it still got attention from a group of people who watched it as it it was the first time. My ears collected the gasps and ‘oh my god’s’ an my eyes rolled in reply.

I managed to find my way into the masses and almost created a smile as I saw my favourite bar edging closer. ‘Le soir’. It had been the only French I had managed to accept into my life and I hopped into the old house with most sincere joy.
Time had stood still in this place, the neon lights were burning like every night and the bartender nodded to me when I asked for the usual.
Happiness; since I knew this place would have people that cared as much as me, alas very little, and wanted to end their last days in peace.

Without knowing anybody I joined a group of young people discussing the circumstances and my ears had found their rightful home again.