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Author Topic: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]  (Read 1699 times)

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Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« on: August 01, 2010, 12:10:53 pm »
Hey guys, decided to revamp some ideas and pitch a few particular plots that I'm interested in as well as general pairings.

Before you start looking let me just say that for most role plays I would enjoy playing the female. There are some where playing a male might pass but I've just never been too sure if my males work out well enough.

Also, when I play as females, I like to make them curvy, plump, and just beautiful in whatever size I decide. If that's not what you like, then I understand but that's just my preference.

In my role plays I love literacy. Please give me something good. Do not give me lower cased letters in the beginning of sentences and attempt capitalization, I understand typos and things like that since I do it myself but there's a difference between typos and just not trying.

And, at least give me a paragraph, two preferably.


*-Wouldn't mind trying.
**-Particular Interest
***-Would love to

Plots I'm Craving:

*******************Exploring the New World
Everyone knows the story of Pocahontas and Sacagawea, Native American women who helped English explorers and introduced them a brand new land on the East Coast. What I want is to explore the story of a Native American woman {or man if you'd like the roles to be reversed} of the south, namely in the lands bordering between a whole new country of what we now know as Mexico and the borders of Texas. I would want to write about an English settled, male or female, coming into the territory and being introduced to a whole new world, a new community of people and second guessing his or her motives to building land and sacrificing his or her own reputation for befriending and soon falling for a Native American.

************Curves for the Taking

She is the plump, beautiful woman of a Native American Tribe, living in a world where modesty is held high and so is arranged marriages to another tribe man. Living in her own community, she is satisfied with the simple life and only hearing of the legends of the beast men. These Men that are told of only in stories are like beasts, they have the forms of man only covered in fur, full of muscles, and a face that is more like a wolf. They are able to shape into humans, deceiving their prey. Her tribe is the target of these Men, to pillage and to find whatever they could want. But after a night of Violence and victory over a helpless tribe she is found by the tribe's strongest warrior. He considers her beautiful, a true prize, she's not frail or bony, but soft and strong in her size. So he takes her, a rare, beautiful woman to have as his own trophy, and to have her accepted into the tribe. [I really would love to do this one, we can discuss the shape of men and we could even change the setting but the idea of this roleplay is my favorite so far. There will be more trials and tribulations like her fitting in with these creatures and her being a Chosen Mother of a new race, able to breed with her Warrior even though she is human and it is usually impossible. Just PM me and we can discuss whatever you would like! Thanks!]

*******More then a Label
The setting is high school. With the geeks, the freaks, the preps and the jocks, where does She fit in. She's curvy and plump, picked on through most of middle school for being a 'fat girl', she's beautiful along the face and honestly, she's just voluptuous. And for some reason He takes a notice of her. So what happens in high school when a girl who's bigger then the Home Coming Queen can come into a date but the skinnier girl can't? Is it all out war in high school or is it a slow conversion? An acceptance? [As for what group He belongs to...I would like for him to be either a Jock, an Artist, a Musician, or a Rebel/Party type. A good guy who's labeled but learns to break free from the label with her...]

******Forbidden Melody
She's a well known singer. Recently her debut album has risen to the top of the charts and she has singles still in the top ten of the Billboard charts, she's not the average star with curves and thickness making out her form, but her voice is out of this world, powerful and sweet with a deepness that could entrance the average human being. The rise to fame is not easy or pretty though, threats are being made on her life and she has even had a break in on her tour bus where her and her backing band tour and rest. So, He is hired as her body guard. He's tall, buff, and powerful, a force of nature sent to protect her. But can boundaries be set between them or will the lines blur as singer and guard get closer and the threats keep coming?

******Internet vs Reality.
They've been chatting on the internet for over two years. At first they were just bored, talking, saying hello and asking about the other's day. But pretty soon things got more intimate, they discussed their families and their jobs, told the other about their fears and their interests. It seemed like the two were seriously connecting. The thing is, they've decided to meet. It's odd because they actually live in the same district, in the same county, state, everything. They've never seen each other, due to their own personal fears and because they're both a bit shy. But with descriptions they decide to meet at the food court on a Saturday afternoon. When they meet however...they soon realize...that they know each other. [As for how they know each other, that can be discussed. I'm thinking they could be high school students, one could be popular, the other isn't, or something like they're class mates...but also, it could also be co-workers, famiy members, college students, etc. I just wanna try this out.]

******The Wild West
She is the mayor's daughter in the world of the Wild, Wild West. Where cowboys roamed free and bandits often hijacked trains. Being the daughter of a mayor means she has a reputation to uphold. She is the talk of the town as talks of marriage come into air. She is to be married to someone wealthy and powerful, not for love, but for social status. Another tradition brought over from the stuffy European Lands. However, as things begin to get shady and the talk of the town is no longer her love interest but of her father's dirty dealings, things get turned upside down. Now in order to protect his daughter he sends her off, to the east where Indians roam and Cowboys are as potent as over. [I'm not sure who would be her love interest, a Native American or a Cowboy, both would be wildly entertaining and I would love to try out any sort, even just another wealthy man in a new town would be interesting. Just PM me and we can discuss details, I just want an old western love story. C:]

**********College Life
College is a tough place to be. It's a whole new world and setting, being drug away from your friends and family and placed into a setting where for four years the teachings of the major of your choice will be drilled into your mind. So in order to keep your sanity you branch out and you meet new people, new friends. What I want is a role play going through the lives of our characters who meet. I think it would be ideal for one of them to either be quiet, a studier or a nerd who likes games, while the other is more outgoing, good looking, and with the two of them meeting in a club, their friendship could blossom in time to a full blown romance. But also I wanna go through the drama of college and the issues of distance. I want this to be a long term roleplay and would enjoy to have someone literate and able to role with the punches as well as give in with their own ideas.

********Love me Tender
Settling into a new city is never quite easy. Sure she has a job now at a coffee shop and she's just moving into her apartment and getting it all settled and taking classes online to obtain her Master's degree and one day become a successful journalist, but it's not easy making it on her own. She's only 23 and living in a city like this alone could easily suck the life out of you. Recently though, a man at the age of 45 has taken notice of the spastic young girl, he goes to her coffee shop and after conversations and smiles, has developed a sort of crush. But how could he ever break the ice when she is so young and he's only half a decade away from being fifty. When he finds her struggling with groceries after a terribly rainy day and not being able to find her keys in front of her apartment, it's much to his surprise that they live just down the hall from each other, so he helps her, even when she's crying and soaked, he finds her gorgeous and from there their relationship begins.

********It's Not Natural, but it Feels right. [Needs a male, can choose any sort of animal to make into an anthro, can even be full anthro or just mild with certain features, we can discuss. Mainly there will be seduction and the forming of a relationship between two different...races.]

She's tired of being lonely. Yes, she's successful and endearing with a job she would kill to keep. But it doesn't keep away the fact that her best friends are across the country as well as her Mother, the only family she cared to keep in touch with. It wasn't like she could fly out every weekend to visit. And being the plump, curvaceous, and sexually starved woman is, her constant need for companionship but never having the balls to go after it, leaves her feeling tired and hopeless. But as the world changes, so does she. Recently there have been reports on anthros. Human beings, modified with the features of animals. Furry ears, tails, canines, claws, whatever it was, these little creatures were coming out of no where and the Human world was shocked, appalled, and ultimately fought to keep them out of society. So when she sees Him, all alone, thrown a way, a young man with the features of animal, handsome but homeless her need for someone over takes her senses and she ends up taking him into her home. But will this be the best thing? Or the worst?

*****A song of Siblings [Male needed. Also if you wanted to switch the roles that'd be okay too. I could be the sister, you could be the brother who sand, your choice. PM me.]
Life has been going pretty swell lately. She's an upcoming singer with fame and stardom. She has a fan-base and already a million records sold. Her singles have hit the Itunes charts as well as The Billboards, she's got it all. Except for the fact that she left her family right out of high school and hadn't returned home since. Of course she called and talked to her mother and older younger brother but things were busy, life was hectic. Finally, though she has a chance to visit. Since her tours have stopped for a while she decides to visit for Christmas and following into the Winter season. However, while she has been away, her younger brother has developed an infatuation with her. He had always loved her and admired her. But the curvaceous, plump sister of his  had confidence now and stardom. Her beauty had only blossomed and every where he went he could hear her voice on the radio or see her face on promotional ads. So when she comes home, he sort of freaks out. After all, he's one of her biggest fans. But will he pursue his sister or let his attraction go unnoticed. And will she realize that her pictures litter every file in his computer and that he can hardly function when he's around?

************Curvy Lover
Can be simple, sweet romance or dirtier. :)

For this one I want to roleplay as a full figured woman, my characters are always curvy and plump anyways but I want this to be more so. She wants to get into acting, she wants fame and fortune, she wants recognition. She's an amazing actress but is constantly overlooked for her skills. She is more happy being on stage but has moved to Hollywood to pursue movies and shows. She is currently living with her skinny blond friend but the friend seems to be deliberately and sneakily blowing her chances left and right, sabotaging  and the like. It is not until she goes into a coffee shop for a job that she meets the man of her dreams, your character. A child star turned coffee shop manager, just what does a slightly insecure girl like her expect to learn from such a handsome, out of league man like him?

******************In a Certain Light:
He's been an art student for the past three years. He's drawn all sorts of things, figures, scenes. He has a marvelous skill and he's one of the best. However, there is one thing he has yet to draw. The teacher has given them an end of the year assignment before they charge into their fourth and final year of University, he must choose a nude subject, a human, it did not matter what race or what gender. At first he is stumped, but then it comes to him. He's been friends with her since Freshman year of college, it would be a perfect time to ask. The only thing was, she was a bigger girl. Curvaceous and with full breasts and hips, a soft, slightly round stomach and full thighs, in his eyes she was beautiful, but in her own she was anything but. Could she honestly expose herself to her friend and the rest of the world. And what happens after a while when He finds himself falling for his own subject, the woman in his painting has now become the woman of his dreams...but how does he tell her that?

*********Sing it to me again, Baby.
It's the 1920's. She's a gorgeous, full figured jazz singer. Leaning on pianos and dressed in the latest fashion to fit her curves. She had the attention of the entire club every night, her voice is like that of a goddess, powerful and soft, sweet and bold, she's got the entire package in her set of pipes. But He's the man she only sings for. The city gangster who sells alcohol under the tables, the one whose illegal workings got her this job in the first place. He's her friend, nothing more, right? After all, he's running a mob he has no time for plus sized singers, but there's something about her...something new. Maybe it's the fact she's got a new man, her first man. Jealousy ensues and music sparks even more as the battle between mobster and the sweet boy next door ensues and she's left in the middle, unsure of what to decide.

******Love isn't a game.[needs male, any sport is fine.]

Their relationship was beautiful and happy. They had a loving, carefree love through out the beginnings of high school. But pretty soon he became involved with Sports, and that was the wedge driven between them. He took his time to practice and play, not that she minded, but...when it came between their date nights, anniversary, birthdays and more, a girl could only take so much. After an ugly fight, the broke up in the middle of senior year. Regret tracked Him even as he went into a Professional League and gained the dream he always wanted. He was a sports star and he was successful but he wasn't happy. He was alone and he knew it was because he had put his goals over the woman he loved. She had been left behind to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life and future. It's six years when they meet again, an awkward bumping into one another opens up a whole book of memories and a world of regret and wistful thinking. But could it be more? Could they rebuild their old relationship and love again?

****I Hold The Lock And Key

Since middle school they've been friends. Since grade school they've been neighbors, and when having so little distance between two people for so long you're bound to get attached. Only thing is though that since they were in eighth grade their attachments have been...much more intimate then what most friends would think to have. Needless to say they have been each others' firsts and they have experimented in the world of sex on each other. Now it's Senior year though and they are both eighteen. Despite their connect the girl is slowly drifting away. She finds her eyes wandering, she has no real relationship with her neighbor but her heart is starting to go towards another man. However even when she does announce she had a boyfriend she can not deny her body to her neighbor. No matter how angry she might get it's just this...magnetic sort of thing between them. But enough is enough...should she keep on going to him...or let him go completely? Even when her body cries for no one but him.

*******The Forbidden Fruit
She's promised to be married. To a man she's only met twice. He's wealthy and only some what attractive and able to make her parents proud. But she's in love with someone else. The boy she's known since she was a growing girl. He's everything she wants in a man except for the fact he's definitely not rich, or even moderately well off. He's poor and lives outside of the city. But He loves her too. He knows his place and he knows it could never happen. But it's the attraction of forbidden love, the bond of best friends and secret admirers that keeps them together. But what will she do? Will she embrace her life as an engaged woman or will he still her way? It's a world of priority and social standing can they break through those bonds and find true happiness or will it be a world of searching and loneliness forever?

****A Second Chance[Needs a Male as a supernatural creature your choice]

The lovers, at first, had all ways been close. One was of supernatural upbringing, powerful and glorious, the other a woman, gorgeous and delicate. It had been a torrid relationship, passion and love in everything they did but as the years grew on and the man's possessiveness grew to downright abrasive jealousy and anger, controlling every part of her life, the woman could no longer handle it. She ran away one night...only to have a group of bandits rape and kill her.

So now, in a century of Modern Age and Love, He is alone, trying to maintain what little happiness he was capable of finding he suddenly found her. The woman that he had messed up with all those years ago...his second chance at love. [/quote]

****Best Friends: [Male Role Needed, can be either friend]
They've known each other since grade school, best friends and inseparable they've been through it all. However once High School arrives their friendship is tested. One has taken the route of a bookworm, all ways studying, all ways reading, all ways trying to get good grades. The other had taken the path of the rebel. Popular and good looking with charm to boot, they've neglected studying and instead spend their time being a host. One fatal part has the rebel bringing the book worm along...only to have the nerdy friend be overwhelmed by the drinking and the sex and the chaos...and confronts their best friend. Only to have an argument that shatters their friendship forever.
Five years after graduation and the two still aren't talking until they happen to meet at a local coffee shop just downtown from the new apartments they've moved in. Both of them have changed...but have they changed enough to still be friends?

****Love knows No boundaries

For years the two have been good friends, from high school to college they've gone through it all. Their parents have all ways been supportive of their friendship even if they were of different races. Yet when the two realize after a night of partying at a college club and a little too much to drink that their friendship is much more then that, the heated desire for each other falls into secret love.
Their families don't like the fact that two differently colored people are going out, in fact, they hate it! Neither are supportive and both wish to have grandchildren of the same color. But these two realize that despite their obstacles and the chances they've tried to go and find someone else of their own color and type that no matter what they're still drawn to that person. It's love at its finest and no matter what, they're meant for eachother. Despite the gripings of their families. At least their friends support them. [I'm willing to play either a white or mexican girl. The other can be a male of any race, I don't mind at all, just PM me.]

****Arranged Marriage Between Different Races...Can it work?
Either one of us can be the vampire or the werewolf, this can be a deep romance story or one that goes rougher, however you feel, PM me about it.

The idea is, the Vampires and Werewolves are at the brink of finally signing a treaty. They have it all planned out and ready to go. They're tired of the fighting. But something needs to be done first. Something to really show they're trying, when in reality they want a small inkling of an excuse for this to never work. So they bring out a lone vampire and a lone werewolf and join them in holy matrimony. Neither one of them knowns until the big day. They know its an arranged marriage and a decade or more of being alone has eaten at them but it is not until moments before their vows are being exchanged that they know two very unlikely races are joining together. Just how will this work in the end? Sure there might be a bond in time but how can two people of races that hate each other try and learn how to love each other? And will the treaty ever be passed?


Also, a side note, if you got any ideas featuring a curvaceous woman, plump and so as the main woman, let me know. I would love to hear it.


Genres I'm Craving:

Rockstar/Body guard****
Band member/Band member***
Band member/Other*
Engaged Girl/Best Man***
Engaged Girl/Fiancé****
Old High School Love/Famous Hollywood Producer***
Gymnast/Male Gymnast***
Guardian Angel/Human****
Arranged Marriage****
Forbidden Love****
Cowboy/Good Daughter****
Weres in general****
Stripper/Rich Man****
Younger Woman/Older Man***
Older Woman/Younger Man***

Anime Roleplays I could go for:

Inuyasha- I like to play Original Characters but also, I can play Sango, Rin, Kagura, and Kikyou. ***

Ouran Highschool Host Club- An OC as well as Haruhi****

Naruto- OC, Hinata, Ten-Ten, Tsunade, Temari, and Ino.**

Dragon Ball Z-  An OC,Videl, Botan, Chi-Chi**

Vampire Knight- An OC or Yuki.***

Chobits- An OC ***

Love Hina- An OC*

Fruits Basket- OC, Tohru, Risa,...pretty much any girl.***

The Melancholy of Haruhi- An OC or any of the girls.****

Other Ideas I Would Like to Try:

Disney Based Plots (can have a twist or not)****
X-Men ***
Lord of the Rings**
Final Fantasy***
Saints Row****

That's all for now ;D
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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new]
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2010, 07:34:29 pm »
Just added the first plot, Curves for the Taking and would really like to do this one!

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new]
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2010, 10:03:05 pm »
Hey! Sorry for the slowness, I had no idea you replied. Oops :C

A were bear, in my head is more of like a were wolf really, able to shift into a human and then into a bear for battle, haha.

Just a different thing to shift into I guess? But if you mean more of anthro, Ummm...

Maybe like this? > <

Just a lot better looking? Haha.

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2010, 03:19:29 pm »
Alright guys here's the thing, I am incredibly bored and in need of a good literate partner. C:

Please don't hesitate to ask questions or even suggest your own plots to me. Thanks.

Offline LittleMonster

Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2010, 03:21:43 pm »
I really like the Curves for the Taking idea. I'm not really experienced playing a male, but if you're willing to roleplay with someone eager to learn, I'd be happy to try something out with you. :]

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2010, 01:18:10 am »
I haven't done anything with samurais and the like for some time.  I used to watch Inyuasha a lot when it was still on, but I lost track of it after a while so I don't know as much as I'd like is the only deal.  But, that doesn't mean I am unwilling to try something along those lines.  Original characters would probably be a good way to go.  I was a big fan of Rourini Kenshin as well, so forgive me if I go that route a bit at some point during the character creation part lol.  Anyway, PM or OOc comments, it doesn't matter to me Reyne.

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2010, 09:13:27 pm »
Added a new plot. [Love isn't a game.]

And also took away a few ideas.

Looking for partners. <3 Thanks.

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2010, 02:12:40 am »
Just added a plot. >[It's not natural but it feels right.]<

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #8 on: August 20, 2010, 06:01:36 pm »
Added a plot.

A Song of Siblings.

Open for anything.

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #9 on: August 21, 2010, 06:31:22 pm »
Added The Wild West and Forbidden Melody <3

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #10 on: August 22, 2010, 01:45:47 am »
Added College Life.*

Would really like to do a Western Roleplay or Sing it to me Again Baby* However I can work with whatever plots you want to.

PM Me.

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #11 on: August 23, 2010, 01:12:22 pm »
Added Exploring the New World and Love me tender.

Would enjoy something historical maybe from the few plots I have or if you have any, let me know. Thanks.

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #12 on: August 26, 2010, 05:36:17 am »
I have added More then a Label. Open for all that is listed.

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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #13 on: August 26, 2010, 10:18:01 pm »
Added The Internet vs. Reality.


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Re: Just a drop [plots for threads][new][F for M]
« Reply #14 on: August 26, 2010, 10:25:56 pm » our RP still on? I noticed you hadn't posted for a few days..