CM's current cravings [UPDATED AUGUST 3rd]

Started by CriminalMinds, July 30, 2010, 03:19:54 AM

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Now though, I have time to roleplay. I guess I should start with my turn ons and turn offs and then go onto the scenes that I have already. :)

Turn Ons

- Anal play - receiving
- Rape - being forced
- Genital piercings - having nipples and clit pierced and other places you may want.
- Big cocks
- Bondage
- Multiple cocks
- Oral
- Torture - sexually and physically (also see turn offs for limits)
- Water sports.
- Pregnancy
- Submitting
- Slavery

Turn Offs

- Mutilations
- Death
- Scat
- Gore
- Amputation

As for the scenes I have:

Arranged Marriage - Really want to try :D

Her parents are very strict and old fashioned. They believe in arranged marriage's, no sex before marriage and all that stuff, so with their 16 year old daughter, they decide to arrange her marriage and make sure she's pure for the taking to someone who will treat her well and teach her what a woman should do in life, and that's be in the kitchen and bedroom, not out working. She's also eye candy. Any man would want a cute 16 old wife. Mandy is pulled out of school completely and her parents tell her the news. She's getting married to her dad's 35 year old friend. She's a little wild and needs to settle down and treat her husband well. Though, Mandy doesn't agree at all and they hope that once she's married to him (forcing her to say I do) and having her move in with him. She'll settle down and serve her man.

This is a NC RP that will eventually turn willing: All sorts can be discussed and included in the role :)

The Enemy's Girl

They're rival gangs. Hate each other and each own half the town's territory. One day his 16 year old girlfriend is on their territory and they take her hostage, hoping to bargain taking over heir rival's gang with her. Also, they decide to have a lot of fun with her, deciding to torture her so that when they give her back, it'll teach the rest of the gang members not to enter their territory, but also ruin her for her boyfriend.

Lots involved in this plot to.


He loves to kidnap girls and dress them up and turn them into his dolls. He has had many of them in the past, experimenting with them, using them as show dolls and sex dolls, training them to be perfect in his house. He's dressed them up in many things and entered them into competitions, but a lot have failed and when they fail to get him first prize, he gets mad. When he sees young Mandy though, at 16 years old. He knows she is perfect. Her long red hair - they love fiery red hair and pale skin - thin body with curves in the right places, no fat. She's a cheerleader so works out, 36c boobs. And for even better personal use, she's a virgin and pure. He can train her to be exactly how he wants in the bedroom and as a showgirl doll.


Love And Submission

Showgirl sounds pretty good to me. Is it still open?

Discord: SouthOfHeaven#3454



He's the party animal, popular brother. She's the unpopular geek. He loves to drink and socialise. She loves to do her homework and read. Everyone knows this of the siblings. He's 21 and at university, she's 16 and still in highschool. Everyone knows the siblings. No one could imagine a pair so different. He even gets teased about his younger sister, how she dresses so conservatively that she'll never be laid, that she'll be one of those women that are a virgin at 50 living with loads of cats, that she needs to learn to let her hair down so she can be saved. For most of it he's taken no notice. He's ignored his sister. But after the lastest party, people have again commented on his sister's innocence. After a fair amount of drinks making him buzzed but not completely drunk he decides that he can help his sister, Mandy out and his friends egg him on to do so. So, off he goes home. He knows that he can talk her around into anything, especially if he gets her thinking and questioning things, but also by putting her on a guilt trip.


The Bus Ride

They're going on a family trip together. Mother and father chose to sit at the front and her brother and her chose the five bus seats at the back. It's just those two at the back and it's empty towards the back to. Most people sitting in the middle and front of the coach. She sits near the window. He chooses the middle seat to look down the aisle. It's going to be a long ride. A two day long ride before they hit their holiday destination, in fact.

He's bored and already horny. The only person around to quench his thirst is his younger sister, 17 year old Mandy, sitting in a short skirt and bikini top as it's hot. How to get her on his lap without kicking and screaming though. She helps him with that, unknowingly though. Getting up to use the toilet on the bus, Mandy tries to move past him, the bus hits a bumpy route and she falls back into his lap. The route only seems to get bumpier from there, stopping her from simply getting up but causing Mandy to bump about in his lap, her back against his chest.

Perfect for him to hold her down and cover her mouth if he chooses to proceed.


Possibly extreme. She's been undercover in the drug world for a while now, when she's actually a cop, getting evidence towards a well known druglord. Everything is about to go really wrong though, and her cover has been blown though she doesn't know it. It's too late though. After given a sleeping pill in some food, she wakes up in some kind of torture chamber, naked.

Raping Her Ass

When he first saw her ass he was mesmorised. Though it was hidden by her clothing he knew that he had to get it for himself. Mandy was young and innocent and he knew that her ass would be untouched and sweet for him to explore and play with. He wanted her ass all to himself. And so he sets a plan in motion that leads him to kidnap her so he can worship her anally.

Other things can also be done, like virginal sex, but I would like the main focus to be anal. :)


The Frat Party

She sneaks into a party with a friend. It's a college party and completely wild. She's innocent and naive and only came because of a friend begged her to. In the end her friend deserted her at the party and she was left alone so her friend could hook up with guys. By the end of the night she was no where in sight and Mandy was left alone. She found someone who knew the guys holding the party and asked if she could stay the night. Them been drunk agreed. It's a different story when they woke up though.

They wake up hungover to a young girl on their couch asleep. The three of them can't remember telling her to sleep over but get bad ideas in their head. She can pay some rent and they can have fun. Rent isn't paid in money though, or they don't want the rent paid in money. They have a different idea in mind, one that they've all done plenty of times with girls that have stayed without any of their say. And that is to all have sex with her.


Hello criminalMinds
I like the Idea ofundercover and Raping Ass I will be available Wednesday night for play.
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Forced: Mate for life.

Mandy's life revolves around the computer. She signs into chat rooms everyday after school at 16 and talks to people she's never met or even saw but she does think about safety, until she starts talking to him. Her parents regularly fight and she's unhappy at home, often talking about not being able to wait until she can leave. She believes that he is 18 and one day, months after they initially began talking, she agrees to meet him at the local park one evening, trusting he is who he says he is.

But he's not. In fact, he's 30, not 18. And he's out looking for someone to mate with, someone to take back to his house and keep as a pet - as his. She is that girl. She's alone and vulnerable. Mandy doesn't have any friends at her school and it seems her parents don't care for her. She's sent her pictures and he's sent fake ones. After months of talking to her, pretending to care, not mentioning anything about sex or anything like that because she talked about how she couldn't understand people that looked for sex online.

She's everything he wants - naive, innocent, a virgin, beautiful, young. And he's about to get her, making her his mate, his wife, the mother of his children and his pet.



A lot like the above role except this time its a Teacher. He knows Mandy is the unpopular, shy geek in school. She hardly goes noticed in the place except for with the teachers. The kinds don't even notice her enough to tease her. They also know that she has problems with her parents at home. The 16 year old is a beauty in her sex ed teacher's eye though, despite him been married with kids of his own. It's then that he gets her email and starts to message her, acting like a student of the school, talking about how he's noticed her - like a secret admirer. Little does Mandy know that it's her school teacher.

He slowly gains her confidence and trust over email, and while he does this he also rents an apartment on the outskirts, in the crappy part of town so that he can keep her there. After all, he can't let his wife and kids know his secret life. He can't let Mandy get away though. He just has to have her.

One day, she finally agrees to meet him at a park just after dark and stupidly she does. That's when he takes her to his rented apartment for a different type of sex ed lesson. This one MUCH more detailed than in the classroom with all the toys and things that could ever be imagined.

Anything can happen in this :) Anal, BSDM, enemas, gangbangs, DP, everything.