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Author Topic: My Random Ideas [MUL, M/F, F/F]  (Read 544 times)

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My Random Ideas [MUL, M/F, F/F]
« on: July 29, 2010, 05:29:07 PM »
Alright, I decided to try one of these things again in hopes of getting some more RPs going on here. If anyone is interested in an idea below, feel free to PM me or post here. I just ask that anyone who would want to RP be as least semi-literate. No one-liners, please. Try to get two nice paragraphs, at the least.

So, for anyone who happens to not think I'm too bossy (I'm really not, promise!). And for anyone intersted, my On's and Off's should be in my signature. I'll work on cleaning this up and making it...fancier...when I figure out just how to do so.


A Night With the Countess

Inspired by this pic: NSFW
The Countess

This idea is a bit of an oddball for me, as I see it being rather Extreme.

In it, I want to play a character (or characters, I'm fine with playing multiple) who seeks refuge at the estate of Elizabeth Bathory when her/their village was attacked by invading...the Ottomans, I think were the people she and her husband opposed. Either way, they need to escape the soldiers that are chasing them, and having heard the tales of the countess intervening to help destitute woman and those abused by men, hope she will help them.

She does, allowing the girl(s) inside, treating them like royal guests, shielding them from the horrors of the war outside the castle walls. But, she starts seducing them one by one, turning them into her pets, willing slaves, all for the purpose of using their blood to keep herself young...

It is very much a bare-bones idea and all the specifics can be worked out. I'm just looking for someone to play the "Countess Dracula." Please PM me if you're interested! Just, please, be able to give some good, quality posts...Nothing has to be novel length, just a few good paragraphs for this please. The fun is in the details. ^^


First off, my ideas that don't have opening posts...

Spies M/M or F/F

I have some ideas below, but basically, as long as it has something to do with spies, I'll be happy. Could be anything like James Bond, Burn Notice, The Bourne Series...So on and so forth.

Alright, the basic ideas is both characters are spies. The idea that I have is that there's a new girl at the Agency. Well, no so much as new, but she's just been selected to do field work. She's done some before, as like all prospective agents for the CIA she's been through the Farm, but for the most part she's been doing desk and technical work.

But now she has a chance to prove herself. And that's all I really have. My character would presumably be another spy, perhaps one of the better ones the CIA employs...America's James Bond maybe? How they meet or stuff happens can be discussed out. Maybe an assignment that should have been incredibly easy instead flips over into something that even the best would have trouble with. *shrug*

The other idea I had is more of a Cold War era one. For purposes of the RP we could even say that the Cold War never ended, the USSR never fell, and the KGB is still around. Basically, there's a CIA agent and a KGB agent, probably in some contested country, with one on some mission and the other working to defend or protect what the other is after and...Meh, I dunno. We could work something out if interested.

Earth's Urban Combat Championship M/F or F/F

This idea is set in the Mass Effect universe, but it doesn't have to have anything to do with the games aside from setting and technology.

The EUCC is, very simply put, futuristic paintball. There are two teams that fight in out in, you guess it, an urban area. The only thing is instead of paintball guns, they are using military grade armor and weapons. With special safeties in place, of course, so no one gets killed. The lethal rounds are replaced with stunner and knockout rounds, which paralyze and "kill" the combatant when a killing shot would have been landed. If it isn't a killing shot, well, then it just hurts like hell.

My idea for this is that there is a team that, while decent, isn't particularly great. Especially since their best player just stabbed them in the back and jumped ship to join one of the better teams in the division. The best team, actually. The team expected to go and win the championship this year.

In a stroke of luck, though, they learn that in their town/city is a recently retired war hero. If they can get him/her to join the team, or hell, at least give them some training pointers, things would help out a lot. And I have two twists in mind. The veteran is either a long-time childhood friend of the team leader, or the vet is a long-time childhood enemy of the team leader. Whichever is more fun.

And for fun, here are examples of some of the armor:

Edmonton Blood Dragons
Dragons - 2

That one is an actual team in the game, you can get their armor to use. These one's I don't have quite the creativity to come up with team names and where they are from. And yes, I know that some of these pics are merc groups and so on, but like I said, it can be in the ME setting without needing to use the story. Or we can say that the merc armors are the actual mercenaries that compete to try and find new recruits or raise money or something. *shrug*

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 4-2
Team 5
Team 6
Team 7

Superhero(ine)(s) M/F or F/F
I have, unfortunately (well, no, not unfortunately) been watching a lot of superhero movies and playing a lot of superhero games. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Arkham Asylum, Iron Man 1 and 2, and so on and so forth...

So, I just have a bit of a thought to want to do some superhero stuff. It could involve original characters in original settings, or established people like Bats and Stark and so on.

I have a few kernels to start an idea off of, but, with the dust my ideas usually gather I think I'll wait for anyone to show interest in this before letting them turn into something.

So Much For a Honeymoon F/F
This is an idea I have tried several times, but no one who starts it with me never feels like sticking around long enough for it to get anywhere...Simply put, my character is about to get married to a man that she is just absolutely head over heels for. She loves him so much that she really is blind to his bad habits, and pays no heed to the warnings that her friends give her about him. But, on the day of their wedding (or night before) she catch's him in bed with one of her bride's maids, a woman that she was really only friends with through her fiance.

Crushed and broken-hearted, she runs to her best friend for comfort...Unbeknown to her, her best friend has had a crush on her since they were in high school. That's about as much as I want to put, as anything else can be talked out between myself and whoever want to give this idea a try.


And there ideas have an opening post with them...

Perils of the Night F/F Preferred

This place was getting boring...The same songs, the same jerks that hit on her to grabbed her in some way...It was all getting boring! Acera hated boring things. She lived for excitement. Adrenaline rushes, the way her heart would speed up when she did something she wasn't supposed to do, dangerous, new, illegal, or any combination of the four...The girl was addicted to the rush. And now her favorite club no longer gave it to her. Just great...

Acera was taller than most girls her age, and had a slim, lithe body that had both boys and girls drooling over her. The boys were always shot down before they could even say their lame pick-up line, she hated boys. They just wanted a sexy trophy to carry around that would do whatever they said. And they weren't even fulfilling in bed. Girls on the other hand...

Her black hair reached just an inch or two above her waist, and tonight she had it pulled into a loose pony tail. Her bangs were chin length and framed her face. She had a face that didn't need any make-up, and her green eyes constantly had a mischievous spark in them. She was wearing a black crop top shirt, leaving her flat stomach bare, with the words "Make Me Purr" printed across her chest. A pair of blue low-rise jeans, fingerless gloves, and black shoes finished off her look for that night.

Leaving the dance floor, the girl made her way over to the bar. Despite being three years under the age of twenty-one, supposedly making her unable to drink alcohol, a quick smile and wink to the man behind the bar had her a nice cup of beer in seconds. Taking a long drink, she sighed and set the drink down on the bar before checking the time on her cell phone.

It was just after one AM. Smirking, she returned the phone to her pocket. Her parents had to be flipping out. Well, it was their fault she was this way. Acera was a genius. With an IQ of 200, and a natural talent for anything athletic, she excelled at anything she did. But the constant pressure put on her by her parents had caused her to crack, and at the age of 16 she went to her first party. She didn't remember much of that night, probably due to some combination of alcohol and drugs, but it had her hooked.

She started skipping school, lost her virginity just a month after that first party, and was in the wonderful place she was in now. She didn't regret a thing, not with how fun everything has been.

Finishing her beer, she left some money on the bar and left. She was going to have to go home early tonight...Her girlfriend had dumped her, so her parent's house was the only place to go if she didn't want to sleep in the cold. Once outside, she stuffed her hands in her pockets and started walking. She would walk a bit before getting a taxi, just to make her parents worry a bit more.

On second thought, maybe she would just look for a new club to stop at for the rest of the night. Yeah, that sounded good. Remembering a new one that was supposed to have opened up nearby, the girl took a short-cut through a dark alley. You know, the cliched ones that in movies, people scream "No, don't go in there! The monster's there!" ? One just like that. But hey, monsters and vampires didn't exist for real. And if some thug decided a lone girl was easy pickings, well...She'd prove them wrong...

[Okay, for this one, I kinda want something like a vampire or succubus, or just any kind of demon that can pass off as human to try and tame the little spitfire. Or, just something that is up for crazy nights of wild, crazy, dirty fun...Or someone that wants to give Acera the love and attention and life that she really needs...Whatever you like! ^^ ]

Wanted by Death F/F Preferred

She hated carriages. They were just so uncomfortable to ride in. The seats were not cushioned, and seemed to be designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. Each bump sent a spike of pain up her spine, and as the stream of bumps never seemed to end, it didn't take long for Silvia to loose the semi-good mood that she had been in. So far, though, she had kept from saying anything, not when the young girl sitting across from her in the didn't even have the slightest look of discomfort.

It was day three of the two-month long trip it was going to take them to get to the Vatican City, where they would find sanctuary from the numerous monsters that were after them. Vampires came each night, seeking to steal away the girl in her care. Then came the lycans, wanting the girl dead just so the vampires couldn't have her. Silvia had her hands full each night. Then, add in the occasional brigand or highwayman they found in the daytime...She hadn't had a good night's sleep since being charged with this mission.

Sighing in discomfort, the monster hunter pulled back one of the blinds of the carriage and looked out. She frowned at seeing that night had fallen already. Hitting the top of the carriage, a panel on the top was opened a few seconds later, the guard riding on the top with the driver looking down in.

"Is there something wrong, ma'am?" he asked.

"Tell the driver to stop in the next town we reach. The horses need to rest, and I'd rather not have to fight whatever comes to us this night on the road."

The guard nodded and closed the panel. Silvia sighed, hoping there was someplace they could stop coming up soon, before riding in this carriage permanently damaged her spine. Glancing out the window again, she sighed and shook her head, adding winter to her list of things to hate. Night came too early in this time of the year...

But, it didn't take long for good new to come. The guard opened the panel again, telling her about a town they had missed on the map. It was out of their way, but it had a train station, which they could use to shorten the time it would take them to get to the Vatican. And it was only an hour away...

The hour seemed to last an eternity, but they eventually did make it to the town. When the carriage came to a stop, Silvia didn't waste any time in getting out of the carriage. Stretching once she was able to stand up straight, her back let out a series of cracks. Then straightening out her red jacket and fixing her wavy brown hair, she looked around.

Not surprisingly, few people were out of their homes, considering it was night. The first thing she noticed, though, was that they hadn't stopped by an inn, just a stable. Frowning at that, she turned to glare at the driver, who just shrugged.

"You said we had to rest the horses...I've been here before, though, there isn't an inn...You can stay here and sleep in the carriage with me and our soldier friend though..."

The driver gave her a suggestive look, and Silvia sighed and shook her head. Men...

"No thanks...The girl and I will find some place else to sleep. Come one Megan, you can get out of the carriage."

At hearing her name, the young blonde girl in the carriage poked her head out the door, and looked around before getting out. The girl wrapped her arms around herself and shivered when a cold wind started to blow, and instinctively walked over to stand close to her guardian. The driver saw this, and grinned.

"Aww, look, the girl's cold...Leave her here, I can keep her war--"

A glare very close to being able to kill shut the man up, and Silvia put a hand on the girl's shoulder. Turning, they left the stable, leaving the soldier and driver to care for the horses, and started looking for the church in the town. They would be able to stay there, and no vampires would be able to bother them.

((For the town they're in right now, think the one from the Van Helsing movie. It's just like that place...Anyway, if interested, post, PM, or IM me. ^^ ))
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Re: My Random Ideas [MUL, M/F, F/F]
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2010, 11:29:22 PM »
Another Way To Die M/F, F/F

Okay, heavily inspired by "Another Way To Die" by Disturbed. Watch the music video on YouTube here, it helps set the scene for the RP:  Disturbed - "Another Way To Die" Official Music Video

Alright, basically, it is a post-apocalypse RP. Sometime in the near furture, let's say 2012 for the fun of it, human kind's treatment of the Earth catches up with them. A series of perfect storms just sweep the globe. Massive hurricanes year round, tornados, earthquakes, volcano eruptions...Everything just flat out goes to hell. When things settle the fact of Earth has changed, with many cities now destroyed, countries and governments universally crippled.

The rich and greedy of the world quickly take hold, forming a massive global order behind a private military. A special safe haven is set up specifically for them and the other elitists of the world. A supercity, it is the last real hospitable place of the Earth, at least in terms of what the majority of human kind has become used to.

Many flocked to this city to seek shelter, only to be herded like cattle into special refugee camps where they were told they had to wait as accommodations were made for them. These camps were ruled by the corrupt military, and very barely maintained. Homes were what the people put together themselves using scraps of the old world. Clothing was little more than rags, the lucky had shoes (the luckier managed to keep them), and water was a very closely guarded necessity, only a few people allowed to drink each day. Many people died, many more were hauled off as slave labor, or in the case of women, slaves for the elites in the city or bedwarmers for the soldiers.

Entertainment is whatever they can do to entertain themselves. Law itself is barely upheld in camp, and many have resorted back to basic primal urges, forming arenas and fight clubs...

Not everyone accepted this though. Bandits and raiders thrived in the lawlessness of the world, and other cities were built. Some were made by ordinary people trying to just get by (think of Megaton in Fallout 3, or the various stations in Metro 2033). Others were camps used by the bandits and raiders. The common person had little to look forward though, in terms of wandering the wastes that now composed of the world, or taking their chances in the refugee camps.

There is rumor of a group dedicated to bringing down the ruling Overlords, to remove the evil and corrupt from their place of power and try to set the world back on track. Many believe these are just hopeful stories, though. Some swear they are true. Who knows?


So, yeah...Can be Het or Yuri, or both. Characters can be completely negotiable, I just want to get this posted up while I had some muse to write it out with...It's just background, plots and, like I said, characters can always be worked out. I'm afraid to plot too much out and not have any interest shown.

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Re: My Random Ideas [MUL, M/F, F/F]
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2010, 11:18:03 PM »
I'd kinda like to take a crack at the "So Much For the Honeymoon" plot

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Re: My Random Ideas [MUL, M/F, F/F]
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2010, 09:57:58 AM »
Updated with Craving!