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Author Topic: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas  (Read 2159 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« on: July 29, 2010, 12:19:09 PM »
Ok so my muse has currently hit me with several ideas that I think could prove quite interesting. And I'm curious to see if there is any interest in any of them on here So without further adue here's what my muse has shotgunned at me. Would love to hear if anyone is interested! I'll probably do at least one of these games. Possibly more if interest is shown.

1. Le Resistance

This story would take place in a world who's history is quite different from our own. Though changes in history(which I'm fully able to elaborate on if this story gets off the ground) WW2 ended in 1940 with the assassination of Hitler, and the establishment of peace between Germany and the rest of Europe. But rather than secure a new golden age for humanity this only opened to door to aggressive expansion by the Soviet Union, which spread its boarders across Central Europe and Western Europe, engulfing Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, The United Kingdom, and Ireland. The United States, having never entered WW2, has continued it's "America First" policies, focused on rooting out any threats to the United States on both American continents. With no hope of liberation, the struggle for freedom in Europe has fallen to resistance groups throughout the occupied nations.

This story would follow the attempts of a resistance group to oust the Soviet occupation from their homeland. I think it would be an interesting story line to follow, and has potential for both action scenes, and romance/sex, and some fun interrogations! I could see players playing on either the resistance or Soviet side (though character choices on the Soviet side would be somewhat limited). I've changed history around/selected this time frame for three reasons. 1. I'm very familiar with WW2 technology,  2. It allows me more control over the situation then following real world history would, 3. I personally think it will be much easier/appealing to players if they play the 'evil communist' rather than a nazi. (yes I left 'nazi' un-capitallized on purpose).

2. The Greatest Story Never Told

I've tried to find a better way to describe this but honestly the first 25 seconds of this video do it perfectly.

Sliders Season 2 Intro

3. The Bird Cage

The Bird Cage, a very high class 'adult theater' in Paris, France. It is here that the mega rich of the world go to when they feel the desire to enjoy exotic entertainment. For the right price anything can happen, from a specific show request to a bit of.....private time.... Only the most attractive 'entertainers' from all around the world work within The Bird Cage's walls. To the casual observer it is all smiles, glitz, and glamor. But very few people think to ask the probing questions. Where does The Bird Cage seem to get its unending supply of 'entertainers' from? Why is it that these people are so willing to do ANYTHING when they are told to? Why does the club go to such lengths to keep its existence as secret as possible?

This is basically a 'slaver's club' idea with a bit of a twist....Not all the men and women participating are unwilling. A good number don't even know that slavery is involved some think that this is just a club to go to and enjoy themselves, some think that it is a good place to work while they plan on a better life....and some smile on stage for fear of what a frown or plea for help will bring...

4. Facility 316

It is the year 2035, the unrest that beset the world at the beginning of the 21st century is now long forgotten. The world had seen the brink, man had faced his own self-destruction. And as he stood on the precipice he realized....that the things tearing him apart were not worth the death of the human race. Since that time the differences have been set aside in the face of possible cataclysm, and the nations of man have sought to work together with one another rather than against. A new era of human existence is dawning. A time of unity, peace....a true golden age......but all is not perfect. There is still crime, there are still those who would seek to harm their fellows. What is to be done with these people? Can they be allowed to bring the evils of the past into man's new existence? The decision was made that they could not. And so new criminal procedures were put in place. Those convicted of any serious crimes, whether they be violent or simply acts of greed would find themselves being dealt with by a harsh hand. If they sought to disrespect the humanity of those around them...they would forfeit their right to be a part of humanity! And so all through out the world. The nations of man selected areas of their lands that had once served little or no purpose. Areas where life was hard, where survival was a true task, the Siberian wastes, the middle eastern deserts, the savage jungle islands of the pacific. These would be the world's new prisons, there would be no establishment of order, no wasted funds and energy. The evil, and the corrupt would be forced to survive on their own.  The only guards present would be those stationed at the outer limits of the prison zones. And their only task would be to turn back any escape attempts with full lethal force.  Facility 316 is one such sight. Located on an unnamed island in the pacific. It is host to a varied population consisting of both men and women from all around the world. Convicted of crimes from mass murder to corporate thievery. A new shipment of inmates is inbound. Who are they? Will they survive in a world where the only rule is the rule of the strong?

Only time will tell......

So....isolated colony of bad people all living together with no rules. I think this has potential to be quite fun and interesting. 

5. The Goodwine Academy for Lost Teens

To the general public The Tri-Care Foundation is a shining example to all the world of what human kindness and determination can do. The Tri-Care Foundation is the world's most successful system of orphanages and interim childcare centers. Taking in homeless children from around the planet, educating them, providing for them, and giving them the hope of a better life. The Goodwine Academy is one of the facilities owned and opperated by Tri-Care. It's focus is on nursing the best and brightest young men and women under the care of Tri-Care from the ages of 16- 21. It aims at giving them the tools they need to succeed in the world, to prepare them for college education, and to assist them in obtaining their dreams. This is it's mission statement, and how all those outside it's walls know it.

But those within it's walls know the truth. The Goodwine Academy is not what it claims. While it does focus on educating and preparing it's occupants for their future lives. Those lives are not focused on their dreams...but rather their nightmares, and the dreams of others. The each year the Goodwine Academy receives new members from all across Tri-Care, each new student is admitted on the criteria of physical attractiveness.  These young men and women don't know it but they are to be trained as sexual slaves and then sold off to the highest bidders. With no hope of escape, and no one to look for them, they have no way to avoid this fate The Goodwine Academy is in fact the world's most successful slave training and auctioning compound!

It is the beginning of a new year. New students will be arriving. Those students who were not sold the previous year are still living in the Goodwine Academy, and the Faculty and Staff are looking forward to breaking in a new batch of playthings. Need I say more?

6. The Gladiator Speed Circuit

It’s the year 2230, society as we know it is no more. The works of a man named Maxamilian Arturo have cemented the idea of social Darwinism in the world’s collective mindset. The strong rule by the only right there is, the right of power. Forget the right of the people, the meek have not inherited the earth, they are little more than the toy’s of the powerful. Unless one is ruthless or quite skilled there is no upward mobility in society. In this grim time the powers that be have seen fit to insure the pacification of the people by employing new methods of entertainment. Most popular of which is a sport which is a combination of gladiatorial combat, reality tv, and motorcycle racing. Any and all can enter, riding any and all forms of vehicle. The rules on the track are simple, there are none…to the winner goes the spoils, and the possibility of a better life...will you join the race?

Hopefully these generate some interest!

Online Writersblockade

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2010, 04:43:51 PM »

Whoever this muse of yours is, urban, give them a shot on me! I think the one I'm interested the most is Facility 316, but the GSNT with the Sliders take on the storyline would be phenomenal! I'll keep an eye out and see where others gravitate.

Offline darklightning

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2010, 07:05:04 PM »
I'll add a second vote for Facility 316, as well as possibly being interested in one of the others if it gets going. I'll bookmark this thread.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2010, 07:26:11 PM »
Glad to have you both along for the ride ;D

Offline OldSchoolGamer

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2010, 09:19:03 PM »
I could go for 316.

Offline NosCorventius

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2010, 10:29:43 PM »
I like both Le Resistance, and facility 316. Would also like to see perhaps a couple of lines of intro for the greatest story. Love Sliders but want to kind of see where your starting point and direction for this is headed.

Offline CmdrRenegade

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2010, 01:59:58 AM »
I like 1 and 6 the most followed by 2 and 4. 

Offline elfguy

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2010, 07:14:37 AM »
Also interested in those. I like scifi/post-apocalyptic RPs.

Offline Michael Corvus

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #8 on: July 30, 2010, 08:36:48 AM »
Hey Urban,

I really like your idea for Le Resistance. I'm somewhat of a history enthusiast, specifically the WWII era. I used to be involved in WWII reenactments here in the states, portraying a member of 3rd Battalion, Item Company, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) of the 101st Airborne Division. I probably learned more about WWII during my my time re-enacting than I did in school, though the lessons learned while reenacting were of a more personal nature. We actually spent weekends, and in some cases, weeks in the field living just as a WWII Paratrooper would have during the war with the exception, of course, that we didn't have real ammo being fired back at us.

I met many veterans, mostly American though some German as well, who shared their stories and experiences with me. We also participated in several mixed unit FTXs (Field Training Exercises) where we would set up a specific scenario, i.e. secure an ammo mis-drop, probe behind enemy lines, set up roadblocks, capture an enemy bridge intact, etc. Since we all used blank ammunition we used "umpires" to help keep things as realistic and as "fair" as possible and prevent someone who was clearly "killed" of not taking their hit. lol. Just a bunch of grown men playing war and shouting "I shot you" "Nuh uh! I shot you first!"  ;D

Anyway, I've rambled on too long here. I like the idea, sounds like fun. Facility 316 looks fun as well. Though, I think I'm going to have to trim a few games that aren't really... living up to their potential or just aren't getting it done for me. My plate is a little full trying to keep up with the few good games I currently have running, two of which you are the GM.

Offline rick957

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #9 on: July 30, 2010, 09:41:15 PM »
Lots of great ideas here, Urban, but my RP plate is too full right now to do anything requiring frequent posts.  I'll keep an eye on this thread, though, in case that changes.  :)

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #10 on: July 30, 2010, 09:53:32 PM »
Alright so then as it stands from what I've read, counting myself we have:

5 people interested in Le Resistance

4 people interested in The Greatest Story Never Told

0 people interested in The Bird Cage

7 people interested in Facility 316

0 people interested in The Goodwine Academy

3 people interested in The Gladiator Speed Circuit

That having been said I'm very much in the creative mood tonight so I'll most likely be developing the ideas that have had interest shown in them, Any updates will be made on this thread ;D hope to keep everyone's interest and garner more along the way!


Offline Michael Corvus

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #11 on: July 31, 2010, 01:31:04 AM »
Lots of great ideas here, Urban, but my RP plate is too full right now to do anything requiring frequent posts.  I'll keep an eye on this thread, though, in case that changes.  :)

Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to agree with Rick on this one. While your games look very fun and interesting Urban, and I would LOVE to be included in them, I'm having difficulty just keeping up with the few games I currently have. It would be irresponsible of me to take on another game like this at the moment. My sincere apologies. Good luck with your games. I'm sure they will be excellent.

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Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #12 on: July 31, 2010, 08:41:02 AM »
Sliders was an incredible show.  How fun to do a story based on it!  I'm intrigued by it, as well.  :)

Will it be adult or non, and will you be using original characters or the ones from the show?  (Even if I don't play in it, I'd love to bookmark it.)
« Last Edit: July 31, 2010, 08:42:34 AM by Elina »

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #13 on: July 31, 2010, 10:22:10 AM »
There will be original characters and adult elements.

Shame to hear that Corvus, hope you change your mind but either way you're always welcome in my games ;D
« Last Edit: July 31, 2010, 10:28:52 AM by Urbanzorro »

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas(Expanded; W/Pictures!)
« Reply #14 on: August 02, 2010, 08:52:30 PM »
1. Le Resistance
This story would take place in a world who's history is quite different from our own....

On July 27, 1940,  Count Fritz-Dietlof von der Schulenberg working in collusion with several high ranking officers in the German military put into action a plan to end Hitler's life during a scheduled parade in Hitlers honor to take place in then occupied Paris. Count Fritz-Dietlof von der Schulenberg was one of the Germans on the  reviewing stand with Hitler. And at precisely 12:05 p.m. he made the ultimate sacrifice in the quest to regain his country's soul. He approached Hitler and wrapped his arms around the dictator. 10 seconds later the 2 pounds of plastic-W, a then experimental plastic explosive, that the Count had strapped to his person detonated obliterating himself and Adolf Hitler.  At the same time, a group of several high ranking officers led by Retired Field Marshal Ludwig Beck enacted the second phase of the assassination plan. Units who's loyalty to their officers came before party loyalty had been strategically placed in preparation for this moment. And in the space of a single day, that would come to be known as Redemption Day by the German people, the conspirators managed to stage a successful coup. Erecting an interim military government in place of the Nazi regime. In the following weeks, this government sought peace with those nations the Nazis had gone to war with. Turning over much of the lands that had been conquered, securing peace and stability in Europe, and saving Europe and the world from what could have been the most costly war in human history......

Or so they thought. This change in history did not come without several repercussions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...and the reactions for the quick end of World War II were many.

Without the destruction caused by WWII the nations of the world had no reason to what new conflicts history would bring, and so The United Nations, and NATO were never formed.

In their place the British Empire, the French Government, and the German Militocracy formed The European Alliance.

Without the support of Nazi Germany, and the military support that it would have lent them. Both Japan and Italy were forced to reassess their own expansionist plans.

Italy was left without it's major ally and forced to rely solely on it's own military which was....incompetent at best. As such the Italian conquest plans never truly materialized outside of a few small wars against less advanced countries that only brought defeat after embarrassing defeat.

The Empire of Japan was no longer able to work under the protection of Europe having greater concerns than the far East colonies. And facing the prospect of fighting the combined Navies and Armies of France, Germany, and The British Empire. Japan was forced to indefinitely shelve it's own expansionist plans.   

The United States was never driven into war on the European continent. And the belief that they would never have a good reason to be dragged into handling European business for Europeans ingrained itself even deeper into the American culture. And so The United States focused its considerable economic and military strength towards stabilizing Both Central and South America. And insuring that they would never be caught with their pants down.

With no costly war to check it's growth and development The USSR grew in power and industrialization. Using its near infinite resources to fuel it's technological and military progression. The USSR entered the modern age as the super power that 'Mother Russia' had always been able to support.


On May 27, 1947 the flood gates opened and the Red Army poured out to annihilate The European Alliance. The lessons of Germany's Blitzkrieg had been learned by both sides. And while The European Alliance had focused on perfecting the German style of lightning warfare. The Russians had taken a very different lesson from Germany's example. Abandoning the idea of the Blitzkrieg for something else entirely.....something that only a nation as strong as The Soviet Union could possibly achieve. Rather than focusing on exploiting soft points in the enemy's line and driving compact fast moving armies through them in order to circumvent the hardest fighting and 'gut the enemy' The Red Army launched a 'Shock and Awe' style of war. Throwing large numbers of low quality troops to overwhelm defensive fortifications while smaller numbers of high quality units were deployed to take key objectives. Impressive fortifications, resistance cities, and military bases were simply surrounded and cut off as 'the red wave' washed over and around them. Within the space of several months Germany had fallen. It's cities laying in rubble with scarcely a stone on top of another.

Next to fall was France, as what had originally been intended to be a short withdrawal turned into a rolling retreat all the way across the English Channel to the by that time heavily fortified British coast line.  But not even the protection of the channel could save the Allies. As the Soviets launched the largest amphibious invasion in history to put an end to the desperate Allies. Even though a sizable portion of the attack was destroyed it was not enough to hold Britain, and soon the beaches, the streets, and the fields were in Soviet hands. Falling back to their final defensive line the Allies found themselves with Ireland as their only toehold to the European continent. The British Admiralty vowed that the Russians would have to sink every ship in The Royal Navy before they would ever cross to Ireland, as did the navies of France and Germany. But in an ironic twist of fate it was the weather that saved the Allies from total destruction. An early onset of winter shelved any realistic plans of another attack and gave the Allies the much needed time to dig in. Their differences put aside. The British, Irish, German, and French citizens who had managed to make it to Ireland worked and by spring they had turned the island into a fortress in everything but name. Any attack on the island would suffer horrendous casualties.

As spring began the USSR chose to focus on consolidating it's gains before launching a concentrated invasion of Ireland. And so the vast majority of Europe found itself occupied...but not pacified.

Psst.....Hey.....You!....Yeah you...Come'ere I've got something to talk about with you. I heard from a few of my friends that you're none to happy with the way the Ruskies have been treating us locals, and that you've got a bone or two to pick with them. That true? Well if it is then I know just the man for you to talk to....that is if you've got the stones to do something other than talk tough. I can't tell you more right now not with those two Reds over at the bar. But ....if you head by the docks tonight, out by warehouse 3 I might be able to show you what I mean...Oh yeah, make sure you're carrying this coin.

Glad you made it. Here's what we're working with, grab some gear and lets go make the Reds wish they'd never left the Motherland!!

Pistol They might be a dime a dozen now and days but a Pistol is still a good tool to have for a small firefight. Or for taking out a Red in a dark alley so you can grab his gun!

Luger: Now this....this is a gun! The Germans really outdid themselves with this thing it's accurate, reliable, and it packs one hell of a punch for a pistol. You take care of this baby and it will sure as hell take care of you.
(Only Available in Paris)

Brass Knucks Reach into that bag of dirty tricks and it's lights out for any conscripts stupid enough to let you get them fist to long as you've got a little muscle to put behind your punches.

Combat Knife Quick, Quiet, and Messy....great for the up close kill from the front or behind. Just try not to get any blood on you.

Sticky Bomb A nifty little British invention that combines an anti-tank mine, a stick, and some really sticky glue. Just set the timer, slap it onto the side of what ever tank is giving you the most grief and enjoy the fireworks.

Molotov CocktailI hate wasting good alcohol on the Reds. But of all the ways to do it I've got to admit that this is probably the best.

Stick Grenade: Almost as plentiful as pistols throw it into a group of Reds for some real fun.

TNT This stuff has 101 uses.

Shot Gun One big punch up close. There isn't much more to this gun.

Enfield Rifle A British rifle, it's accurate enough that if you're a good shot you can hit what you're aiming for pretty easily. But it's bolt action so unless you've got quick hands make your shots count!

K-98 Sniper Rifle A masterpiece of German engineering, once you've got it sighted properly this rifle will put the bullet where the cross hairs are every time. 

Tommy Gun A little gift from the Yanks. They call this thing the 'Chicago Typewriter' I say its time we showed the Commies just how well Europeans can write!

Assault Rifle A German automatic rifle. It fires rifle rounds at the speed of a sub machine gun without the weight of a heavy machine gun. Though it's accuracy leaves something to be desired and once you start firing there's no real way to hide your location this gun is LOUD!

Bren-004 This is a British heavy machine gun. It's big, heavy, and lays down firepower at an amazingly fast rate. Set this up behind some cover and mow those commies down.

Panzer Faust A German Anti-Tank weapon. The Faust is designed to allow a single man to take down an tank on his own. It's not as accurate as most German weapons, and it's a one mission one shot weapon. But it still is well worth grabbing when you can.

Sten Gun An S.A.S. weapon it's like an Assault Rifle, except its quiet. You can blast away with this thing and never be heard.
(Only available in London)

Panzer-shriek The Panzer Faust's big brother. It packs a stronger punch, it's much more accurate and best of all it can be reloaded in the field. This is the ultimate anti-tank gun.
(Only available in Paris)

Civilian Cars They're all around, from jalopies to fancy sports cars great for moving around the city, making a quick get away, or breaking through a roadblock.

Car Bombs A trick we've picked up from the Irish. Take 1 car add some explosives, and presto! Instant rolling explosives.
(Only available in Paris)

Congratulations Comrade!

You have the supreme honor of being selected to defend your Motherland, and free the peoples of Europe from the chains of their capitalist masters! In short you have been called to serve in the Mighty Red Army of the Glorious Soviet Union. We know that you must be awash with pride and excitement at the prospect of joining the ranks of Mother Russia's fighting men and women. So in order to make your transition from civilian to soldier as fast as possible you are required to fill out the form included with this letter before your arrival at your district's Red Army staging center. This form will help us to know how YOU can best serve your people in our military. Please be truthful in all your answers any lies will be uncovered and WILL be met with punishment. I look forward to reviewing your induction class's pass in review!

-General Georgy Zhukov
            Supreme Red Army Commander

Welcome to the Red Army comrade. The following questions will tell us all we need to know about you in order for us to decide what job is best for you. Will you be

A Conscripted Infantry Man: Armed with the best automatic rifle in the Motherland, a flack coat for your protection, your very own chemical warfare mask, and your wits earned through training. Only the brave and the bold are given the honor of claiming to be members of the Infantry!

A Political Officer: Who's duty knows no end, as a political officer it will be your job to insure that every man and woman in your unit obeys the laws of the Red Army, and should those laws be broken it falls to you to hand out justice.

An Interrogator Seeking out the capitalist corruption within our occupied territories, and insuring that any and all secrets are extracted from our captured prisoners.

A Pilot: Flying the masterpiece of engineering that is the MIG-3, and fighting to keep the skies above our soldiers safe.

A Tesla Trooper Using the wonders of Soviet scientific knowledge, you will be armored behind protective steal, and armed with the ultra high tech Tesla-gun.  Lightning itself will be yours to command!

A Chemical Warrior: Those who would seek to kill the innocent with the use of explosives, and to sew terror in the general population deserve no mercy! As such the capitalist dogs will pay for their war crimes against humanity. And their terrorist actions. The use of our chemical warrior suits has been authorized by Comrade Stalin himself, as tough as a Tesla Suit, the Chemical Warfare Suit will allow you to literally melt your targets away!
(Deployment Restricted to the London Theater)

A Tank Commander: In command of one of the following Red Army war machines, you will be responsible for your men, and in direct control of some of our greatest war weapons.

The Rhino Heavy Tank The standard tank of the Red Army, the Rhino may not be as large or flashy as other models but it is reliable and will never let it's crew down. 

The Tesla Tank Using the same technology that powers the Tesla-Suit the Tesla-Tank fires highly concentrated blasts of electricity at it's targets. Shorting out electrical systems and causing massive damage to organic targets. Its generators have been known to overcharge from time to time

The Apocalypse Super-Heavy TankA massive hunk of armor and heavy cannons the Apocalypse is a huge tank capable of rolling through the battle field and shrugging off damage that would outright destroy smaller models. It is powered by a prototype jet engine, slow compared to other tanks it has also been known to suffer from stalls due to the unstable nature of its prototype engines.

The Sickle Anti-Air Half Track Fast, as a truck and capable of crossing the same ground as a tank the Sickle is designed to provide heavy anti-air support to armored battalions. It is equipped with quad guns, a search light, and side mounted light machine guns. These weapons and it's speed also make it an ideal scout useful for mowing down infantry as well as aircraft.

The Hammer APC The Hammer APC is a fusion of tank and transport. Armed with the same cannon as the Rhino, and capable of achieving speeds comparable to the Sickle. The Hammer is also amphibious and capable of carrying a full infantry squad within its armor plated walls. But it has been known to be somewhat inaccurate due to the size of its weapon in comparison to it's chassis.
(Deployment Restricted to Paris Pacification) 

*Notes* More detail on the equipment and soldier classes will follow. Game play will take place in Paris, and London. Players will be allowed to play one character in each city. And can mix and match which sides they play how ever they like. The game will be system driven using a VERY simple system that anyone who's played one of my action games will be familiar with. In short once character creation(which is very simple and actually kind of fun) is done the game play will seem free form to the players with me handling the entire system behind the scenes.

2.The Greatest Story Never Told
A bright flash, the a spiraling vortex...

That is all that the stars of our story know of what's happened to them. They don't realize that they have been accidentally sucked into a single scientist's experiments. And that they have managed to slip through the wall that divides their reality from the infinite number of other realities in existence. They arrive at their destination together, and the scientist has quite a bit of explaining to do. Most of all that there is no way to know how to get home! Now our unwitting travelers must try to survive what will shape to be an epic journey.

*notes not too much is needed to beef up this idea it's pretty much a Sliders rip off in everything but name it will contain adult elements and a real story line. So it's a good idea to think of this as "Sliders: The HBO/Showtime Original T.V. Show" rather than "Slip and Sliders: The Adult Movie." Some ideas for worlds that our characters will come into contact with are.

Prison World
Nudist World
War World
Gladiator World
Game Show World
Slavery World

And the list goes on ;) wouldn't want to spoil the surprises!

3. Facility 316

As the transport closes with Facility 316 the pilot prepares to open the rear doors and expel his cargo. Speaking over the intercom he says "Alright animals get ready for drop off" he then flips the switch and the door opens the low hovering aircraft's rear door slides open and the floor raises forcing his human cargo to fall out of the cargo bay. He then closes the doors and flies away. Shaking his head as he sees the huts that the people down there live in. Supposedly they had some sort of tribal society going on down there. With a single man heading the whole show and living like a king....well what ever the case was he didn't envy those he'd just dropped off. He didn't know what their crimes were and didn't care much either. They'd either live or die down there on their own. And he had a nice warm home and a nice hot wife to get back to!

*Notes* This one actually doesn't need to much fleshing out either. Player Characters will be the people who have just been dropped off. The people on the island have already formed their own society. Most of them working for a former organized crime boss turned warlord. Those who don't want to live under his rule live alone in the jungle surviving alone and doing their best to hide from the men of said war lord. Each player will have to choose their own course. Will they try to survive alone? will they attempt to get a job with the war lord? Will they attempt to unite the people who aren't under his control and take control of the island themselves? Only time will tell!

4.The Gladiator Speed Circuit

It’s the year 2230, society as we know it is no more. The works of a man named Maxamilian Arturo have cemented the idea of social Darwinism in the world’s collective mindset. The strong rule by the only right there is, the right of power. Forget the right of the people, the meek have not inherited the earth, they are little more than the toy’s of the powerful. Unless one is ruthless or quite skilled there is no upward mobility in society. In this grim time the powers that be have seen fit to insure the pacification of the people by employing new methods of entertainment. Most popular of which is a sport which is a combination of gladiatorial combat, reality tv, and motorcycle racing. Any and all can enter, riding any and all forms of vehicle. The rules on the track are simple, there are none…to the winner goes the spoils, and the possibility of a better life...will you join the race?

Each racer lives together in a large house provided by the entertainment company, they race against one another every other day. As races are won or lost the racers gain points. The racer with the most points at the end of the season wins the cash prize!

Character creation App
Physical Description (Image)

Ride's Name
Description (Image)
Weapon Power
Top Speed

Bike parameters 1. Must be science based.
2. Must NOT be invulnerable in any way.
3. Must be generally motorcycle-ish.(side cars are allowed)
4 Must have an open cockpit
5. Must be a one or two person ride

*Notes* If more interest is shown I'll go into detail on the stat number assignments but it is also VERY simple. And uses the same basic system as Le Resistance.

Well that's everything for now! Let me know what you think people.

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Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #15 on: August 03, 2010, 07:21:03 AM »
So you're basically doing all of the ideas you listed? Or should we choose one?

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Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
« Reply #16 on: August 03, 2010, 08:49:27 AM »
I'm attempting to narrow it down a bit to probably one or two games, I've got too many games going on to run them all. this is more along the lines of giving everyone a 'what to expect' on each game so that the one we decide to do doesn't disappoint anyone ;D

So at this time I'm asking which 2 of the expanded ideas still have everyone's largest level of interest?

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Re: Urban's Assorted Group Ideas
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I could go for 316.