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Started by Bloody Rose, July 28, 2010, 01:51:58 PM

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Bloody Rose

I just read a story on lit erotica that I loved and thought I might try it as a plot. Can be male x female or female x female with me playing either the dom or the sub.

Char 1 is dominant
Char 2 is submissive

1 went to a bar to pick up a woman, he is a known rapist that does stuff different, he never rapes woman but instead he makes her do bad stuff with a catch. 2 is a young collage student, she goes to a bar after a long day of work, and meets 1, a very handsome man or woman who seem to show interest in her. After a conversation 1 invites 2 to a drink, little does 2 know that the bartender is 1 friend and drugged the drink and 2 passes out.

When 2 wakes up she finds out she has two dildo inside of her and a chastity belt on keeping both of them inside. She finds a video showing a masked woma or man taking advantage of her while asleep and pushing the dildos in with the belt. Now the game will start, 1 will make the dildos vibrate and  send a task via text message for her to do, until she does it the dildo will stay on. 2 must compleate whatever 1 tells her or she will be with a vibrating dildo for the rest of her life.

Now this got some promise, not only may the submissive fall in love with the dominant even though she did not met him or her. Or she will eventually get captured by 2 and made his slave, 2 slowly making her life miserable with the task given so 2 won't have any choice. Hope to get some good responses with this.