Searching for an InuYasha RP!

Started by Covert Revulsion, July 28, 2010, 11:19:30 AM

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Covert Revulsion

I'm searching for someone to partake in an InuYasha RP with me. I prefer canon characters in all honesty, but you can try and bribe me with an OC.

I would be playing the role of Kikyou.

I desire a RP of these pairings:
-Kikyou x InuYasha
Past What would have happened if Onigumo never became Naraku? What if InuYasha was after the jewel? InuYasha may desire to be a full fledged demon, but begins to have a change of heart as he develops feelings for Kikyou. This RP will involve their initial encounter and develop from there with enemies along the way. I have ideas on how to make this a long term RP.

-Kikyou x Sesshomaru

1. Present Rin has fallen ill after being attacked by a poisonous demon. Sesshomaru cannot cure her of this illness, and much to his disdain must resort to the powers of a priestess. Intending to fetch Kagome, he comes across Kikyou who is more then willing to help Rin. But as time progresses, Rin becomes attached to the priestess and tries to plead with Sesshomaru in allowing Kikyou to stay with them.

2. Past This idea falls along the lines of when Kikyou was on the brink of death until after pinning InuYasha to sleep. Sesshomaru has been searching for the priestess that will unlock the secret of his father's tombs, and intends to rely on Kikyou to help him. Finding Kikyou near death, he heals her with the intent of using the powerful guardian of the Shikon no Tama to help him uncover the secrets of his past.

Kikyou x Kagome
Will need to brainstorm on this one. I'm open to it obviously.

Simply PM me with what idea you're interested in, thank you.

Covert Revulsion

Note: if you have an idea for the pairings of your own, I would gladly like to hear them.

Covert Revulsion

Dusting this old topic off. I am absolutely craving an InuYasha RP. If anyone can satisfy this craving, I'd be forever in your debt.