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Author Topic: Mother and Daughters (Seeking Female Characters)  (Read 861 times)

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Mother and Daughters (Seeking Female Characters)
« on: July 28, 2010, 11:11:03 AM »
Hey! Probably going to add couple of similar theme plots. Just adding the first one here. If I find good photos for the characters (ladies specially) I will add them. Suggestions and ideas for plot are welcome and so is images even if you are not interested in playing (or not have the time).

Here's to baiting some lady (or ladies).

Getting to know the family

Karen Roberts had been a single mom for a while and a successful businesswoman of reputation on her own right, not just keeping hold of but enhancing the family fortune of her husband. A reserved and classy woman who before her marriage had even dabbled a bit on some modeling too. Now she is a cool businesswoman with a young little rebellious daughter Lucy.

But even for a strong woman such as her companionship has it charms and a help with her daughter was a promising aspect. Robert Langdon was again a reliable and reputed businessman she knew and trusted. So it was a sort of dynastic marriage of convenience. The result was not as good as expected. The young spoiled son Carl (Robert didn't have much time for him growing up) and Lucy was not a good combination and both of them were out with business too much.

So it was decided to have a vacation in an island retreat .. a whole week of enjoying themselves in the sun and sand, them having a honeymoon and the family getting to know each other. But Robert had a last minute emergency and the plan was in ruins or is it?

Here things are a little flexible. The family does get to know each other ... rather intimately :) Maybe Lucy comes to watch Carl pound away at a lovely local maid or a guest? Or does Karen (now Langdon) somehow does the unthinkable and seduce (or get seduced) by her new stepson? But somehow it ends up with three bodies getting tangled up together and Karen finding that there was pleasure to have even at this stage of her life.

-- Can either be a single female player willing to take on both Karen and Lucy or two players.

Competing with her daughter

Karen couldn't believe her eyes as she watched what was in front of her. Her brain tried to deny what her eyes were seeing. She felt her heart at the throat as she watched her together with her new lover, one she had taken after such a long time. Karen was still a beauty but she felt a little unsure of herself with her younger passionate new partner and she had noticed there was an edge to his behavior for the last couple of days. The first thing that came to her mind was cheating, so she had followed him.

He came to her house, which had surprised her. She thought of going back to her office but for some reason her sixth sense of whatever had urged her to get inside and get inside silently and now she was faced with this. Karen was too shocked to feel anything for a moment other than shock as she saw them and not even on the bed but on her bathroom counter.

Then as swiftly as the shock came it was swiftly replaced with arousal as Lucy gave a long throaty moan. She watched his hip move, her arching up, her beautiful daughter, looking so sexy and passionate and her own men. Karen tried to control her reaction, the pervert desire. She should be horrified, she should fight for her man or kick the bastard out but .... but what was happening to her.

Do you know :)

Lonely and Jealous
A little similar start

Jillian stood there, through the angle of the living room she could see them. For a shocked instant she thought he was forcing himself on her and was ready to scream, the aggressive way he was holding her. But then her daughter moved with an answering rhythm passionately pulling down the face of her lover for a drawn out kiss.

They were totally unware of her unplanned return and was in a word of their own. Clothes seemed to vanish in an instant and two half naked young and very very beautiful young body came into view. Jillian licked her raspy dry lips, felt the pounding of her heard, the slow rising of her arousal as they bodies started to move, moans of pleasure came out of their mouth. She couldn't help her move a little and almost gasped at the size of him just before he plunged inside of her.

Color rose up her cheek as she blushed furiously as their words came to her ear, such dirty mouths they have but so exciting she couldn't help but thought. She stood there as time passed getting wetter, feeling the desperate need as her daughter come .. as naked hunger hit her ....
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Re: Mother and Daughters (Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2010, 05:04:57 AM »
Added two new plots.

Offline rahatngtTopic starter

Re: Mother and Daughters (Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2010, 07:40:49 PM »
Got a player very much interested in playing Lucy in "Competing with her daughter". Now need a Karen (mom) for the game.