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I am going to picky choosing partners for these games. I want them to be well written and last long. No flakey partners.

Most current ideas will be added to the BOTTOM of this post.

Taken games will be struck out.

Playing with Fire

Teasing, Seduction, Power play, Handjobs, etc

Mary (name and character can be changed) was HOT and she knew it. She had an amazing body, amazing breasts, amazing ass, and an amazing face. She flaunted it and teased boys and girls mercilessly. She was picky with who she hooked up with, of course, and had clung onto her virginity. For a 18 year old, that was rather impressive if she said so herself. She was also tech-savy and had a webcam. She had met a guy online and was starting to warm up to the idea of meeting up with him. He was older, attractive, and had a good job (though she didn't know what it was).

They had traded pictures online and she had done a striptease for him - finding it thrilling to wanted so much afterwards. But her daddy was taking her on vacation soon, a business related outing, so she would have to say goodbye for now but would check in with him once she got back.

Richard was an up and comer in the office and had his own private office finally. His boss, a wealthy, powerful man, was taking him on vacation with his family - Richard was in consideration for a promotion - and as nervous as Richard was, he was also excited. It meant big things for him. Richard, however, was about to be in for the shock of his life: the young, cute girl he had met online was his bosses daughter! And he was about to go on a week long vacation with her.

Looking for an Attractive, Teasing Daughter. Names are changeable.

Three For Company

Virginity, Anal-to-Maw, Vaginal-to-Maw, Cum Facials, Anal, M/F/F, F/F, M/F, Cameras, Age-play

Mark and Sarah were not your usual couple. They were young, wildly in love, and were Swingers. They had no inhibitions when it came to sex but had always remained faithful to each other. Both had recently set their sights on the teenage daughter of their neighbor who lived down the street. She was young and beautiful and both Mark and Sarah saw her as attractive - something that happened rarely.

Mark and Sarah had no children of their own, but used the Neighbors Daughter to house sit while they went on long weekends and vacations - usually to Swinger events - and gave her free reign over their pool 24/7 as they knew she didn't have one herself. It would give them a perfect time to catch her in her bikini.

Mark and Sarah come up with a plan to seduce the girl into their lifestyle. Sarah is going to start first, returning home early to catch the girl by their pool. A little lotion and some rubbing and Sarah will steal a kiss - and maybe a little more. Mark will make sure to leave one of their DVDs - recordings of some of their exploits - in the player that weekend so that she'll see it when she is house-sitting. What neither of them know is that the girl is as innocent as she looks, never doing anything more then kissing before. She is certainly curious though, and Mark and Sarah plan on introducing her to a world she has never known before.

Details to be worked out later. Names can be changed. Looking for the Innocent Teen and the Lusty Wife.

To Dominate or not to Dominate
Mother/Son Incest, Group-Sex, Double Penetration, Domination/Submission, etc

It was tough being a single mother of two. It was even tougher now that they had grown up. Her oldest had recently moved out to live in his own apartment with his attractive girlfriend, while her youngest was finishing up High School. She was single - divorced - and not interested in dating at this point of her life. Instead, she showered her sons with love as much as she could. Her heart, of course, belonged with her youngest.

A quiet, shy boy, Drew kept mostly to himself. He knew his mother cared for him but he wasn't good at showing his emotions either. He had to put up with the countless teasing at school over how hot his mother was and he had recently gone through a bad breakup with his girlfriend of a year. He was taking it hard and kept mostly to his room at home now.

She had decided enough was enough, he needed to break out of his shell, to see the world with new eyes and see that women were not as mean as they seemed. Drew only needed one woman in his life, afterall, and what better woman then his own mother? She had certain needs herself and Drew was an attractive boy, so why not seduce her own son? It had been a while and she wanted to know if she still had the ability to seduce young men.

What she hadn't counted on was her oldest son, Ben, finding out about what she was doing with his brother. Would she be able to resist Ben and his big, strong hands? He was certainly a far cry more confident then Drew and she enjoyed being able to completely let go when he took control of the situation. But how would Drew react if he ever found out?

Looking for a Woman who can both Dominate and Submit

The Diary of a Star
Virginity, Anal, Cum Facials, Group, Age Play, Light Bondage, Costumes, Voyeur, Public, Cameras, etc

The idea behind this game is to follow the life of a girl who rises up to become a Pornstar. It will be done in 'chapters' - sort of looking at a set period of her life and playing it, before skipping into the future to another key moment of her life. The Chapters are very negotiable as far as what occurs, when, and with whom.

This is going to be a monumental task, a massive game, very longing running. I will only accept a quality writer who has the time and dedication for this game.

This is not a one-post-a-day type of game!

Chapter 1 - The First Kiss

16 years old and curious, [your character] is a cute girl, starting to fill out her form and draw attention from the opposite sex. A cute boy on the football team asks [your character] out on a date and seems almost as nervous as [your character]. The first kiss is awkward, but titillating at the same time. The kiss grows more heated and soon she finds herself topless, his hands down her pants and - more shockingly - her hands down his! [This one can be spread out over a few 'dates']

Chapter 2 - The First Time

[Your character] has grown in confidence, with her body and with knowing what boys want. She has grown in popularity and, like most girls her age, has developed a crush on one of her teachers. Reality comes crashing back on her dreamy world when her dream-teacher catches her jerking off a guy in an empty classroom. Threatened with expulsion, she begs him to not tell, begs him that she will do whatever he wants her to do. That very day their affair - not all that forced into it, she has to admit - begins. She never knew how much better and older man could make her feel and she willingly goes back to his place for a few drinks, soon finding herself naked on his bed, about to lose her virginity.

Chapter 3 - The Lover

Things with Teacher McDreamy were never meant to last. He took her back to his place once more after that but more often then not he settled for a quickie, or he just bent her over his desk and took her from behind. The sex was good, of course, but there was no mental connection. She was starting to go through a sexual revolution, however. Lounging in her room one night, she looks over at her neighbors house and watches with amazement as he fucks his wife in various positions and the ass. He even ties her up at one point and [your character] can't help but watch and be turned at the same time, masturbating while she watches. The following day she is mortified when the neighbor invites her over and tells her he saw her watching. She is more then willing to be seduced by the attractive man. [Introduction to Anal and light bondage. Potential first threesome and F/F experience].

Chapter 4 - Double Teamed

Her neighbor had opened the flood doors. She still slept with him and his wife on occasion but mainly when no one else could satisfy her needs. Tonight, however, she was going on a double-date with her best-friend and her boyfriend, along with a wing-man. [Your Character] only went along because her best friend was trying to hook her up with a new guy. They return to the friends house after dinner, already slightly tipsy, where they continue to have some drinks before settling down to watch a movie. AS [your character] snuggles up to the rather-cute guy she had been tasked with, the movie starts to get a little raunchier as do their hormones. Feeling the effects of the alcohol, she starts getting a little frisky, starting to jerk her date off right there beside the other couple. When her friend passes out drunk however, her boyfriend is dismayed - his friend was going to get booty from a girl he had just bet while his own girlfriend was passed out. Watching her jerk his friend of was getting him horny, so he places his hand on her leg. Not one to turn a guy down, she quickly frees the second cock from its confines. Two cocks are better then one right? Her best friend was dead to the world so why not have a little fun?

Chapter 5 - Choo Choo!

Fresh off her first DP, [Your Character] is eager to explore more. A local party hosted by the football team offers her a chance for a random hookup. A little alcohol and she is more then ready to take on her next challenge, giving the Captain a lapdance as she strips naked. Soon, she is taking on the whole team in an upstairs bedroom, a cock for her every hole and her hands. Its a wild night, one everyone is sure to remember, especially her.

Chapter 6 - Webcam Girl

[Your Character] has finally bought a webcam, posting images of herself online. She has also started to chat up guys online, stripping for them live and masturbating for them. She finally decides to take it to the next step with random hookups, inviting a guy (or two) at a time over to her place once her parents are out before screwing them live on a webcam. The thrill of having other people watch her was starting to grow on her and the sessions became more frequent.

Chapter 7 - Exhibitionist

Her neighbor had been watching her development this whole time and had quickly picked up on her kinks. Him and his wife had even featured in one of her online sessions. But it was time to draw out her more wild side. First, he takes her outside and ravishes her in his own backyard. Then he starts taking her on dates, making her wear skimpy clothing, fingering her under the table. Soon, he has her sucking his cock in the theatre, fucking him him in a restaurant bathroom, and many other risky places. [Time to take things in public]

Chapter 8 - Audition

Her sexual prowess had been well documented now and at the ripe age of 18, she had the potential to make it big - in the porn industry. An offer was made - come in for an audition and be cast in a roll if she made the cut. This would be her first time auditioning and she needed to make a good impression. [A little amateur movie making - first real camera]

Chapter 9 - The First Movie

[To be Discussed...]

Again, dedicated players only. Must be open to virtually everything, be able to post at least 2 paragraphs a post and be descriptive. PM me if interested in the above idea.





M/F/M, M/F, Vaginal, Cum Facials, Condoms, Cheating, Rough Sex, Lingerie, etc

Mark and Sarah were like any married couple. Mark worked a lot, but he loved his wife, and showered her with affection whenever he could. They always used condoms when they had sex and were always very safe and proper about it. Sarah had always been the more strong-willed of the two and she always got what she wanted. Even her supervisor.

Sarah had always been attracted to the man and he had been attracted to her. They flirted incessantly at work and knew all about each other. They often ate lunch together. Finally, Sarah decided to make her move. As they headed out for lunch, she offered to drive and claimed to have forgotten something at home. It was a quick drive so wouldn't harm their lunch break. Her supervisor seemed to know exactly was on her mind as she led him into her bedroom and soon has her skirt hitched up around her waist as he takes her from behind - no condom. They still only had a limited lunch break afterall.

This would be the first of many times she slept with her supervisor behind her husbands back, in his bed. Her husband was always away, so she worked her supervisor in around his schedule. Mark, however, didn't pick up that anything was wrong until he arrived home hours early to find a strangers car parked out front of his house. Confused, he enters his house silently, and catches his wife in bed with another man! Watching through a crack in the door, Mark finds himself strangely aroused as the man buries himself in his wife. He sneaks back out before the two are finished and returns home at a later hour.

Sarah acts like nothing is out of the ordinary as does Mark, using a condom like always later that night as she officially 'welcomes' him home. Mark manages to pretend to go out again later that weekend, secretly sneaking back to his house. Sure enough, the man returned soon after, his wife having switched into something much more sexy. After another bout of passion, the man leaves. Mark returns and, laying in bed with his wife, confronts her over it. She denies it at first but he insists he knows what he saw. Finally, she admits to it, sobbing, begging for forgiveness.

Mark finds himself aroused as he forces her to tell him every little detail. He encourages his wife to continue talking even as he starts to fuck her and soon he has spent himself inside of her. After talking more that night about it, Mark admits that he wants her to continue to see the guy, but only if he can watch. This is the beginning of a new relationship between the two. [More to be discussed with interested person]

Two of a Kind

F/F, M/F/F, Cum Facials, Anal, Anal-to-Maw, Vaginal, Public, Light Bondage, etc

Rachel and Becca were two young, attractive college room mates. They were living the life, partying at night, sleeping with whomever they wanted. It was college - the best time of your life - and why wouldn't they have fun?

Another night of drinking and Rachel manages to snag a guy - a guy she has slept with a few times before and seems to have a thing for. Becca hangs out with the girls in the room next door as Rachel and her boy retire to the room for some frisky fun. Her moans are unmistakable even through the thick walls and Becca can't help but feel a little jealous. Apparently the guy was amazing in bed.

Once the noises have died down, Becca returns to the room, getting in bed herself. Rachel and her boy get a little frisky again a little later, trying to discreetly go at it even with Becca in the room. Becca can certainly hear them and finds herself being aroused by it, touching herself under her blankets as she listens to her room mate and the boy.

Rachel has to get up early for a morning class so leaves her new boy sleeping in her bed. When Becca wakes up, she notices the still sleeping guy in her room mates bed, and the rather large morning wood poking at the covers. Quietly, she decides to see what he really is packing, she moves over to the bed and pulls back the covers. It reveals a very large cock - bigger then she has ever been with - and she can't help but touch it, starting to lick it...she doesn't notice that he has woken up, sucking him to orgasm before leaving to hit the showers - and pleasure herself some more.

Another night with the same boy and Becca can't help but go straight for the morning wood as soon as Rachel leaves. She didn't know he was awake again this time either. Later that night, after only one round with Rachel, Rachel passes out for the night. The boy gets up to use the bathroom but when he gets back, he gets in bed with Becca, revealing that he knows she wants him, knows what she has done in the mornings. She can't refuse him and they have a night of passion, her moans muffled by her pillow, before he crawls back in bed with Rachel.

Another night and the three start a game of strip poker, which soon turns into Truth or Dare. A little alcohol thrown into the mix and things quickly get arousing and the three end up spending the night rolling around together. Its a night that changes everything in the relationship. But how do people deal with being a threesome relationship?

Lessons of Life
M/F, M/FM, DP, Switch, Public Sex, etc

Drew had never met his Aunt before. He really didn't know much about her either. He was handed a suitcase and sent off into the countryside to spend the summer with her. To say that she was not what he expected was an understatement.

She was gorgeous. Unmarried and still of child-bearing age (a full 15 years older then him) she had stunning red hair and a slim but fully grown figure. He was stunned, to say the least. Her small cottage had two bedrooms - hers and his - with a thin wall between them. That night, he hears some strange sounds coming from outside.

Intrigued, he goes to investigate, and finds his Aunt naked in a nearby barn, riding some stranger. Drew had never had sex before - hell, he hadn't even kissed a girl - and was both disgusted and aroused at the sight of what he saw. The following day was like a trance for Drew, looking at his Aunt in a new light as her playful flirting seemed to take on a whole new meaning. Exploring his surroundings, he is shocked to come across his Aunt once more in a compromising situation, her sun dressed hitched up and another man hammering away at her. Drew was aroused this time.

That night, as Drew laid in bed, he heard sounds coming from her room. Some one had entered in the dark and her bed was creaking back and forth, her headboard banging against the wall. Drew couldn't help it and began to touch himself as his Aunt had sex. At some point during the night, the man left.

The next day Drew followed her from a distance. Nothing happened during the day but that night she was back in the barn. Drew couldn't help but watch, jerking himself off to images of his Aunt bouncing up and down. He had no idea that she knew he was watching. In the morning, he woke to her moans once more and moved out to make himself some food. He found her door cracked open but she was by herself, her hand rubbing furiously down below. When she moaned his name he blushed and fled from the house.

He didn't know what to think or how to react. His feet took him out into the fields, further then he had gone before, when a storm blew in. He didn't get back until later that evening as the storm continued to rage. He was freezing and stiff with cold. She had been worrying and quickly helps him inside, drawing a steaming bath for him. She undresses him and helps into the bath, his frigidness making him forget his nakedness in front of her. She begins to wash him and warm him. One thing leads to the next and then she is kissing him. His desire for her burned with in him and as her hand dipped below the water she gasped upon feeling his size.

She promised to take things slow with him, step by step, to show him the loving touch of a woman.

[The sex education of Drew is to commence. Looking for the Corrupting Aunt]

Mother Dearest

Married life wasn't going so well. Constant arguments, separate beds, sex that was so stale even a horny teen wouldn't get turned on. A divorce was discussed buy they didn't want to ruin the life of their only son. There were too many statistics on what happened to the kids of divorced couples.

Of course, her husband was at home less and less during the weeks now. She craved attention - attention she hadn't had in years. What was wrong with her? Was it something she had done? Had she not kept up her looks? Was he just not in love with her anymore? There were so many questions left unanswered but all she could do was carry on with her daily life.

Out of it, while doing laundry, she walks into her sons room unannounced and comes to a complete standstill. He is sitting at his computer, headphones on, porn on the screen, jerking his hard cock, completely unaware of her presence. For reasons unknown to her, she moves over to him and places her hand on his cock, jerking him off before leaving with out saying a word.

Drew, the son, was as shocked as she was at what had just happened, but also filled with lust. He was no virgin but it had been one of the most erotic handjobs he had ever had. It didn't matter that a mother touching a son in that way was wrong. That night, while watching a movie, he teases her conflicted body under the blanket they were sharing.

The following day he feels her up in the kitchen while making breakfast. There was no denying her physical attractiveness to him. Lounging by the pool during the day, he rubs lotion on her, getting her hot and aroused. She goes inside, to her bed, to masturbate her arousal away. Her husband interrupts and makes love to her in her incredibly aroused state. Only she pictured her son pounding away at her, not her husband.

How far was he going to push her before she begged him to fuck her? How far was he going to take it after that?

Drew is not afraid to take what he wants. He quickly realizes his power over his mother and runs with it. It even emboldens him to try things he has never tried before. Things out in public, at the movies, out at dinner. How long will things go on before some one finds out remains to be seen...
Looking for an attractive mother.

The Escort

Cassandra was in a tough decision. She knew money was tight and knew her husband was never, even if his life depended on it, going to ask his family to help him out. It was something she loved about him, being a man of his word, but it was something she hated about him too. It made him turn away from help when they needed it.

Cassandras husband was none other then Richard Nailor, from the very wealthy Nailor Industries Family. The family wealth was in the billions but Richard had always been a person who did not parade his wealth or put it on full display. No, like his great-grandfather, he wanted to build his life from the ground up. Most people did not know he was even related to Nailor Industries.

Richard was starting to work longer and longer hours to make ends meet. He stubbornly refused help from his father. Cassandra decided it was time to take matters into her own hand and help supplement their income. She had spent time as a model and had the looks, but the only thing her looks were good for were High Class Escort service. It meant having sex with wealthy men, but several thousand dollars for a night was more then appealing. She couldn't tell Richard of course.

Her first night on the job would be one she would long remember.

Arriving at the penthouse, she was nervous. She nearly fainted when Richards Father answered the door. Andrew Simon was an attractive older man who had infinite wealth at his husband. He was also very single and was as surprised as Cassandra at finding her on his doorstep. But he had paid for a specific service and wasn't about to let her back out of it. And she wasn't about to back out of it either, not wanting Richard to find out. Embarrassed, she complies with his demands and spends her first night in bed with her father-in-law. Its more then she expected.

A deal is made that Andrew will be her only client from now on - she will be paid well - as long as she does everything he asks of her. Its her first taste of living the high-life and she is intoxicated by it, the 'dates' becoming more and more fun for her while even the sex is bringing her down new paths.

A family function will prove a large test, as she is to secretly be Andrews date at it. It takes a lot of convincing but Richard relents and comes along too, mixing and mingling. But Andrews flair for more public things is borderline dangerous, taking his sons-wife in a room where anyone can walk in on them including Richard himself.

How long will she be able to keep it up? Will she become to addicted to the High Life to change? What happens if Richard finds out?

Looking for a Call Girl

The Collared Girl

Incest, Anal, DP, Dom/Sub, Collaring, Marking, NC, Virginity, etc
This idea is to be played out in three parts, the first of which will most likely be very short.
Looking for some one to briefly play the mother, and then play the daughter.

Part 1

At 16 years old, he was horny and spent a good deal of time jerking off. Thinking himself alone one day, her drops his pants and looks up some porn. He quickly begins jerking off but doesn't hear his mother enter the room with a laundry basic. Catching him with his pants down, she can't resist staring at his big hard cock. Unable to control herself, she comes up to him and starts jerking him before dropping to her knees, taking him into her mouth. He soon blows his load and, while recovering, she quickly darts out.

Sleeping later that night, still trying to figure out what had happened, he is woken when his covers are pulled down past his waist and a warm, wet mouth coaxes him into arousal. Naked and horny, she had come back to her son. Once they had both cum, though, her need only seemed to grow and she easily coaxes him back into hardness before mounting him, taking her sons virginity.

Over the coming week she would fuck him whenever the opportunity arrived and would teach him how to please a woman. She even lets him take her in the ass one night, something she finds she enjoys more with his large cock that that of her husbands.

Part 2
At the age of 17, her mother died. The family was devastated. It had been a month before her 17th birthday and she had spent her birthday in the hospital at her fathers side. He had nearly been killed to, a drunk driver hitting her parents car head on. Now at 17, her father was finally coming home. He had changed, dramatically. He started to spank her again, something he hadn't done to her since she was 8. But she had changed too, finding a perverse pleasure in the spankings. It made her wet between the legs, made her crave something from him he hadn't given her.

He was still bed ridden most of the day, one of his legs severly broken. He was also on a cocktail of drugs. She decided to give him a warm sponge bath while her younger brother was out, with her intentions of getting much more then that from him. Whether it was the drugs or his own needs, she soon had his thick cock in her mouth and things quickly progressed from there. She wanted to give him her most special gift - her virginity.

That night was only the start. He began to get better - physically and mentally - and began to exert his control over her. The Spankings became more frequent and often led to much more. She found herself doing things just so that he would spank her, more then willing to submit to Daddy. It was the start of a very happy point in her life.

Part 3 -

For nearly three years now he been watching, waiting. He had first discovered what his father and older sister were doing purely by accident. The noises coming from his fathers room had not gone unnoticed. At first, he had been confused and repulsed at what he saw. His initial reaction had soon changed to one of arousal and lust. He had stolen glimpses of his sister in the shower, of her fucking their dad, imaging it was his cock in her instead of his fathers. He had done so for nearly 3 years now, and at the age of 18 (she was a year older, at 19) he couldn't resist anymore. He had lost some one too, he had lost his lover, he needed some one to fill that spot in his life.

Their father was out for the night so it was the perfect time. She was in the shower - he had been watching - oblivious to his presence. He was rock hard by the time he had undressed, walking silently into the shower and getting in with her. He embraces her from behind, his stiff road poking her in the ass. She resists, at first, barely putting up a fight before her brother bends her over and takes her from behind.

It didn't stop there though. It only peaked their arousal and they both tumble into her bed for a night of passionate love making. Laying naked in bed together was how their father found them in the morning. Instead of being angry, he slowly woke her up first. The son woke to the soft shaking of the bed as his father pounded away at her as she sucked on his cock. It would be the first time she was DP'd, but certainly not the last.

Her submissive nature came into full bloom now, her sex wanton for any sort of cock. Thinks got kinkier too as submission and BDSM came into play. She spent great portions of the day naked and soon had a collar that said "Theirs" around her neck. Her brother had friends over that she was forced to service, to serve, to submit to. And she loved every minute of it. This was the life...

A Night at the Club

A rich, powerful, married man, well known in the community, goes to a strip-club with his entourage. Its time to let back and booze out, and get a private lap dance. But something about this Stripper draws him to her and for some reason she is drawn to him. The private dance turns frisky and soon she is bobbing up and down on his pole. He tips her more then well and comes back the following night, for another private dance.

A forbidden relationship is struck up between the two, and he takes her out on his boat, calling her by request to come dance privately for him. But he is a man tied deeply to the Mafia, the Underworld, and she is seen as a way to get to him.

Possibly involves Kidnapping, Rape/NC, Group, etc. Details to be discussed.

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Looking/Available for New Games


Hi Eyeore,

I'm interested in the married couple idea that seduces the innocent teen into their swinger lifestyle.  I'd go for the innocent teen role.


Awesome! Now we need a more-dominant Wife...*peeks around*

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Updated with taken ideas.

Still looking for a young-wife for the 2nd idea.

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UPDATED. 2 new Ideas at bottom of first post: Two of a Kind   -and-   Lessons of Life

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The Collared Girl *new*
A Night at the Club *new*

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