"Morning Love" and a thank you to ArtemisHighmore

Started by DiverseDesires, July 27, 2010, 06:10:45 AM

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Wilful Words:

Chatting to ArtemisHighmore about the different feeling there was about morning sex I shared a poem I had started with him - trying to put some of those feelings into words. 

He 'replied' with three verses of his own.  It was wonderful to share poetry in this way, seeing an 'answer' written so in tune with the way I was thinking.  So I am sharing it as a special thanks to Artemis - for his unfailing generosity of spirit; his never ending source of romance and for being such a wonderful friend  - a true gentleman.

Thank you AH

"Morning Love"

Sleepy hands caressing,
stirring love
Sunday morning rising,
lazy love

Light fingers tracing,
tender love
Skin hot and tender,
creative love.

Thighs softly parting,
open love
Entering me smoothly,
united love

Sheets sliding softly
passionate love
Sharing lovely breath
slow love

Deep, tender strokes
hungry love
Biting and nibbling
rough love

Pleasure building
wild love
Clinging, breathless release
our love
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I wanted to say thank you and let you know that I am deeply honored to have you post my little piece to this lovely poem of yours. :)


I think that poetry is a wonderful way to express romantic/erotic emotion, and morning sex is something special... there's an almost dreamlike quality to it, especially if it is the very beginning of the day, just as you and your lover are beginning to wake up. I'm glad to see there are other poets on this site... I will have to share some of my own someday.
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