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June 29, 2022, 04:48:09 pm

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Author Topic: Steal this idea (or play with me) - Gentleman Sam  (Read 1318 times)

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Steal this idea (or play with me) - Gentleman Sam
« on: October 30, 2006, 08:03:59 am »
Gentleman Sam

Gentleman Sam is well liked at the tables.  He always likes to shake everyone's hand, and he is a great voice of reason that soothes players after bad beats.  He's courteous to the dealers and staff as well, always tipping well, but then he always seems to quietly make a good bit of money.  He's not quite good enough to break into the top ranks of poker players, but he seems to make quite a good living playing in Vegas as well as trips to various casinos around the world.  Some say he's also a doctor or a psychologist as his day job, and certainly he seems to have great skill in reading opponents and laying down the second best hand.

Gentleman Sam is also known as a ladies man, more than he realizes.  A handsome man, he often seems to draw friendly attention from the ladies, often meeting up with people he met at the tables in the casino bar or restaurant.  The rumor amongst the staff is that he's an amazing lover, and if it wasn't for the taboo about employees fraternizing with customers there are more than a few dealers and waitresses that would like to test the reputation.

The truth is that Sam Miller has a rather unusual talent.  He does have a degree in psychology, and from some paranormal research he did in college he would say that he is a receiving and projecting empath.  The low grade he received on the paper showed the disbelief of his professor, and was further encouragement for him to keep his talent a secret.  Combined with his weakness for attractive women, it has always threatened to get him in trouble - though it always seems to get him back out again too.  In poker, Sam is great at avoiding traps, and good at silently reassuring people that he must be bluffing or frightening them that he must have a monster of a hand.  But when people play at Sam's table, they also end up laughing, having fun, and not nearly paying as much attention to losing money as they might normally.  Casinos notice patterns like this, and as a result Gentleman Sam is welcomed with benefits normally associated with gamblers a tier more wealth than he.  When Sam plays at your tables, the rake is higher, the dealer tips higher, and a substantially lower risk of needing to call security in for an angry player.  The casinos don't see anything special about him, as these socially positive players are well known group - perhaps just not as consistently effective as Sam.

Sam likes to shake everyone's hands because the skin-to-skin contact allows him to establish a strong link.  Even without it he can read the emotions of the people around him much like a normal person might overhear conversation, but projection takes a lot of effort without the link.  He can maintain the link for hours, though it starts to take more and more effort.  When Sam was in college, he thought drinking boosted his ability to project, but it reality it just meant that he didn't realize how psychically exhausted he was getting.  He hangovers often didn't come from alcohol, but from mental exertion.  Now he knows how to optimize his abilities, and as he uses it more and more his endurance and range has increased.

Sam always has had a weakness for women, and his semi-conscious use of his abilities got him in trouble early.  Even before he learned how to recognize and focus his ability he was dangerous - inducing horniness and lack of inhibition in teenage girls was like shooting fish in a barrel.  Parties at the frat he belonged to in college became famous for coeds taking off their tops, strip versions of poker and twister, all night dance session, and yet never having any fights.  Sam sometimes had sex as many times on a Friday night as he could get it up.  He quickly had an amazing reputation for how he used his equipment - though only white-boy average in size and not yet interested in any kind of kink, Sam found that not only could urge women into horniess, but once they started feeling pleasure he could feel it through his link, and then project that bak to them.  It was like opening up a loop - once they started feeling the racing thrill of him caressing them it was magnified, and when his partner started on the way to orgasm they both felt it increase.  Sam's lovers had orgasms longer and more intense than with anyone else - and Sam got to feel some of what a woman's multiple orgasms could be like.  Is it any wonder he became addicted to seducing women?

Guilt over the way he used women in high-school and college led him to psychology, but he found that while he was empathic, he just wasn't sympathetic enough to really work with clients.  It took a failed marriage and divorce to really convince him that the ability to soothe and excite in the short term did not make for a good long term relationship.  He has resigned himself to one-night-stands and short-term relationships, which seems to bring out the thrill seeker in him though it does leave him depressed at times.


Using Sam:  First off, feel free to use Sam without me since I don't get to post much.
I figure I'll post more "Steal this ideas" as a way of getting these out of my head - and if people take them off into stories at least I can enjoy lurking along.

If someone doesn't mind if we only exchange posts once every day or two, I would like to try him out.  I could enjoy either being Sam or his target.  I suppose Sam could be a woman - if so I think Sam(antha) would definitely be going after women - maybe breaking down straight or closet-bi girls.  After all, getting men horny and wanting sex doesn't really seem to require any special powers.

Location wise, Sam could be at the casino like my first envisioning, but a scene from his college days could be fun too.
I have this image of Samantha seducing women in the changing room of a gym and taking them home, but she could probably be in a number of places too.

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Re: Steal this idea (or play with me) - Gentleman Sam
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2006, 03:00:05 pm »
After all, getting men horny and wanting sex doesn't really seem to require any special powers.

Ye Ouch, And so true *laughs* About as hard as lighting a fuse v.v

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Re: Steal this idea (or play with me) - Gentleman Sam
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2006, 03:21:47 pm »
Silk, this is really nicely thought out.  I like it.  I can take a slow posting rate if you'd like to write with me.  PM me if you want to set up any details.