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Author Topic: Ideas (looking for M)  (Read 688 times)

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Offline Bella90Topic starter

Ideas (looking for M)
« on: July 25, 2010, 07:25:13 PM »

 1. Your a brave warrior, fight after fight you've won, until you met her (my character) She wasn't as skill-less and easy as you expected, after series of battles, they fell in love.  _____ Battling together, fight after war, and war after fight, until they -so called men of the 'law' - come after you, and we must run to safety, or face them.

----> this can take many directions, and we'd start from the very beginning how our characters came to be, or depends, that could come to a compromise.
- I had this 'Troy, gladiator' era in my head. perhaps Romans?

2. your a sailor, young, smart, and brave, excited with your own ship -which you finally managed to buy- and was able to get a crew in. The crew could be people you play, people I play -or just there if needed (whichever is comfortable) but as soon as you sail out, on your first week at sea, you are ship wrecked to this mysterious Island. This Island opens up to another realm. Contains, fairies, mermaids, witches. Sort of like a gate to a fantasy world, but as your crew lands you discover a group of friends from that world who wanted to get out, one of which was Najtopia's princesses, she had left home under disguise, in excuse to get out of a wedding forced on her by her father -to ensure the kingdom- the runaway princess runs into your character. They could be either friends or foes. This is where the other crew members come in, some who'd like to head back to the main land and others who'd like to explose Najtopia.

-----> what I had in mind is: She develops a soft spot for your character then slowly falls for him, but she is under cover as a common girl, as guards pass by, your character finds out about her secret, and keeps quiet.... etc etc..

3. My character just broke up with her boyfriend, the night following was when she decided to party out late, drink like there's no tomorrow and falls in the hand of your character -who is a vampire- a very thirsty one at that, that was searching for an easy meal, and he found her. but accidentally he turns and thus she is bound to him. Whether they hate then slowly start to love eachother, or that she fell for his charm the night she got drunk, depends on what you want. After she is awakened, she realizes the incredible thirst, and he has to teach her the rules, and hunts that vampires need.

4.  My character had trouble with her fiance, when she caught him cheating on her. so lately she'd been having shots, playing her guitar at a small bar all to herself, when accidentally she becomes famous thanks to an agent that worked with a singer. She quickly became famous, her songs usually heart breaks, until she found her fiance standing in the crowd, while singing one of her karaokes. (she'll sing for people, like borrow a song...not her own music) he apologizes...she refuses it gets rough...until her agent busts in and shoves him out, staying with the agent she starts feeling something for him... and from there it goes, of course you decide what you want for your character to do.

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Offline DartimusRae

Re: New Ideas -well not really- :p (looking for an M character)
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2010, 10:17:01 PM »
i like idea number 3. i play vampires exclusively. this is an easy concept for my character, considering he has a taste for drunken women. he likes to woe them into bed, drain them until they pass out, and leave them somewhere safe. it is entirely possible he could go too far and almost kill her, having to embrace her to save her. i will play that role if you want. please, pm me and let me know.

Offline Jade Griffin

Re: New Ideas -well not really- :p (looking for an M character)
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2010, 10:56:34 PM »
I love the idea of number 1.   I think that could be really fun.  We could start with an aged veteran appearing in a tavern, he's making his way to Rome or Troy or Sparta.  He starts drinking with, and flirting with, a female character.  But he says something wrong and it leads to them fighting...  We could slow play this and build some real sexual tension.  I can see the two totally disliking each other for a long time, though secretly just full of lust and desire.

PM me and we can nail down the specifics. :)

Offline Bella90Topic starter

Re: Ideas (looking for M)
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2013, 11:02:39 PM »
will be updated soon