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Started by Tink, July 23, 2010, 11:18:51 PM

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Ok if interested please ONLY pm me.

I don't like Non con, or sex on every page. Want a experienced partner will to do long term rp. Weird thing about me is I really enjoy pregnancy in a rp. NOT A FETISH! I think motherhood is a beautiful thing and it just interests me. Please be willing to post often, I understand that we all have lives but disappearing for more than a week is rude. Look at my ons and offs for any more questions or pm me.

~~~Dangerous world~~~
Will take place in the 1600s in America 'The new world'.

The white men are slowly starting to invade the land. The urge for exploration causes Captain Josiah Counts to take the risk of bringing his young 17 year old daughter with him, unable to bare the thought of leaving her alone with the others on the shore line. Every thing goes well for the first few weeks. Then strange things start to happen. People start to disappear in the middle of the night. The only signs of their death a horrible scream before silence stills the night once more. They are impossible to hear, with only the occasional glimpse of crimson red eyes in the dark. With only a handful left alive things take a horrible turn for the worst as everyone is slaughtered in the middle o the night by the horrid monsters known as 'Vampires'. Every one except Dawn.... who is now lost and alone in the wilderness Dawn is blessed with a savior... A different kind of monster, a werewolf and the clan in which he belongs to.

***OK i want this to be a romance and really would like someone to play the role of a male. But other players are welcome after male is found :) Any takers? Ideas are very welcome. :)

Takes place in medieval times. 
A vampire lord has fallen for a human girl, and inevitably takes her for his bride. Such a pairing had never occurred before them, thus this caused a lot of controversy among fellow creatures of the night.

Not only must he worry about keeping his love safe from his world before the time comes to turn her, but a strange, yet miraculous thing happens. She becomes pregnant with the first hybrid....

(It doesn't have to be a vampire lord, can be another fantasy creature if you would like. Just humanoid forms please. And again open to ideas.)

~~~The arrangement of fate~~~
Takes place in medieval times. (Like this if you can't tell)
In order to finally end a long war between werewolves and vampires, the two kings order their youngest children to be married. Dawn the vampire princess is sent to live at the wolf castle till the wedding the kings hoping to spark some form of a bond between the two. Upon her arrival many of the other royals aren't pleased with their kings decision, only staying quiet when the king, or her husband the prince are present.
(Open to any ideas)

~~~To love the night~~~
The war ragging between vampires and werewolves takes a nasty turn when the King of vampires, seeks revenge by taking the new werewolf kings fiancé, turning her into what he hates most, a vampire. And if that's not bad enough, a few months pass and feelings slowly start to develop between the king of darkness and his creation, bringing about a child into their world of war.
(Open to any ideas)
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